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On This Page
  • What is a Video Cartoonizer 
  • Top 5 Video Cartoonizers of 2023
  • How to Use Video Cartoonizer: Step-by-Step
  • How to Make Cartoon Video from Picture

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Unlock the Magic of Video Cartoonizer: Tools and Techniques


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Explore top video cartoonizer tools and learn how to create mind-blowing animations for your socials and businesses.

Every single human being on the earth has once found solace through cartoons. The concept of animations and cartoons has existed ever since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Over the past century, we witnessed the birth of countless happy souls that cheered up kids and adults alike through film. What if there was a way to spark that nostalgic feeling by creating cartoon-themed videos for content? This article features five of the best video cartoonizer tools. Use these tools to create highly appealing animations for your business, entertainment, or media channel.

Video Cartoonizer

On This Page
  • What is a Video Cartoonizer 
  • Top 5 Video Cartoonizers of 2023
  • How to Use Video Cartoonizer: Step-by-Step
  • How to Make Cartoon Video from Picture

What is a Video Cartoonizer 

A video cartoonizer is an AI tool that uses an algorithm to convert regular videos into hand-drawn animations. Since this is done by replacing the assets within the video, you don’t need to recreate everything from scratch. Just upload the video into the software and let the magic happen! The AI has been trained through machine learning and advanced programming to be able to recognize visual elements within videos and replace these elements with pre-drawn cartoon elements. Think of it like breaking apart a puzzle and recreating it more attractively! There are a few programs within the market that allow users to create cartoonish videos by piecing together separate animations, but these programs often create choppy videos that aren’t consistent. Therefore, this blog will prioritize software that carries out automated conversion from regular videos to animations!

Top 5 Video Cartoonizers of 2023



Unboring is an all-in-one AI-based media creation. Utilize the power of AI to convert videos to cartoons using intelligent filters. There are new options for users to pick from that can be applied to restyle videos. The most popular filters on the site are the anime filter and the Van Gough art effect. After thorough testing, it was obvious that these two filters were the best of the bunch. Most of the other filters within the site appear to be blocky and feel more like 3D animations which kills the cartoonish style that this article attempts to recreate.

Key Feature
  • Multiple filter effects to choose from.
  • Anime-style filters and vintage art styles are included in their library.
  • It’s completely online and requires no downloads to start restyling videos.
  • Unboring includes a free version that users can use to try out the platform.



CartoonizeVideo is an AI video cartoonizer that prioritizes quality over everything! Users are given a standalone application which is available on both Windows and macOS. Just like video cartoonizer online applications, this tool functions by applying AI video filters to the video. However, the key difference is that users can view the changes taking place in real-time rather than wait for the completed product at the end. The videos are also in higher quality, as they range from 2k to 4k resolutions whereas most other software limit themselves to 1080p. Cartoon video supports the following video formats, WMV, MP4, and AVI.

Key Feature
  • Users can view the changes taking place in real-time.
  • Supports high-quality outputs.
  • Smooth rendering of videos.
  • Doesn’t depend on the internet, as there is a standalone application.
  • There are an extensive amount of customizations that users can pick from.



Don’t let the name fool you! Even though the platform was designed to AI upscale videos for free, it also offers a video cartoonizer tool as well. Even though the tool looks like any other video cartoonizer on the Internet, the amount of complexity within the tool is quite astounding. Imageupscalers AI algorithms to identify faces and bodies within the video and separate them from the background. Afterward, the video is analyzed frame-by-frame through a GPU server that uses multiple threads to process multiple frames simultaneously. This allows for quicker processing times whilst keeping up the high accuracy and precision of the conversion technique. Their convolutional neural network is better than most out there, as it has been extensively trained on the matter.

Key Feature
  • Uses a GPU server that runs multiple threads when processing.
  • Quicker turnarounds for videos.
  • There are seven AI cartoon filters and styles for users to pick from.
  • Extremely simple interface, that allows everything to be carried out in a few clicks.
  • A trial version is available for users to try out.

Adobe after effects 

Adobe After Effects

What if you aren’t into anime or old-school cartoons and want your videos and images to mimic the graphics in modern-day video games? Adobe After Effects is a professional video editor that supports the use of filters even though it is mainly used for creating elements and adding effects to media. The cartoon effect in Adobe After Effects is not the greatest, as it’s a very simplified tool when compared to the rest. The tool removes the lines in images and replaces them with palette borders along with a blurry effect to the elements within the frame. This process gives the video a Grand Theft Auto effect which is quite popular.

Key Feature
  • Offers a very simplified cartoon effect that utilizes color palettes and borders.
  • Great for those who want to give their videos a GTA effect.
  • Adobe After Effects is a complete video editing tool.
  • Ability to create your own effects and filters if you have Photoshop.

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Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator 

Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator

Whilst all the other options prioritize videos and adding filters to them, Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator specializes in transforming images into their cartoonish counterparts and it is 100% free. Most of the other tools have tons of options and tweaks to work with in order to carry out an effective transformation. However, in Vidnoz, everything is already set up for you! Users only need to upload their images and the software does everything. Once the photo has been transformed into a cartoon, users can even bring it to life using their talking photo tool. This in a way does merge Vidnoz AI into a complete video cartoonizer! The anime filter effect offered by Vidnoz AI is flawless as it's able to perfectly identify the unique features present within the image and accurately convert it. The conversion does not change the mood or the unique elements within the image which allows the image to retain its originality.

Key Feature
  • Everything is already set up, which is perfect for beginners.
  • The anime filter works better than most.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Users can breathe life into their photos through the talking photo feature.

How to Use Video Cartoonizer: Step-by-Step

In this section, we’ll teach you how to transform your videos into anime. The software used for this demonstration is Unboring, but you can use any other tool and follow the same procedure for the same effect.

Step 1: Login to unboring

Create an account within Unboring’s platform to convert video to 3D animation online. The signup process is extremely simple and takes a few minutes at most. 

Step 2: Upload the video

Head on over to the video restyle page to start the process. Upload your video onto their platform by clicking on the upload video option on the page. 

Unboring Upload Video

Step 3: Select the style

Once the video has been successfully uploaded to Unboring. Pick the video effect you wish to apply from the tiles shown on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: Restyle

Hit generate to begin the rendering process. Once the video has been completely rendered, download it and share it with your viewers! However, it's important to note that restyling isn’t free and it requires tokens. Tokens can be purchased for real money through the platform’s store.

How to Make Cartoon Video from Picture

What if you don’t have an entire video but just a picture to work with? Have no fear as Vidnoz is here!

Step 1: Upload Picture

Head on over to VIdnoz Cartoonizer and upload your image to their database. If you don’t have an account, please sign up for their service first. It’s completely free and even supports Google accounts.

Step 2: Generate

Click on generate to start the process!

Step 3: Talking Avatar

Download the new image and navigate yourself to the Vidnoz talking avatar tab. Once you find it, just upload the image!

Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar

Step 4

Add in the script and start the process. Once it's complete, download the video!


By using the video cartoonizer tools featured, you will be able to create awesome cartoon-styled videos without needing any knowledge of either animations or video editing! For starters, we recommend you to start out with Vidnoz as it’s the most beginner-friendly and has the most features. Not to mention, it’s completely free to try! Capture the hearts of your viewers and connect with your audience like never before!



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