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On This Page
  • What is B2B Sales?
  • What are the Main Steps of B2B Sales Process?
  • A Trend B2B Sales Strategy Has Emerged: Crucial & Fit for All
  • Conventional B2B Sales Strategies: Land More Buyers
  • More FAQs about B2B Sales

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B2B Sales Strategies to Fast Improve B2B Sales Online

Grace Holland

Updated on

What is B2B sales? How to stay ahead in the industry? Find the most useful B2B sales strategies to close deals faster than ever and increase B2B sales.

B2B sales (or business to business sales), a common sales model nowadays, have many advantages, including high profits, large deals, build trust easily, and stability. But with the increased B2B sales competition, you need to take measures to keep ahead all the time and improve sales as much as possible. B2B sales strategies is one of the most important sales-related topics. Useful B2B sales strategies help you go further for B2B sales. The article has concluded 4 effective B2B sales strategies to increase sales from several aspects and provided other B2B sales related-info.

B2B Sales

On This Page
  • What is B2B Sales?
  • What are the Main Steps of B2B Sales Process?
  • A Trend B2B Sales Strategy Has Emerged: Crucial & Fit for All
  • Conventional B2B Sales Strategies: Land More Buyers
  • More FAQs about B2B Sales

What is B2B Sales?

What does B2B sales mean? B2B sales, short for business to business sales, refers to a kind of sales model that deals are closed between businesses rather. It is opposite to B2C (business to customer), which means transactions are done between a business and an individual customer.

What are the Main Steps of B2B Sales Process?

A B2B sales process is a chain of steps made by salespeople to sell products or services to other businesses. It is usually divided into 7 stages: sales prospect, lead generation, qualification, sales pitch, handle objection, close deals, and follow up.

  • Sales prospect. A sales prospect is a potential customer who are quantified to have the intent and ability to buy your products or services.
  • Lead generation. Lead generation is the process of attracting your sales prospects to your business with the end goal to convert them into customers.
  • Qualification. Lead qualification is the process of estimating if a prospect meets your ideal customer profile and if it is possible to convert them into a B2B product or service buyer.
  • Sales pitch. Sales pitch is an important process that convert your ideal prospects to buyers. In the process, you need to make detailed and persuasive products explainer videos to prospects.
  • Handle objections. As long as your prospects present concerns about our products, you have to respond in a proper way to alleviate their concerns and convince them to buy your products.
  • Close deals. When your cusotomers make a decision to buy your products, you two businesses finally reach an agreement to build a relationship with customers.
  • Follow up. Closing deals are not the end of B2B sales, actually. Follow up is important to make it possible to achieve a second sale with the sale business.

Every step of the B2B sales process should be given much attention. B2B sales challenges faced by salespeople and businesses are more than ever. In the information society, buyers or customers get easy access to product or service reviews before making decisions. Systematic and well-planned sales strategies are necessary to help you move successfully in every step, from target sales prospects to follow up. Increase close deals, improve conversion rate.

A Trend B2B Sales Strategy Has Emerged: Crucial & Fit for All

Want to find a sales strategy that is fit for all? Then you’re in the right place. The first mentioned B2B sales strategy in the article can be used for almost all industries and products, which is also a new trend sales strategy in recent years. The strategy is using a video platform to make videos. Good B2B sales videos with clear and professional product explanations lead to good results. They can grab the attention of your B2B sales clients, increase B2B sales conversion rate by adding buttons at the end of videos, and expand reach to potential clients as you can share B2B sales videos to many platforms.

Well, the matter is how to create B2B sales videos to affect your ultimate sales performance positively. There are B2B sales video makers to help you send persuasive and personalized B2B sales videos with a one-stop solution. From recording videos to one-click sharing videos, a B2B sales video maker realizes all these functions or features. And Vidnoz Flex, a product developed by Vidnoz, is such a B2B sales video creator. Find target sales prospects by checking who likes or comments on your videos. Send explainer videos and support videos to arise the interest of your sales prospects in your products, and handle objections.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Let’s see its main features.

Record videos. Record explainer videos, customer service videos, and support videos with ease. The teleprompter enables you to speak fluently and smoothly, leaving a good impression on your clients or customers.

Edit B2B sales videos and add clickable buttons. Edit your recorded/uploaded videos with Vidnoz Flex’s built-in editor. Adding buttons with call-to-action words matters a lot at last or other proper places.

Edit B2B Sales Videos

One click share B2B sales videos to customers. Are you used to share videos one by one? Vidnoz Flex makes it easier. When a video is edited well, what you need to do is click the “share” button.

Track B2B sales video performance. How many people have viewed your video? Who clicks the buy button? Important figures can be tracked by Vidnoz Flex, including total plays, viewers, comments, likes, and so on.

Try Vidnoz Flex now to test how the piece of B2B sales strategy works to boost B2B sales online.

Conventional B2B Sales Strategies: Land More Buyers

Except the initiative B2B sales strategy using Vidnoz Flex, ther are many other conventional sales strategies, despite they are not fit for all. Just make a reference and combine with your actual situation.

Build Awareness of Your Brand

It’s the fundamental stage of the B2B sales funnel to build brand awareness, which is the first very step. It helps potential buyers to know and then recognize your brand then. Brand awareness is crucial. Well-known brands always attract more buyers and close deals efficiently.

There are many ways to build awareness. Tell an impressive and appealing brand story. Blog relative posts on the most-visited sites. Run ads on popular platforms. Share videos on social media. Cooperate with influencers. Anyway, building awareness of your brand is such an essential B2B sales strategy that can be achieved in many ways.

Target New B2B Customers

Targeting new B2B customers is as crucial as maintaining the existing customers in terms of B2B sales increase. There are many ways to target new B2B customers. One of the easiest ways is to use Vidnoz Flex to find who likes and comments on your videos. Then turn them from viewers into customers. Besides, you can use audience insights tools to know better of your audience who visited your sites, like age, location, and gender. Professional lead generation tools are also helpful for large companies for qualified leads. Make a lead-nurturing plan when necessary.

Develop Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of training your sales reps or sales teams with content and tools to make them sell more efficiently. Based on the role of a salesperson or a sales team in a B2B sales, developing sales enablement is one of the most necessary sales strategies for B2B. Good sales enablement sell to other business faster, make sales cycle shorter, and close more deals. You can choose to use Vidnoz Flex to record and share training videos.

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More FAQs about B2B Sales

What is B2B Sales Funnel?

A B2B sales funnel or pipeline refers to a sequence of phases that depicts how B2B prospects move from the beginning to the end. Detailed stages of the B2B sales funnel are awareness, interest, consideration, evaluation, and purchase.

B2B Sales Funnel

What are the Main Types of B2B Sales?

B2B sales are divided into 3 different types according to the sales mode: supply sales, wholesale/distribution sales, and service/software sales.


Successful B2B sales online or offline earn large incomes and benefits. With the increasingly fierce competition in all industries, it’s necessary to create your own B2B sales strategies. Make reference to B2B sales strategies, introduced above and combine them with your experience. At last, don’t forget to take advantage of the comprehensive B2B sales video tool Vidnoz Flex, from recording to tracking video performance in one platform.


Grace Holland

Grace Holland is our talented author. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares blogs to offer practical advice on how to grow business by driving sales, building customer relationships.