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  • What’s Video Customer Support?
  • Vidnoz Flex: Improve Customer Satisfaction & Raise Efficiency with Video Customer Support
  • Vidyard: Reduce Back-and-Forth with Pre-Recorded Customer Support Videos
  • Hippo Video: Support Video at the Center of Customer Satisfaction
  • FAQs About Video Customer Support
  • Final Words

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Upgrade Support Team with 3 Video Customer Support Tools

Juli Cooper

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Video customer support is a booming tech that allows team to support customers through videos. Check the 3 best video customer support tools and examples!

As the first point of contact for clients, the customer support team is critical in assisting customers with the company's products or services, providing necessary technical assistance, and building customer-business relationships. However, traditional support methods like phone calls, queries, and emails are hard to stand out and win a deep impression of clients or potential customers. Faced with this, video customer support emerged and wowed customers.

Video Customer Support

Actually, there are already countless tools available to help companies and businesses make customer support videos. What are they and what services do they provide? Which one is the best for creating customer support videos? Follow this guide, and get your best visual support tool.

On This Page
  • What’s Video Customer Support?
  • Vidnoz Flex: Improve Customer Satisfaction & Raise Efficiency with Video Customer Support
  • Vidyard: Reduce Back-and-Forth with Pre-Recorded Customer Support Videos
  • Hippo Video: Support Video at the Center of Customer Satisfaction
  • FAQs About Video Customer Support
  • Final Words

What’s Video Customer Support?

Video Customer Support is a visual tech that uses visual aids to help customers with their inquiries and problems. The pre-recorded videos help explain the product or troubleshoot a problem with ease.

Video customer service is more effective than traditional support ways like support queries, email contact, or telephone support for it saves the input of a support team from back-and -fourth contacts and impresses customers with a fast and direct solution.

Video support is a powerful way for businesses looking to increase customer satisfaction, improve customer engagement, and save support input. When businesses take time to provide customers with clear and helpful video support, it builds customer trust and enhances customer-business relationships.

Vidnoz Flex: Improve Customer Satisfaction & Raise Efficiency with Video Customer Support

Speaking of creating customer support videos, Vidnoz Flex, a brilliant video creation tool from Vidnoz, is absolutely the best solution. It is an all-in-one video-creating and hosting platform. Companies and teams can easily create and share their customer support videos with the help of Vidnoz Flex. It is even supported to track video performances.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Learn more about the best video customer support tool Vidnoz Flex:

  • Record Customer Support Videos Easily

Vidnoz Flex is a handy tool that is easy to operate. You only need to log in with your Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn account to get your special Library page. Then, you are free to choose between recording a video and uploading a video. Far more than that, the powerful recording feature allows you to record Cam, Screen, or both in one click. Besides, you can also choose whether or not to turn the Mirror Camera and teleprompter on when you use this webcam and screen recorder. There are numerous templates in the teleprompter waiting for you to explore!

  • Edit Professional Support Videos Free Online

A professional customer support video can’t leave elaborate editing. Thanks to the brilliant editing feature of Vidnoz Flex, creating a support video is dead easy. You are free to edit the recorded video by trimming, resizing, cropping, transcribing audio, adding images, and so on. You can also choose from a range of emojis and buttons for extra interactivity when creating a terrific support video. Vidnoz Flex has a plethora of video editing features just waiting to be found!

Edit Professional Support Videos Free Online

  • Share Support Videos via Email/Social Media/Website

A powerful video-sharing feature also makes Vidnoz Flex the best. For supportive video use, the email-sharing feature is the most used. With just one click, you can share the video with your valued clients with an email-embedded video or a video link. Also, handy templates for various use cases are provided. You can also create your own special contacts list for the convenience of future cooperation. In addition, the terrific support videos you made can also be shared with all the major social media platforms for new customer drawings, and embedded in your websites to display.

  • Track the Support Video Performance & Get Customer Feedback

The power of Vidnoz Flex doesn't stop there. A wowing performance tracking feature rise and shine! The total views of your support video, the average watch rate of your brilliant content, the comments and likes your video received, etc. are all being tracked and recorded by Vidnoz Flex. You can get customer reactions to your support video in real-time! Know your targeted customers better, and win their preferences easier.

Create Customer Support Videos in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Sign up with Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn account.

Step 2. Log in and record your customer support video by choosing from record “Camera”, “Screen”, and “Screen+Cam”.

Record Customer Support Video

Step 3. After recording, edit a professional support video with the powerful video editing tool.

Step 4. Share your videos with valued customers, and keep tracking the performances.

Share & Track Customer Support Video


The online teleprompter offered by Vidnoz Flex when recording can help users increase their fluency in talking and improve the whole video performance.

Vidyard: Reduce Back-and-Forth with Pre-Recorded Customer Support Videos

Vidyard is another great tool for sales support video recording. It is devoted to providing pre and post-sales technical support in order to enhance as well as shorten the sales cycle. Users of Vidyard report that the entire sales process has become more efficient with this video production tool.

Create Customer Support Videos with Vidyard

Steps to Record Customer Support Videos with Vidyard

Step 1. Go to vidyard.com and add it to Chrome for free.

Step 2. After agreeing to the terms, complete a new user information survey.

Step 3. Choose from record Screen, Camera, and Screen+Cam

Step 4. Download the video you made and be ready to share.

Hippo Video: Support Video at the Center of Customer Satisfaction

Hippo Video is also a great choice when it comes to creating support videos. This online video-creating site aims to help businesses and teams to provide good customer service and create videos at the center of customer satisfaction.

Create Customer Support Videos with Hippo Video

Steps to Record Customer Support Videos with Hippo Video

Step 1. Enter your email and click the “Sign Up for Free” button.

Step 2. Answer some questions for a new user information survey.

Step 3. Record your screen or webcam with a single click.

Step 4. Get your first support video and share it with your customers.

FAQs About Video Customer Support

All the 3 tools above are great helpers to make a customer support video. Before starting, you may still have some questions haunt in your mind. Check the frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers below:

- How many types of video customer support?

In fact, there is no strict classification of customer support videos based on the different needs of different industries. But here are some common ones:

1. Video Tutorials

2. Explainer Videos

3. Onboarding Video

4. FAQ Videos

5. Customer Review Videos

6. Appreciation Video

- Is there any good customer support video examples?

Definitely yes! There are numerous good examples of customer support videos shared on social media. Here are 3 support videos from YouTube covering a product tutorial, a product explainer, and a FAQ video respectively:

1. Product Tutorial:

How To Use iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max! (Complete Beginners Guide)

2. Product Explainer:

Introducing iPhone 14 Pro | Apple

3. FAQ Video:

FAQ Video Example for Business and Marketing

- How to apply videos to the workflow?

A support video workflow can be started with the FAQ Video. It is the fastest way to save the time of your support team. You can collect the frequently consulted questions first, record videos for each of them to show customers how to solve them then, and embed those videos into your website with the help of Vidnoz Flex. That’s it, countless support calls can be stopped in the first place with the help of the videos you produced.

After that, an explainer video of your company service, a tutorial video for your product, and an appreciation video to your customers can be all scheduled. Furthermore, you can also use video for marketing and bringing sales!

Final Words

Customer support is an important part of business and marketing for whether the customer issues are solved efficiently directly impacts the retention rate and the brand's future. With a video customer support platform, businesses can support customers in the most convenient way. Finding the right customer support software makes the whole support process even more effortless. A tool from a trusted brand, Vidnoz, for example, help your support team solve customer problems efficiently, save the input of your team, and raise efficiency with ease!


Juli Cooper

Juli Cooper was a marketing director before she began sharing industry experiences as a writer. She has eight years of marketing experience and has written numerous articles for businesses and websites.