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On This Page
  • What's Video Customer Service?
  • Benefits of Applying Videos to Customer Service
  • What’s the Best Customer Service Tool
  • 4 Steps to Use Customer Service Software
  • 5 Brilliant Video Customer Service Templates
  • FAQs About Apply Videos to the Support Team

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How to Use Videos for Customer Service to Increase Sales

Yuka Gee

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Video customer service is now a must for businesses to increase customer’ satisfaction and sales. Check how to use videos to offer better services to customers!

Recent years have witnessed an increasing need to build a deep and strong connection between customers and businesses. When done correctly, customer service has the same impact as a productive sales department. Not only that, if your customer service team excels, it also helps save costs and raise efficiency. Faced with this, businesses have been looking for ways to improve customer service while also saving input. Then video customer service comes into being.

Video Customer Service

What is video customer service? How to provide good customer service with videos? Follow this guide to figure out what exactly it is and how to make the most of videos for customer service.

On This Page
  • What's Video Customer Service?
  • Benefits of Applying Videos to Customer Service
  • What’s the Best Customer Service Tool
  • 4 Steps to Use Customer Service Software
  • 5 Brilliant Video Customer Service Templates
  • FAQs About Apply Videos to the Support Team

What's Video Customer Service?

According to statista.com, online videos have a 92.8% audience reach among internet users worldwide. As the report goes, the most popular types of videos were music videos, comedies and viral videos, and tutorial or how-to videos.

Popular Video Content

Among the 10, 3 of them are about customer service videos. What exactly it is? Video Customer Service is a new type of customer service that allows businesses to give business info and clear up customer confusion easily via videos.

There are all sorts of customer service videos, among which the following 3 are widely used:

- Video Tutorials

Video tutorials, also known as "how-to" videos, are a type of customer service video that provides step-by-step instructions. By following this, customers can learn how to use products by themselves, which greatly saves time for the support team in teaching every user the steps to operate.

- Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, another normally seen type of customer service video, are commonly used for marketing to introduce customers to their products and services. They are usually short and engaging and play a vital role in persuading customers to buy and upgrade.

- FAQ Videos

FAQ videos for customer service are also widely used to cut the supporting time. Businesses gather the frequently asked questions into a video self-serving base. Customers can easily search for what they need on their own. The faster the solution, the higher the efficiency.

What's Video Customer Service

More than these, numerous videos for customer service are springing up to serve a variety of new needs like customer service videos for training, customer service videos for healthcare, customer service video reviews, etc.

Benefits of Applying Videos to Customer Service

As reported, about 84% of customers are more satisfied with a business after reaching video content about it. More than that, applying videos to the Support team brings the following benefits:

- Video customer service saves time for customers

Instead of calling back and forth to solve problems, customers can get what they need immediately by searching for content in the video self-serving base on their own.

- Raise customer satisfaction and retention through videos

The fast solution and convenience of video for customer service raise customer satisfaction. The more satisfied people are with a brand, the more likely they are to become loyal users and spend habitually.

- Cut down the input of the support team as well as the call center

Better yet, the upgrade in customer satisfaction and retention does not cost more! Quite the reverse, by providing videos for customer service, businesses can spend less time handling customers one by one thus saving time for bringing sales. Less input, higher efficiency!

What’s the Best Customer Service Tool

After knowing what videos for customer service video is and what the benefits it can bring, it’s time to try it for your support team. To improve customer service, Vidnoz AI video generator from Vidnoz is the best video customer service tool to help. It is a well-rounded video-creating platform in which countless videos are made every day for a variety of purposes. What makes Vidnoz  AI the best customer service software?

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

•    Create Customer Service Videos Easily with Templates

Vidnoz AI makes your customer service video creation easy and convenient. You can produce AI customer videos with 300+ video templates. Vidnoz AI offers video templates that are well-designed and editable. In addition to customer service video templates, there are other templates including breaking news, explainer videos, invitations, tutorials, advertisements and more.

•    Offer Ultra-Realistic AI Voices for Customer Service Video

Generate TTS speech using Vidnoz AI text-to-speech technology and apply a variety of languages, accents, emotions and speeds. This can make your customer service videos clearer, more coherent and natural.

•   200+ AI Human Talking Avatars for Video Customer Service

Vidnoz AI video generator has Vidnoz Talking Photo that tells the story for you, making the video more human and interactive. All Vidnoz AI avatars are based on real people with perfect lips and gestures. You can also create a custom avatar for yourself.

4 Steps to Use Customer Service Software

How to provide good customer service with Vidnoz AI? Follow the 4 steps below to create customer service videos for your business, and apply videos to your support workflow now.

Step 1. Sign up and try Vidnoz AI for free.

Step 2. Open Vidnoz AI, find the Template in the left panel, then type Customer at the top of the right panel, select the template and open it.

Customer Service Video Templates

Step 3. Send your videos to your customers through email with one click.

Share Customer Service Video by Email

Step 4. In addition to customer service videos, you can use Vidnoz AI to select other templates to generate videos that boost sales in one click.

That’s it, just create and send your customer service videos out and increase customer satisfaction.

5 Brilliant Video Customer Service Templates

As mentioned above, there are great landing page templates to use with Vidnoz AI. Not only for customer service, but templates are also helpful when you need to use video for marketing and boosting sales.

- Product Explainer: As one of the most used customer service videos, the explainer video landing page template helps you explain your product better.

- Training: customer service videos for training, another major part of support videos, can also be organized better with the Vidnoz AI training landing page template.

- Selling: Boosting sales is the final goal of applying videos to the workflow. The selling landing page template help boosts and track professionally.

- Greeting: The great greeting landing page template of Vidnoz AI makes customers and followers feel at home. Get closer to your customers with asynchronous communications.

Greeting Landing Page Template

- Follow Me: The beautiful follow me landing page template help users catch people’s eyes and get more followers at ease.

FAQs About Apply Videos to the Support Team

After reading all the content above, if there is still confusion in your head, the following part should help. 5 frequently asked questions about video customer service are listed as well as answered.

- What makes a good support team?

A good customer support team should always focus on improving customer satisfaction. However, there are times when a back-and-forth phone call or email is just a drain on the relationship, and video support is a convenient and perfect way to deal with it.

- How do I make a support video?

First of all, you need a video customer service tool, Vidnoz AI, for example.

Then, start to record the explainer video to explain your business and product, and don’t forget the explainer template.

Next step, share your video with a link to the landing page and keep track of the performance.

Then, you can easily create other sorts of customer service videos you need.

- What questions should be in a FAQ video?

Take a survey of your support team members, collect the most common questions they receive in their daily work, and organize them into your FAQ videos, along with solutions. Don't forget to update with new questions and answers regularly.

- How do I upload a video to workflow?

After creating your videos, you can upload them to your website's home page directly. Or, leave the link to your videos on the social platforms of your official account.

- Should you embed videos in the email?

To improve customer service, many people will consider embedding videos in emails. Though, in case some customers' email doesn’t support the video form, a link to the video landing page is more recommended.

The Bottom Line

Video customer service has been a relatively new type of customer service in recent years, but it is by no means aberrant. On the contrary, incorporating videos into your customer support team at a time when many companies are still unaware of their importance can be a great boost for your support team and the entire brand. A handy tool like Vidnoz AI can even upgrade your support workflow higher level. Just have it a try to improve customer satisfaction with less input and higher efficiency!


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