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On This Page
  • What is Deepfake Voice Generator
  • Technical Support Behind Deepfake Voice Generator
  • List of the 11 Deepfake Voice Generators in 2024
  • The Top 4 Deepfake Voice Generators
  • How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice and Free AI Video Generator 
  • Use Cases of Deepfake Voice Generator
  • FAQs about Deepfake Voice Generator

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11 Deepfake Voice Generators in 2024 You Should Not Miss

Kristie Sawyer

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How to generate deepfake voices that sound the same as specific people? Check out the 11 good deepfake voice generators and clone anyone's voice effortlessly.

Deepfake voice has been a significant technological development on the rise in recent years accompanied by the face swap AI. The principle is simple: clone one's voice with a realistic AI Deepfake voice generator,  mimic one person's voice, and then use it on another. Usually, people like to deep fake voices from celebrities, classic characters, friends, or anyone they like.

Best Deepfake Voice Generator

Do you also want to speak in the voice of your favorite celebrity or anyone else? Whether you want to create voice overs, podcasts, audiobooks, songs, or just make funny voice sources for creating videos, the best deepfake voice generators free will help you achieve your goals easily.

On This Page
  • What is Deepfake Voice Generator
  • Technical Support Behind Deepfake Voice Generator
  • List of the 11 Deepfake Voice Generators in 2024
  • The Top 4 Deepfake Voice Generators
  • How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice and Free AI Video Generator 
  • Use Cases of Deepfake Voice Generator
  • FAQs about Deepfake Voice Generator

What is Deepfake Voice Generator

Deep fake voice generation also called voice cloning, and Deepfake voice generators are tools that apply cutting-edge technologies and deep learning neural networks to create synthetic voice, closely mimicking the timbre, tone, and speech patterns of real individuals, like imitating Trump's voice, Snow White's voice, Iron Man's voice, etc.

Technical Support Behind Deepfake Voice Generator

How It Works

Deepfake voice generation relies on neural networks, this is a class of machine-learning models inspired by the human brain. These networks are trained to understand and replicate human speech patterns. The quality of deepfake voice apps websites heavily depends on the amount and diversity of voice training data, often sourced from various audio imitations, repetition, and practice.

Technologies and Algorithms

1. Speech Synthesis Methods: Uses mathematical models to piece together pre-recorded speech snippets.

2. Prosody and Intonation Modeling: AI understanding and replicating the nuances of speech, such as rhythm, pitch, and emphasis.

3. TTS Technology: Deepfake Text to Speech technology converts written text into synthesized speech, providing the backbone for voice generation.

4. Voice Cloning Techniques: Extract a unique voice from an individual's speech and then employ neural networks to generate speech from text input.

Well, some of you prefer deepfake voice generators free online, while some prefer deepfake voice generator apps or dedicated tools like YouTube deepfake voice generator. No matter which you want, you will find one of the 11 best deepfake voice generators in 2023. See how these AI voice generators enable you to create natural-sounding voices and mimic any person you want.

List of the 11 Deepfake Voice Generators in 2024

  • 1. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer: a versatile online tool for celebrity deepfake voice and custom voice cloning.
  • 2. FakeYou: a voice manipulation tool for altering and disguising speech.
  • 3. LOVO AI: a voiceover and AI voice cloning tool for content creation.
  • 4. Speechify:  a text-to-speech software designed to improve reading accessibility.
  • 5. Voice.ai: a platform for developing custom AI-powered voice applications.
  • 6. Murf: a voice conversion tool that transforms one voice into another.
  • 7. Play.ht: a text-to-speech solution for generating natural-sounding voices.
  • 8. RESEMBLE AI: a voice cloning tool for creating lifelike synthetic voices.
  • 9. ReadSpeaker: ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech technology for web accessibility and content consumption.
  • 10. Veritone Voice: an AI-driven voice analysis and recognition platform.
  • 11. Listnr: an audio analytics tool for monitoring and analyzing spoken content.

The above 11 tools are deepfake voice generators in 2023 that our team has carefully selected and tested. Each tool is worth trying. The following focuses on the top 4 tools on this list, let’s take a look at why they rank higher.

The Top 4 Deepfake Voice Generators

#1. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is designed to generate synthetic voices that sound like certain people’s. It adopts artificial intelligence to create voice models of celebrities and characters, enabling you to generate realistic speech sentences of Obama AI voice, Miley Cyrus voice, SpongeBob voice, and other 80+ different voices.

Vidnoz Deepfake Voice Generator

You can either train a custom AI voice model with this deepfake voice generator, instead of using the ready-made ones in its library. The process is streamlined and simple for even new users to replicate any people’s voice and generate indistinguishable AI voices. There are 3 ways to generate deepfake AI voices - Text to Speech, Record, and Upload. This tool is ranked as the most approachable solution to clone and generate AI voices for creating voice-overs and speech audio files.

Main Features:

  • AI voice models of varied famous people and movie characters
  • Text-to-speech AI voice creation
  • Convert your recordings and uploads to AI voices
  • Clone others’ voices and create realistic & unique ones

#2. FakeYou

FakeYou deepfake text to speech is a true deepfake voice generator online. It supports text-to-sound cloning as well as voice-to-voice deepfake.

When you choose the first method, you can choose the character you want to deep fake from 3593 voices, such as Donald Trump, and Batman, and you can even choose their tone, such as angry or happy. When you choose the second generate method, you can record your voice and then change your voice into your favorite characters; or upload a piece of audio and then generate a sound similar to the audio.

FakeYou Deepfake Text to Speech

After inputting your text, click the Speak icon, and then your deep faked voice will appear on the right after it is generated. You can click the play button to listen to it, or you can register to share or download it with one click. The free account only has 12 seconds of deep fake voice generation.

Main Features:

  • 3593 known voices to choose from
  • Multiple methods to deepfake voice from anyone
  • Easy to transform text and speaking voice into favorite character's voice
  • Supports multiple languages and voice tones
  • High-quality AI voice cloning


Lovo.ai, trusted by thousands of businesses and content creators, is a deepfake voice generator with a wealth of features. This robust AI platform empowers you to craft compelling content using lifelike, emotive voices spanning 25+ emotions.

LOVO AI Deepfake Voice Generator

You can use this deepfake voice generator celebrity from a vast library of over 400 voices, suitable for marketing, social media, explainer videos, podcasts, and more. It is available in 100+ languages. Its user-friendly interface equips you with all the tools needed for video creation, including dubbing with background music and sound effects. With a community of half a million creators, who can help you with any queries. 

Main Features:

  • AI Cloning capability
  • Different voices
  • Short learning curve for new users

#4. Speechify

Speechify offers a versatile text-to-speech tool available for iOS and Android devices, as well as a convenient Chrome extension for web browsing. It is a deepfake voice generator free online for use.

Speechify Deepfake Voice Generator

With Speechify, you can effortlessly clone someone's voice, retaining their unique accent and style. This AI-powered voice generator is more like a text reader, which reads text with natural fluency, allowing customization of voices, accents, languages, and speaking rates. It allows you to choose different personas, genders, ages, accents, languages, etc. To clone some daily sounds, you cannot designate certain celebrities and characters to imitate, such as imitating Forrest Gump's voice, Spongebob's voice, etc. 

Main Features:

  • Text-to-speech technology
  • Custom AI voice cloning
  • Over 50+ natural, human-like voices
  • 15+ Language support
  • You can use it on Chrome, iOS, Android, Mac, & Edge
  • Voice effects

How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice and Free AI Video Generator 

Unique sounds can be cloned using AI tools, and videos can of course also use AI tools to simplify the production process and improve production efficiency and quality. Vidnoz AI is an advanced AI video generator that helps you recreate interesting videos with your AI-generated deepfaked voiceovers hassle-free. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Your deepfaked voice can be used to create videos. With highly realistic and customizable voiceovers, content creators can craft engaging and diverse multimedia content while maintaining control over the tone, style, and language of the narration. Well, how Vidnoz AI paired with Deepfaked Voice to create videos easily.

  • Add your deepfaked voice to pre-photoed video presenters, 100+ real avatars to choose from.
  • As an AI free video generator, Vidnoz offers free time video creation every day for everyone.
  • It supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Ready-made professional video templates to quickly create videos, without writing scripts.

Now, follow the steps below to create videos with your deepfaked voice.

Step 1. Click the button below to get started.

Step 2. Select a video template or click Create Video from the top right.

How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice - Step 2

Step 3. Select a video to create a size based on your needs.

How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice - Step 3

Step 4. Customize your content and then click the Music category, click Upload music and find your AI deepfaked voices, upload it and apply it as BGM or video narration, and then click Generate to produce your video.

How to Create Videos with Deepfaked Voice - Step 4

Use Cases of Deepfake Voice Generator

For Entertainment - Deepfake voices are used to replicate celebrity voices for movies, video games, and audiobooks.

For Dubbing - Deepfake voices facilitate the dubbing of content into various languages while preserving the original actor's vocal qualities.

For Localization - Deepfake voice technology can be used for localization, so that artificially synthesized voices can more realistically match the voice characteristics of different regions, such as Snow White with a London accent.

For Personalization in Virtual Assistants: Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa can provide more personalized and relatable interactions using deepfake voice technology.

Notice that the technology also presents the risk of misuse, including voice impersonation for fraud, misinformation, or malicious intent. So, you should not use it illegally, use it in the right way.

FAQs about Deepfake Voice Generator

What are the concerns of Deepfake Voice Generator?

People worry it might trick or deceive others. So, please use it for the right purpose and don't abuse it.

What’s the challenge Deepfake Voice Generator is facing? 

The biggest challenge of Deepfake Voice Generator is detecting and stopping fake voices to prevent misuse.

How about the future trends?

Deepfakes will become even more realistic and difficult to detect. It would be used more widely in entertainment, education, business, and more cases.

Is there an AI that can fake my voice?

Yes, AI cloning tools can imitate and fake your voice.

The Bottom Line  

The world of Deepfake Voice Generator is rapidly evolving. By harnessing the power of AI to clone and recreate voices, these technologies open new possibilities for audio and even video content creativity. Select one deepfake voice generator and make the most use of free video creator Vidnoz AI to improve your creativity now.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Kristie Sawyer

Kristie Sawyer is an adept SEO content writer and IT researcher. Dedicated herself to assisting a multitude of readers in resolving related issues in video creation, AI generation, picture enahncing, etc.