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  • Part 1. What Are Anime AI Art Prompts? 19 Newest Examples
  • Part 2. Best 4 Anime AI Art Prompts Generators Free Online with 40+ Anime Prompts

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[48+ Prompts] 4 Free Anime AI Art Prompt Generators to Apply

Gary Henderson

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Click to see the best 48 AI Anime Art prompts for Midjouney, Leonardo AI, Vidnoz and Novelai. Apply the prompts and download the images for free.

Anime AI art images have been sought after recently. The magic created by AI easily generates ‘Anime fan art’, ‘anime profile pictures’, ‘anime background images.’ Just pick a qualified AI cartoon generator, input your Anime Art Prompts, and you can see the surprising integration of artificial intelligence re-creation & anime culture.  

As always, when it comes to the smart selection of tools for creating anything. Traps and money losses are all over the Internet. Yet no worries, this article provides 4 best Anime AI art prompts generators to let you apply the prompts for Midjourney, Leonardo AI, and Novel AI. Let's read on!

Cover of AI Anime Art Prompts

On This Page
  • Part 1. What Are Anime AI Art Prompts? 19 Newest Examples
  • Part 2. Best 4 Anime AI Art Prompts Generators Free Online with 40+ Anime Prompts

Part 1. What Are Anime AI Art Prompts? 19 Newest Examples

Once the term ‘prompt’ first appeared, people knew it was the epochmaking technology they were seeking. Prompts derive from the orders to train AI to auto-generate codes. Still, it later became a common operation to let the developed AI image generator model (based on ChatGPT 3 or 4) output art images based on users’ textual orders.

Use the right prompts, and you can instantly let AI generate AI anime fan art - some type of derivative from famous anime like Dragon Balls, 

Pay for AI Art Prompt

Now the most popular 18+ short Anime AI Art Prompts that no one has used by far. 

  1. Envision a sisterhood of magical girls who possess distinct powers, united in a powerful and dynamic pose.
  2. Craft a steampunk-inspired metropolis where colossal airships gracefully navigate the skies amid intermingling gears and cogs.
  3. Visualize a desolate, post-apocalyptic world where nature has triumphed over crumbling cities while mutated creatures wander as the new rulers.
  4. Generate an anime character surrounded by a celestial aura, adorned with wings that appear weightless and glimmer with ethereal radiance.
  5. Design an intricately detailed, futuristic battle suit armed with formidable energy weapons, exuding both elegance and strength.
  6. Picture an ancient, clandestine library filled with dusty tomes and enigmatic artifacts, its ambiance illuminated by the gentle flicker of candlelight.
  7. Create a thriving and animated marketplace within a fantastical town, teeming with vendors peddling enigmatic and exotic wares.
  8. Generate a one-of-a-kind anime superhero, their costume a testament to their unique powers and abilities, standing out amongst their peers.
  9. Design an underwater realm of wonders, where regal underwater creatures glide alongside glistening coral reefs that illuminate the depths.
  10. Visualize a cybernetically-augmented warrior, their mechanical limbs and advanced visor embodying a fusion of human and technological prowess.
  11. Imagine a sprawling futuristic cityscape bathed in the warm hues of a vibrant sunset, architectural marvels rising tall as futuristic modes of transportation dot the skies.
  12. Envision a mythical being embodying a hybrid form of a lion, an eagle, and a snake, its majestic presence captivating all who lay eyes upon it.
  13. Picture an enchanted forest alive with magical creatures - their vibrant colors rivaling the luminescent glow of the flowers that illuminate the bewitching landscape.
  14. Generate an anime-inspired astronaut, clad in an advanced spacesuit, venturing into uncharted realms of an extraterrestrial planet using cutting-edge technology.
  15. Design a futuristic android, its sleek metallic limbs pulsating with a soft glow from intricate arrays of embedded LED lights.
  16. Generate a captivating landscape featuring a cascading waterfall cascading from lush emerald-green mountains under a clear azure sky.
  17. Create an anime character distinguished by their traditional Japanese kimono attire, their hand firmly gripping a mystical sword that resonates with ancient power.
  18. Visualize an enigmatic portal bridging multiple realms, its swirled maelstrom of vibrant hues awakening a sense of curiosity and wonder.
  19. Generate a riveting cyberpunk cityscape, where neon lights bathe towering structures adorned with captivating holographic advertisements, while drones hum and flutter overhead.

These anime AI art prompts above are uncharted territory. They are newly created by ChatGPT. You can also order any AI chatbot to provide more unique, creative prompts, for your ideal Anime AI cartoon art.

The question is - where to apply these prompts? How do we convert this textual content into realistic images? Please check the 4 free online Anime AI Art Prompt Generators below: 

Part 2. Best 4 Anime AI Art Prompts Generators Free Online with 40+ Anime Prompts

A hash truth: not all AI art image generators produce satisfying results. Even if you get some really intuitive and instructional textual prompts that any AI can recognize, it does not mean every company’s generator gets the potent database to generate aesthetic anime art images. But fret not, this section lists out the best 4 strongest (and also user-friendly) AI anime art generators from prompts that offer free tries every day. 

#1. Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator

For those who wish to generate anime art (especially anime avatars for social media accounts), Vidnoz AI provides a free and fast solution to create a batch of quality avatars in seconds. This AI anime generator understands both long prompts and short prompts. The more you input, the more accuracy shall be maintained. 

Vidnoz AI Art Generator

The best part is that you can regenerate unlimited times if you are not satisfied with the outcomes. And the download is free too (remember to let your browser allow downloads). To wrap up, this online tool requires nothing from you, just head to the address and obtain your AI anime art for free!


Free anime art generations every day

Create AI anime art avatar without registration

Re-generate the arts without credits


Best for creating AI art avatars

Low aspect ratio of pixels

Best Vidnoz Anime AI Art prompts free:

  1. A Gothic girl wearing magic earrings and necklaces
  2. A baby witch guarded by a red and fierce medieval dragon
  3. A white-beared witch casting colorful spells with a white background
  4. A cyberpunk singer with golden hair and icy wings in the air
  5. A cavalry riding fire horse on a battle field

Bonus Tip: 

Making Anime AI Art without prompts - use Vidnoz AI Cartoon generator's filters to transform anything you watch into cartoon style. You can also use your own photos with AI cartoon filters to create an ‘Anime copy of yourself.’ This AI photo to cartoon transformation is quick and effective.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

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#2. Midjourney AI Anime Prompt Generator

Many of us know Midjourney's got potent power to generate anime characters, backgrounds, or arts. Yet prompts are not as easy as you imagine to empower Midjourney. When you don’t know the mechanism behind the prompts, those who do know are ready 

Midjourney AI Interface

It is all about the accuracy and details. Midjourney now has been proved to recognize many elements in the prompts. “Clothing, character names, anime styles, artist names, etc.” Getting the hang of the slew of prompt types can help you save a lot of money from Midjourney official website and users that are skilled at using prompts. 

Here are some good examples of Midjouney exclusive anime AI art prompts:

#Grown-up version naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, anime, 3D, suit and tie

Midjourney AI Art Generator Results


Free tries every day

Highly-promised accuracy of your art work

Support text plus image mixed together as prompts 

Create anime character full body


Needs to queue in line due to the renown reputation this site

Need to buy credits for more generations

Need to buy pro prompts to generate high-quality AI anime images

Best Midjourney anime prompts free:

  1. A white female fairy with white hair and a white halo
  2. A colorful dragon with big eyes and big teeth
  3. Negative Gemini white background with red rose graffiti
  4. Anime girl in vibe clothing, pink and maroon
  5. A mermaid holding a spear with blue ocean waves

#3. Leonardo AI Anime Prompt Generator

Being renowned as a community that accommodates anime AI art lovers worldwide, Leonardo AI anime generator lets its users share their works and prompts. You can study the methodology to create instructional prompts from other users and apply them into Leonardo AI anime generator.

Leonardo AI Interface

The performance is impressive too, here is an example of using the same prompt to generate a Naruto AI anime art with Leonardo AI, and you can see the style tends to be more realistic compares to Midjourney. 

#Grown-up version naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, anime, 3D, suit and tie

Leonardo AI Art Generator Results


Anime art community that collects numerous AI art by users

Free generation of Anime art

Batch creation of AI art


Complicated interface compared with other competitors.

Need to queue in line for the AI arts

Best Lenorado Anime prompts for free:

  1. Set in a surreal dreamscape, with distorted perspectives, abstract symbolism, and a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere
  2. A scene with mythical creatures, castles in the air, and a heroine accompanied by her old and loyal animal guard
  3. A young and naughty girl in her shivered dress, in a full-body view, beautiful and confident. In a meticulous and cinematic style
  4. Two siblings under a blooming sakura tree, the sunset bathes the scene in a warm golden glow, Artwork, watercolor painting
  5. Female character design, a brave knight rushes into a flock of dreadful animals, waving her spears to harvest lives

#4. Novel AI Anime Art Prompt Generator

This image generator’s interfaces (and even website address) are confusing, anyone can spend a lot of time figuring out which on earth is its anime art generator. This website is first known as an AI text generator, with its AI stories being the most famous. 

The image generator also received a welcome among users, by inputting instructional prompts, anyone can generate fantasy, fictional, and pixel anime art in seconds.

Novel AI Art Generator Interface


This site allows you to generate with prompts and also photo to anime AI

You can customize the aspect ratio and image quality of your AI art

A free version is available


This site’s image generator is hard to find

No free generation every day

The anime art style is limited

Best Novel AI Anime art prompts:

A girl, bangs, blush, closed mouth, red long dress, final fantasy, silver hair, hair ornament, jewelry, solo, upper body, shoulder wing, white gold theme, indoor, air palace

Extremely detailed girl, sharp focus, solo,beautiful pink lolita dress, lying, light smile, closed mouth, beautiful detailed eyes, blue eyes,

blue eyes, looking at viewer, sharp focus, loli, masterpiece illustration, full body, normal angle, shiny hair, short hair, beautiful detailed white dress, blonde hair, pixel art

Part 3. Conclusion

This article introduces 48 free Anime AI art prompts and 4 free AI anime art image generators for readers. Midjourney, Vidnoz, Leonardo AI and Novelai are all the best cartoon image generators this market has ever seen. Try to apply any of the prompts listed in this article in the 4 generators and free download your cartoon art for free!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson once was the most-viewed writer under Quora's 'screen recorder' catagory. You can still find him professionally solving people's puzzles that related to videos, screenshots and gaming.