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On This Page
  • What’s AI customer Service & Benefits of It
  • Unlock the Power of AI Powered Customer Service Video
  • Use AI Chatbot for Customer Service Up Level
  • AI Customer Care Visually Impaired by Text to Speech AI
  • AI Data Management for Customer Service
  • AI Personalized Service for Each Customer
  • Final Thoughts

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5 Ways to Enhance AI Customer Service for Rich Experience

Juli Cooper

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What is AI customer service and how to use it? Check out the 5 ways to enhance your customer service with the power of artificial intelligence.

Customer service should never be underestimated. In fact, by providing top-notch customer service, businesses can effectively attract and retain customers, cultivating a loyal following that might even refer new customers in the future.

To connect customers to the answers they need, today AI customer service is widely adopted by many businesses, serving as the most effective way to deliver personalized experiences and drive customer engagement.

5 Ways to Enhance AI Customer Service

So what is AI powered customer service and how to enhance it? In this article, you can find the 5 best ways to achieve great AI customer success. Just make sure to continue reading!

On This Page
  • What’s AI customer Service & Benefits of It
  • Unlock the Power of AI Powered Customer Service Video
  • Use AI Chatbot for Customer Service Up Level
  • AI Customer Care Visually Impaired by Text to Speech AI
  • AI Data Management for Customer Service
  • AI Personalized Service for Each Customer
  • Final Thoughts

What’s AI customer Service & Benefits of It

Adopting Natural Language Processing, a subset of Machine learning, AI customer service can collect and process data, training itself to respond to customer requests. For instance, an AI chatbot for customer service, or virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa can understand and respond to spoken words/written messages. In addition, you can also set up automated responses in an AI support bot, which helps provide instant replies and solutions faster than ever.

So how do businesses and organizations benefit from AI-powered customer service? Just check out the following aspects.

Reduce Cost: AI customer service can effectively cut down maintenance costs. According to Deloitte, AI-powered virtual agents and chatbots can shave off average call center handling time, saving up to $ 1 million in annual customer service costs.

Raise Efficiency & Productivity: AI-powered customer support is also a solution that proves to be efficient and productive. For instance, AI video customer service such as video tutorials can provide accurate answers and reduce human errors, delivering the right answers that customers request.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention: AI customer service offers instant solutions faster than usual ways, which guarantees consistent support, helps improve the overall customer experience, and drives customer engagement.

Unlock the Power of AI Powered Customer Service Video

While businesses can benefit from AI customer service on all levels, the focal point is how to leverage AI more effectively. Here, AI powered customer service videos come off as the quickest solution. For instance, video customer service such as explainer videos, problem-solving tutorials, video FAQs, etc. can offer clear solutions much faster and reduce communication costs, increasing higher customer satisfaction.

So how to make excellent video customer service videos? Try Vidnoz Flex, an all-in-one video platform that allows you to create amazing videos for customer services of all sorts. Just have a look at what makes it the best customer service video creator.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

-Free Online AI customer service Video Maker

Vidnoz Flex is 100% free to use. Just sign up and upload a video or record webcam online directly then you can create an AI customer service video directly. No subscriptions. No hidden fees.

-Manageable Customer Service Video Hosting Site

Vinoz Flex is not only a great AI content generator but also a highly useful video hosting site. With its easy-to-navigate library, you can create, edit, organize, and manage all your AI customer service videos in one place.

-Numerous Built-in Customer Service Video Templates

Packed with numerous professionally designed templates for customer service, Vidnoz Flex helps you create videos effortlessly. No design skill is needed, you can make excellent customer service videos with this AI video generator in no time.

-AI automation Send & Share Videos to Customers

Vidnoz Flex also allows you to send and share videos with your customers easily. Whether you want to share across social media platforms, send videos via emails, or embed videos on your website, all it takes is just one click.

-Intelligent Video Performance Tracking & Analyzing

Most significantly, Vidnoz Flex is a highly-sophisticated analytic tool. It can track your customer reactions in real-time, helping you gain more insights into your customer service video performance.

Steps to Create AI-powered Customer Service Videos

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz’s official website. Sign up with an email address(Google, Microsoft, and Linkedin).

Step 2. Click on Create a Video in the top right to upload a video or record your webcam online.

AI Customer Service Vidnoz Create Video

Step 3. You can also go to the Template menu on the left to select a template for your AI customer service video.

AI Customer Service Vidnoz Choose Template

Step 4. Once the video is finished, you can share it via email, social media or embed it on the website.

AI Customer Service Vidnoz Share Video

That's it. Creating customer service videos with Vidnoz Flex is easy. Not only that, but AI-powered Vidnoz is smart enough to offer not only the video editing tool Vidnoz Flex, but also tons of free online AI tools to help your customer support team.

For example, Vidnoz AI, the best AI video generator helps you automate your customer service videos to improve customer experience. You can choose from 100+ video templates, 50+ AI talking head, and create professional customer service videos with 100+ popular voices in 8 languages.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz Flex also offers an AI teleprompter when recording to help talkers record a fluent expression. There are even numerous templates inside to help boost ideas when you don't sure what to talk about.

Use AI Chatbot for Customer Service Up Level

While Vidnoz is an excellent AI customer service example, there are more ways to improve customer service. For instance, an AI chatbot for customer service, a program that can simulate human speech. Powered by Machine Learning, an AI support bot can learn from every conversation with customers and evolve to a smarter level over time. These chatbots can communicate with your customers in a way that looks 100% natural.

There are plenty of AI automation tools to choose from and Zapier (https://zapier.com/) is widely recommended as a great solution. Integrating hundreds of apps and marketing platforms, Zapier is an AI workflow automation that allows you to create customized AI chatbots with zero coding skills. Here’s how.

Step 1. Sign up with a Zapier account. On the main interface, go to Create > Start from scratch.

Step 2. Scroll down and click Add in the Chatbot section. Add the chatbot component and give it a name.

AI Customer Service Zapier Create Chatbot

Step 3. Add a static or generative greeting as you see fit. Write your directive to teach the chatbot to respond to users in a tailored way.

AI Customer Service Zapier Edit Chatbot


The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better.

AI Customer Care Visually Impaired by Text to Speech AI

With AI customer service in videos and chatbots, you can provide instant and accurate support to customers, delivering a greater customer experience. But just mind that there are groups of people who need extra care, for instance, visually impaired people who are not able to read or view text.

So how to provide all-around customer care for people with visual impairments? Vidnoz Text to Speech AI is here to help. Driven by AI, the free web tool can help you convert plain texts to vivid speeches with just one click. You can choose from languages including English, French, Spanish, etc. with male and female voices available. Most impressively, the AI tool allows you to convert unlimited text and you can download the audio for FREE.

Here’s how to convert text to speech with Vidnoz Text to Speech.

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz’s official website. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, Linkedin).

Step 2. Navigate to Vidnoz Text to Speech. Type in the text you want to convert. Adjust language, voice, and reading speeds.

AI Customer Service Vidnoz Generate Speech

Step 3. Click the Play button and Vidnoz will generate speech quickly. You can also download the audio for free.

AI Customer Service Vidnoz Download Speech

AI Data Management for Customer Service

AI customer service is not just all about providing support when customers are in need. It’s also a useful tool that can be applied in data management. Today many CRM systems have integrated AI tools to track customer engagement data and help make marketing analytics, which is important information that can determine customer success.

Moreover, companies can take advantage of big data and incorporate analytics into strategy-making. For instance, AI engagement data will notify you when a loyal customer hasn’t engaged with you for a while, and prompt you to take action to re-engage inactive customers.

AI Personalized Service for Each Customer

What else can AI do for customer service? Adopting Machine Learning, a highly advanced artificial intelligence that can use real-time data to make predictions, AI customer service is capable of providing personalized service for each customer. By focusing on the use of data and algorithms, AI imitates the way that humans learn and improve accuracy over time.

It can successfully predict customer behavior based on purchase history, buying habits, and personal preference, pulling out in-depth insights to anticipate your customer sentiment. Consequently, you can identify patterns and provide personalized recommendations and support to improve the overall customer experience.

Final Thoughts

With the full-scale deployment of AI customer service, the beneficial impact for businesses and customers is real. The previous parts have introduced 5 ways to enhance customer service with the power of AI, which can effectively help businesses improve workflows and customer experience. Here, Vidnoz Flex is the best tool for producing AI customer videos. You can not only create video tutorials but also convert text to videos in one click. Moreover, the video platform allows you to track engagement for customer service videos, so you can gain smart insights for strategy-making. What are you waiting for? Just try it for free now.


Juli Cooper

Juli Cooper was a marketing director before she began sharing industry experiences as a writer. She has eight years of marketing experience and has written numerous articles for businesses and websites.