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  • Response Instantly for Good Customer Service
  • Personalize for Good Customer Service
  • Use Video for Good Customer Service
  • Emphasize Details for Good Customer Service
  • Build a Blog about Your Product/Service for Good Customer Service
  • Take Advantage of Social Medias

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10 Updated Ways to Bring Good Customer Services & Boost Sales

Kevin Hart

Updated on

See how to offer good customer service from 6 parts: instant reply, personal service, videos, details, blogs, social media. Get better impression & sales!

Providing good customer service needs you to stand in the position of a real customer. You cannot just think of how good your service or product is but also how can your product be properly presented to them. And that is the very first step of offering good customer service. Then, what exactly is good customer service? It can just be concluded into 1 phrase: be considerate to your customers. You might raise another question: But how?

Good Customer Service

You’ve come to the right place, 10 ways explained with real examples to achieve that have been introduced in this article, keep reading for more.

On This Page
  • Response Instantly for Good Customer Service
  • Personalize for Good Customer Service
  • Use Video for Good Customer Service
  • Emphasize Details for Good Customer Service
  • Build a Blog about Your Product/Service for Good Customer Service
  • Take Advantage of Social Medias

Response Instantly for Good Customer Service

Customers could feel frustrated about the service when no one can answer their questions in time. And the intention of purchasing could go away instantly because of the negative impression. 24/7 customer service with real-person seems to be a daunting task for any brand, but with the help of technology advancements, live chats via instant message apps like creating WhatsApp/Telegram groups, building live chat services on your website, etc. become more practical and easy to operate. What’s more, AI or robots’ association should be taken into consideration and this way could help with providing good customer service for sure.

Personalize for Good Customer Service

Personalize for Good Customer Service

When customers turn to you for help, they usually want direct answers and have no persistence to wait. They want to be respected for the money they have spent. And this would require you to personalize customer service by learning more about them and treating each of them as an individual person. Services need to be carried out as a natural conversation in daily life rather than robotic replies with prepared answers. Just like talking to a friend and this will help you with how to provide superior customer service.

Use Video for Good Customer Service

Recently, Apple released its video customer service to provide a better shopping experience for users visiting the online Apple store, which makes people notice that video or face-to-face communication by video could play a bigger part in good customer service since companies like Apple start to introduce video guides in their online store.

Use Video for Good Customer Service by Apple

The information that a video contains can be way more informative than words or pictures. Showing a video to your customers introducing products or offering customer services is more clear, more comprehensive, and easy to accept. That’s why tech giants like Apple would release its video customer service. Your brand or company can use this method too.

Adopting videos for great customer service also brings an issue to the business - you need a solution for making videos and it should be easy to use, share, and track performances, otherwise, lots of your time and energy would be spent in videos rather than products. Therefore, a one-stop solution for video marketing is here for you - Vidnoz Flex.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Easy Video Creation

You can create videos from scratch with Vidnoz Flex. Both uploading a video to it or recording a new one with a screen and webcam is ok. An online screen recorder will be here.It is developed especially for marketing people like you, it has features like a teleprompter for making better promotion and explainer videos, camera effects such as background blur, custom backgrounds, etc. to make your videos more professional, and cloud storage to enable you to manage videos effortlessly and so on.

Use Video for Good Customer Service - Create Videos

Edit Videos Like a Pro

Then an internal video editor can be used to optimize your content just like Adobe Premiere Pro. Cut, trim, add effects, adjust video settings, etc. should be basic, insert CTA buttons to promote sales, use templates to display your videos, etc. are made especially for businessmen like you.

Handy Video Sharing

After editing, you can put the video in front of customers now. Vidnoz Flex prepares entrance for sharing videos via email, Linkedin, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. One-to-one customer service videos should be sent directly to the target ones, and promotion or sales videos should be viewed by as many people as they can reach, so YouTube is an ideal destination. Of course, where to send videos finally depends on your actual needs.

Powerful Video Analytics

Vidnoz cannot be outstanding with just the features above, it allows you to track video performances with a detailed analysis after publishing. That is to say, from creating to tracking and analyzing, users can use Vidnoz Flex, this one platform to handle all the processes. And it can do well.

Video analytics like views, comments, likes, etc. would be displayed as graphs to show a clear trend. Viewers' analyses like where they come from, what kind of devices they are using, how they engage with the video, etc. are also included in the report. You can analyze these data and optimize your next video for better results. More detailed analytics like unique viewers, average watch rate, reactions, etc. are waiting for you to explore too.

These are the main features of this platform, just try it for good customer service now!

After adopting video for good customer service, you need more tips on using this new method. Here, 4 of them are listed below for you.

1. Publish on Multiple Platforms

All the mainstream social media platforms support video uploading and playing. Your videos will have more chances to be seen and found by potential customers when you publish them on as many platforms as you can. Don’t just focus on YouTube or Facebook, but also pay attention to local video platforms in your country. This would be extremely important for people who are running a local business.

2. Make Short & Long Videos

Short videos here, mean videos that last less than 60 seconds and can be uploaded to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Long videos can last more than 5 minutes to 10 minutes or even longer. These two kinds of videos can play different roles when managing your channel, short videos are easier and faster to make while long videos need lots of time to draft, film, edit, etc. Short videos can go viral and receive lots of views in a flash while long videos can generate constant views and carry more information. A combination of these two will be the ultimate solution today.

3. Follow the Trend

Google trends, Twitter trending topics, Instagram trending hashtags, etc. all can be the inspiration of your videos. Just keep an eye on the trends and apply them to your videos.

4. Use the Analytics

Besides analytics by Vidnoz Flex, platforms like YouTube and Instagram also enable you to check the performance of your videos and analyze them for better results. You can just use the analytics by these platforms along with Vidnoz Flex.

Emphasize Details for Good Customer Service

Customers would have a good impression when you or your brand can always emphasize details and let them feel it every time they use your product or service. A bank can be trusted by offering small bags beside the ATM for putting cash in when a customer just withdraws some money, car sellers always would ask customers whether they need a cup of coffee when entering the shop, and high-end shopping centers would even provide customers with hand cream after washing hands, etc. All these considerate details combined can offer customers an immersive experience and lead to better sales as well as a higher come-back rate.

Build a Blog about Your Product/Service for Good Customer Service

Some customers always tend to search for answers before they contact the business for help since the power of Google and AI like ChatGPT are way more magnificent than you can imagine. Therefore, you should take advantage of this internet age and let customers find you and solve problems by methods written by you. Maybe you have undergone a period of traditional customer service with phone calls, today, you just need to transform all the experience into text and present it on your website. The rest can be left to the search engine.

This should be an ideal answer to how to provide better customer service - which is to let users find you anywhere they go.

Take Advantage of Social Medias

Social media platforms are excellent for you and your customers to communicate with. It’s public, accessible, and instant. All your updates, alerts, unexpected bugs, etc. about products or services can be published on your social media and customers will know the updated information and many problems will not come to you but solved by the tweets/messages you post.

Also, pay heed to comments. Customers can leave all kinds of comments to your post and you should choose some outstanding comments to reply to and other customers who also see these comments can solve their problems without finding you. More importantly, customers would help with replying if some of them know the answer. This could save lots of your effort.

The Bottom Line

The 5 tips about how to provide good customer service have been listed above for you. You can choose some of them that you haven’t tried before to boost your customer service now. And you can analyze the effect of all the methods by reading the feedback and checking the sales after adopting them for some time. The results can be surprising. Also, don’t forget to try Vidnoz Flex to provide video customer service, this video hub can revolutionize your customer service and bring it to a new stage and it’s free!


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.