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  • How to Make Anime Characters Full Body with AI Anime Creator
  • Free AI Anime Character Creators Full Body Online with Multiple Styles
  • What is the Best Full Body AI Anime Character Creator?
  • Can I Make AI Videos Using Generated Anime Characters? 
  • FAQs about AI Anime Creator Full Body 

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Best Full Body Anime Character Creators Free for Girls & Fantasy

Grace Holland

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Want to generate an anime character full body online free? Find out the best anime character creator full body tools for anime girls, fantasy characters, etc.

The best thing about AI is that it can do anything in mere seconds. Making anime characters is one of the wonders of AI and people love to create anime characters just to experience the fantasy world. They can also use anime characters as anime avatars and apply them to create reels, videos, and other types of content for social media and other purposes. Most of the character creators only allow you to create face-only characters. Still, you can still find tools that is specially designed to make anime characters full body.

Anime Character Creators Full Body

This article is focused on creating anime character full body so you can have a better experience with your avatars. Here, you will see the best anime character creator full body tools discussed in detail. So keep reading.

On This Page
  • How to Make Anime Characters Full Body with AI Anime Creator
  • Free AI Anime Character Creators Full Body Online with Multiple Styles
  • What is the Best Full Body AI Anime Character Creator?
  • Can I Make AI Videos Using Generated Anime Characters? 
  • FAQs about AI Anime Creator Full Body 

How to Make Anime Characters Full Body with AI Anime Creator

An anime AI generator is a tool that can help you create wonderful anime characters and avatars with ease. An anime character creator full body works in different ways to provide you with a full-body avatar. Here are the two most common ways to create anime characters.

  • From images uploaded- AI analyzes the images uploaded to create a unique anime character or avatar.
  • From texts entered- Anime creator full body lets you describe what character you want using text and then transforms the text into anime.

Now, let's take Fotor as an example of transforming photo to anime AI as well as text to anime.

Step 1. Visit the Fotor website and sign up and log in for this anime character creator full body for free.

Step 2. From the menu, click on “Anime AI Creator” and then click “From image” mode and upload images and click on the generate button. (Alternatively, choose the “From text” mode and then enter the text to describe the character.) Choose a style and aspect ratio and click on the generate button.

Anime Character Creators Full Body Fotor

Step 3. After Fotor generates your AI anime characters full body, download them to your device.

Free AI Anime Character Creators Full Body Online with Multiple Styles

Fotor 3D Anime Character Creator from Texts and Images

Fotor is one of the best AI-powered websites that offers tools for various purposes. Whether it's AI photo generation, background remover, photo editing, or AI avatar creation, anime character creator full body has got you covered. Fotor offers most of the basic services and tools for free so you can experience its capabilities without spending money.

The main features of Fotor anime avatar creator full body free include but are not limited to:

Create anime characters from both texts and images: As you have seen from the guide above, Fotor lets you create anime characters using images from your device as well as text descriptions. This tool can also transform your photos into anime characters.

Create anime characters full body in multiple styles: While creating anime characters using this anime avatar creator full body online free, you can select any style you want, like Christmas, sketch, Disney, fairytale, Zombie, baribie... Fotor will bring back the results in different styles and will let you choose the characters to keep.

Online 3D anime character creator: Fotor is also a 3D anime character creator full body. If you want to see how you will look in a 3D character model, Fotor allows you to convert your pictures into 3D anime characters easily.

Price: In addition to a free plan, Fotor also offers a Pro Plan for $8.99/month that comes with thousands of templates and other features.

Zmo AI Anime Avatar Creator for Fantasy Characters Full Body

Zmo AI is another one of the best anime avatar makers in the market. This tool comes with a free plan as well as a paid plan. Zmo AI is very easy to use and even a beginner can easily generate high-quality anime fantasy characters, 3D characters and cartoon characters.

Here are the main features of this anime character creator.

Turn your photos into avatars: With Zmo AI’s anime character creator, you can upload your photos and create unique anime avatars.

Create a customized anime character: By uploading pictures of your anime characters, you can create a new anime characters that resemble the input characters.

Consistent style: Zmo AI offers consistency and speed. You will get multiple variations of the characters in minutes.

Anime Character Creators Full Body Zmo

Price: Zmo AI offers a free plan with 10 credits for a month. To get more credits, you can subscribe to its Basic Plan for $59/month.

Vance AI Anime Character Creator Full Body for Girls and Boys

Vance AI has a different approach to making anime characters than others on the list. This tool categorizes different features for different users and lets them find the right tools easily to create the perfect anime characters of themselves.

Generate anime characters from texts & images. Just like Fotor, Vance AI also allows you to use both images and text to create impressive anime characters. Using the image mode, you can see how you would look like an anime character.

Girl and boy character creator. Vance AI has two different sections for both the boys and girls to create unique anime characters using text prompts.

3D anime character creator. Vance AI’s 3D anime character creator bridges the gap between 2D and 3D characters and introduces you to a whole lot of possibilities for anime character creation. 

VanceAI Anime Character for Girls and Boys

Price: Vance AI doesn’t offer a free plan. Its paid plan starts with a 100 Credits Plan for $4.95.

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What is the Best Full Body AI Anime Character Creator?

Different anime character creators and free AI avatar generator tools listed above offer different features. Depending on your needs and demands, you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Here is a comparison table to help you choose the right anime character creator full body.


Generate from image

Generate from texts

Full body

Multiple anime styles

3D anime character


Zmo AI



Vance AI

Can I Make AI Videos Using Generated Anime Characters? 

Yes, you can easily create AI videos using the anime characters you created using the above tools. Vidnoz AI is an AI video generator and editor that allows you to upload your anime characters as avatars. It lets you use these avatars to create illustrations and other promotional videos for free.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Here are some important features of Vidnoz to help you make videos with anime avatar.

Fast to make videos with templates: The tool comes with a huge library of templates for video creation for different purposes including marketing, promotion, how-to tutorial, social media and education.

Generate voice from texts in multiple languages: Vidnoz supports most of the mainstream languages including English, French, and Spanish. You can enter the text and make your avatars talk.

Upload your own anime image as an AI avatar: You can also upload your own anime character and make videos with it. Vidnoz also lets you upload any original picture of yourself and converts it into an avatar.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a video using anime characters as avatars.

Step 1. Enter the Vidnoz app on mobile or PC.

Step 2. Select a template, where you can change or add an avatar from the top menu and upload a picture of the anime character you have created.

Step 3. Edit your video as you like. Then click the Generate button to get a free AI video with AI avatar.

FAQs about AI Anime Creator Full Body 

Q1: How to create my own AI Character for free?

Using Zmo Ai, you can create your own AI character for free. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Visit the Zmo AI website and sign up and log in.

Step 2. Click on “Convert photo to anime” and upload your picture.

Step 3. Choose a category, select a quantity and resolution, and click on the “Create now” button.

Q2: What is the AI app that turns you into an anime character?

Vance AI is an AI app that allows you to transform you into an anime character. It has different sections for boys and girls so anyone can turn themselves into anime characters.

Q3: Is there any anime AI art generator free?

Yes, in addition to being an anime character creator full body, Fotor is also an AI art generator free that lets you create art anime with both text inputs and image uploads.


So, anime character creators are a new addition to an array of tools that let you make your fantasies come true. An anime character creator full body is a tool that allows you to generate anime characters using photos and text. The top three anime character creators include Fotor, Zmo AI, and Vance AI. They have been discussed above in detail. If you want to create videos using these anime characters, Vidnoz free AI video generator is the best AI-powered website for you. It is completely free for everyone and offers hundreds of free templates for video creation. So, try it now.


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