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On This Page
  • What is An AI Twitter Post Generator?
  • Why Should You Use an AI-powered Twitter Post Creator?
  • A List of the Top 10 AI Tweet Generators
  • Bonus: Create More Stunning Contents to Share on Twitter

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Best 10 AI Tweet Generators You Should Try Today

Vita Wesley

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Discover the best AI tweet generator to create engaging and top-performing posts for the Twitter/X platform. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media outlets, playing a key role in brand building and establishing social proof. To maintain an engaged follower base, consistent content posting is crucial.

AI Tweet Generator

The advent of artificial intelligence has revolutionized content creation, particularly in crafting tweets. Leveraging AI tweet generators offers unique advantages that traditional manual posting cannot match. Give the tools mentioned in this post a try, and you'll open up a whole new world of efficient content creation for your social media game.

On This Page
  • What is An AI Twitter Post Generator?
  • Why Should You Use an AI-powered Twitter Post Creator?
  • A List of the Top 10 AI Tweet Generators
  • Bonus: Create More Stunning Contents to Share on Twitter

What is An AI Twitter Post Generator?

An AI Twitter post generator is a specialized AI-powered text generation tool created to automatically produce textual content for Twitter posts. Users input specific topics, emotions, keywords, or guidelines, and the generator then creates relevant and coherent tweets based on this input.

By leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, these twitter ai generators mimic human-like writing to generate engaging and contextually appropriate tweets. These tools are very useful for users looking to post consistently such as sharing regular updates, promoting products or services, or maintaining an active Twitter presence.

Why Should You Use an AI-powered Twitter Post Creator?

Like AI YouTube channels and automation tools for social media content creators, AI Twitter post creators aim to save time and effort for individuals or businesses managing their Twitter content by automating the content creation process. They provide several key advantages over manual tweet writing:

  • Increase productivity. AI tweet generators can quickly produce content, saving users valuable time and human efforts in consistent and regular posting on Twitter.
  • Optimize content. With the help of an AI Twitter post generator, even those less skilled can effortlessly create tweets with proper grammar and language that resonates with their audience.
  • Provide inspirations. AI tweet generators can be useful in overcoming writer's block by providing inspiration and generating ideas for tweets.
  • Improve engagement. These tools employ AI algorithms to analyze and generate top-performing tweets. Some also offer insights into content performance, enabling users to refine their social media strategy for improved engagement and conversion rates.

A List of the Top 10 AI Tweet Generators

If you are a marketing professional, an AI tweet generator can be your secret weapon to achieve your promotional goals. In this part, you will discover the best 10 AI tweet content generators.

The initial five are specifically tailored for Twitter, focusing on crafting text for the platform. The remaining five are versatile AI social media post generator tools equipped with Twitter generators, capable of generating content for articles, paragraphs, and various textual formats.

Top 10 AI tweet generators:

  • 1. Twitter Hunter
  • 2. TweetyAI
  • 3. TweetStorm
  • 4. HypeFury
  • 5. Postwise
  • 6. Jasper.AI
  • 7. Copy.AI
  • 8. WriteSonic
  • 9. WriteCream
  • 10. HIX.AI

1. Twitter Hunter

Twitter Hunter AI Tweet Generator

Twitter Hunter is an AI tweet content generation platform that aims to help users build an engaged and relevant audience and drive sales, clients, and subscribers faster on Twitter. It provides a searchable 3M+ viral tweets library where you can find high-performing tweets and determine what type of tweets align with your own content. It comes with a tweet scheduling system that enables users to set up the best times for posting. You can automate and personalize interaction-based DMs and replies with Twitter Hunter.

This AI tweet generator only offers a 7-day free trial with your credit card information and then starts at $49/month.

You can also create funny memes to attract more views, try out the 5 best free AI meme generators >>

2. TweetyAI

TweetyAI Twitter Post Creator

TweetyAI is a simple Tweet generator powered by the ChatGPT AI model. It allows users to provide a specific topic or query and then generates tweet-like responses based on the input. This tool takes a wide range of topics as inputs and generates tweet posts with text, emojis, and hashtags in one click. While it lacks advanced customization options for tweet creation, it is helpful as a basic tweet generation tool.

As a free AI tweet generator, TweetyAI offers 3 generations per day. Then the pricing starts at $3.99 per month. Account registration and login are required to access TweetyAI.

3. TweetStorm

TweetStorm AI Tweet Generator

TweetStorm.ai is a professional tweet generator leveraging ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT 4 AI models. It can help you grow your Twitter audience by empowering you to produce AI-generated content that keeps your Twitter feed fresh and relevant. In addition to tweet post generation, it stands out for its capabilities to generate distinctive Twitter bios and catchy Twitter usernames.

TweetStorm is a free AI tweet generator that offers 8 generations per month and the premium plans start at $12/month. It needs you to create an account to unlock the free tweet generation credits.

4. HypeFury

HypeFury AI Tweet Generator

HypeFury helps you seamlessly create new content using handpicked top tweets from other creators in their tweets prompt library. Hypefury can identify and automatically retweet your best tweets. Most importantly, It can help you build an Instagram presence with Twitter posts, by turning your tweets into IG-optimized images and posting them.

Sign in with your Twitter account, HypeFury allows you to enjoy the service at no cost.

5. Postwise

PostWise AI Tweet Generator

Postwise is an AI ghostwriter that can craft engaging, viral content for social media users, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can enter a phrase or sentence of any topic that you would like to share on Twitter, and Postwise's AI writer can instantly create multiple versions of posts and threads for your choice. Postwise also offers more tools that help users grow on social media, such as Auto Retweet, Auto Plug, Thread Spread, and Scheduling.

This AI Twitter post creator offers a 7-day free trial and subscription plans start at $37/month.

6. Jasper.AI

Jasper AI Tweet Generator

Jasper.AI is one of the leading AI writing tools that is designed for enterprise marketing teams. It helps companies and individual creators to create any type of writing project, from advertisement copies to short social media posts, and anything. Its Tweet Machine template allows you to write effective Tweets with the choice of your ideal tone of voice and language.

Jasper AI content platform offers a free 7-day trial with your credit card information. The cheapest Creator plan costs $49 per month.

7. Copy.AI

Copy AI Tweet Generator

Copy.AI is an AI-powered, online copywriter that can craft content for email marketing, blog content, social media, and translation. It contains a built-in plagiarism checker to make sure you produce original tweets. It features a Twitter AI bot that you can engage in a chat to generate and deliver the output.

Copy.AI is accessible through a free account, which comes with a limit of 2000 words for AI Twitter bot conversations. The paid plan starts at $49 per month if billed monthly.

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8. WriteSonic

WriteSonic AI Tweet Generator

WriteSonic is a generative AI platform that allows users to create and optimize all types of Content, including Twitter posts and threads. It features a Chatsonic AI Twitter bot and a built-in Twitter tweets template to help you create posts for X with emojis and relevant hashtags.

You can use the WriteSonic web app with free 10,000 words per month. To upgrade your account, you at least need to purchase a Freelancer plan which costs $20/month.

9. WriteCream

WriteCream AI Tweet Generator

WriteCream is a comprehensive generative AI platform to generate text, audio, and images. It is AI writing services can produce high-quality and captivating academic and business content. WriteCream's Boss Mode is useful for generating different types of tweets with hashtags.

After signing up for a free account, WriteCream gives you 10,000 words. To get unlimited words per month, you can upgrade your account with $9 per month.

10. HIX.AI

HIX AI Tweet Generator

HIX.AI is another powerful AI writing copilot designed to streamline the process of drafting, creating, and editing all types of content with a suite of AI writing and editing tools. It provides a ChatGPT-powered Twitter post generator that can generate a wide range of writing for Twitter such as Twitter threads, tweets, ad copy, ad headlines, and more. You can have more flexibility in content generation by choosing the target audience, tone of voice, suggestions, and language.

HIX.AI's AI tweet generator is free to use. If you want to unlock more words, HIX.AI allows you to customize your AI Writer Pro plan which starts at $9.99/month.

Bonus: Create More Stunning Contents to Share on Twitter

In addition to text posts, visually interesting content is also crucial to growing your social media presence. Vidnoz, an AI service provider, offers a range of tools to effortlessly create stunning content for sharing with your Twitter followers.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Here are some of Vidnoz AI tools and how they can help you maintain your social media audience and get more followers:

Vidnoz AI video generator. This AI video generator provides 300+ video templates, AI virtual presenters, PPT-to-video generation, and more to help you create high-quality videos of your product or service to share on Twitter.

Vidnoz AI Face Swapper. Vidnoz's face swap AI model can generate amusing images by swapping faces. When shared on Twitter, these images may gain many likes and retweets.

Vidnoz AI Avatar Generator. This free AI avatar generator can generate avatars using textual keyword input in different styles. You or your followers can use them as Twitter profile images.


An AI-based Twitter post generator makes it easier to handle the text creation on Twitter, especially when posting frequency increases or content demands grow. Every AI tweet generation tool offers a free version or trial, allowing you to test them and discover the one that suits your needs and budget.

Also, consider using free AI tools provided by Vidnoz to produce visuals and videos for Twitter. They can boost your post impressions and engagement to the next level.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

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