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  • FYI: Built-in Recorders on Phones Cannot Record Audio
  • How to Record WhatsApp Calls with Audio on Phones?
  • How to Record Whatsapp Video Calls on a PC?

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How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Mobile Phones & PC? [Free]

Gary Henderson

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Looking to record WhatsApp calls? This article discusses some of the best free ways to record WhatsApp audio/video calls on mobiles and PCs. 

WhatsApp is an American Based messaging platform that allows users to send various media files for communication purposes. Users can also call via WhatsApp for countless hours using the internet connection. However, the platform has no built-in feature to record WhatsApp calls. This can be frustrating for users looking to record calls for different purposes.

That said, users can record WhatsApp calls on mobile phones and PCs differently. This article will discuss "how to record WhatsApp calls on mobile phones and PCs" using different methods. But before we start, let’s look at some of the limitations of WhatsApp call recordings on various operating systems.

Record WhatsApp Calls Online Free

On This Page
  • FYI: Built-in Recorders on Phones Cannot Record Audio
  • How to Record WhatsApp Calls with Audio on Phones?
  • How to Record Whatsapp Video Calls on a PC?

FYI: Built-in Recorders on Phones Cannot Record Audio

One of the significant issues with call recording on WhatsApp or other calling software is the built-in recording features on phones. Yet both iOS and Android conform to the privacy policy and restrict the local recorders to capture audio from calls. This makes it impossible for you to record calls using the default voice recorders of your devices.

To solve the issue and become able to record WhatsApp calls, you can utilize various third-party applications available online. These applications bypass the restriction of the operating systems and can record WhatsApp voice calls.

Another way to record WhatsApp voice calls is using the WhatsApp web app. The whatsApp web version has fewer limitations and can be used to easily record WhatsApp voice calls.

Record WhatsApp Call with Default Recorder

How to Record WhatsApp Calls with Audio on Phones?

As discussed before, recording WhatsApp calls with audio on phones is only possible via third-party applications. There are different third-party applications available online. Each of them brings different benefits and features. You should choose the one that is entirely according to your requirements.

#1. How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

iPhone’s built-in audio recorder does not work when you try recording WhatsApp calls. This is because of the security features of the iPhone that restrict users from breaching others' privacy. You can utilize specific techniques like recording the call from any other iPhone while the call is on a speaker or using a Mac to record your iPhone’s WhatsApp calls. However, these methods do not guarantee accurate voices and can be time-consuming.

This is why we recommend using any third-party software like Rec Screen Recorder. This third-party software allows you to record the screen of your mobile phone and the audio while you are on a WhatsApp call. Here is how you can record WhatsApp calls on iPhone via Rec Screen Recorder.

step 1. Download and install Rec Screen Recorder on your iPhone.

step 2. Go to your phone’s Settings and tap the Control Center.

step 3. Tap the Customize Control button and tap Screen Recording.

step 4. Now open calls and do a call via WhatsApp.

step 5. While on Call, move down your scroll bar and tap and hold the green button.

This will Open the application, and you can record the calls.

#2. How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android?

Like iPhones, Android devices also do not allow the recording of WhatsApp calls. The most effective way to solve the issue is through third-party software like AZ Recorder. Here is how to record WhatsApp calls on Android via AZ Recorder.

step 1. Install AZ Recorder on your Android phone.

AZ Screen Recorder Captures Webex Mobile Meeting with Audio

step 2. Make a WhatsApp voice or video call and tap the record option on your screen.

step 3. You can stop the recording through the player on your phone’s top scrollbar.

Now that you know how to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone, let’s look at some common problems you might face when recording WhatsApp calls on mobile phones.

  • Terrible sound quality.
  • Unstable internet connection - wifi, or 5g signal.
  • Your occupied smartphone cannot be used for other usages.

Considering the disadvantages of recording WhatsApp calls, it is always better to try it out via a computer. A PC will provide you with all the significant benefits, and recording the WhatsApp call is much simpler.

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How to Record Whatsapp Video Calls on a PC?

Recording a WhatsApp video call on PC is a much better and more reliable option. This gives you a good-quality voice and excellent video quality, and the internet connection remains stable. That said, you still won’t be able to record the video using the default application of your operating system.

This is where third-party applications like Vidnoz Flex come into play. The software allows you to record the entire video call on WhatsApp whether you are using WhatsApp via the web or application. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Vidnoz Flex.

1. Online Screen Recorder No Download

One of Vidnoz Flex's specialties is allowing users to record screens directly via its online website. You don’t need to download the entire application to use it.

2. 100% Free and Green

Vidnoz is 100% free to use and does not require any unnecessary permissions from the user. You can simply sign up using your email and get started with the recording.

3. Detect Your Video/Audio Calls and Auto-Record Them

Among many other features, one of the best is the availability of auto-detect settings. This setting allows the app to automatically put the screen on record whenever an audio/video call is detected.

4. Smooth Recordings

Another great advantage of using Vidnoz products is the availability of a lightweight application with its ability to record smoothly, no matter how high the resolution of the video is. This allows you to generate a video of excellent quality. The application can smoothly record videos of up to 1080P resolution.

Now that you know Vidnoz Flex's features, let’s look at how you can record calls using this software.

step 1. Register Vidnoz Flex.

step 2. Screen record your WhatsApp video/Audio call via browser.

Vidnoz Flex Configuration

step 3. Once recorded, you can easily Edit video online and Save your video.

Edit Videos After Recording in Vidnoz Flex


Recording WhatsApp video and audio calls is not possible through default screen recorders provided by the operating systems. This is why you should switch to any third-party screen recorder for recording your screen. However, third-party software might still not provide excellent results. It would help if you tried recording the WhatsApp audio/video calls using a PC to solve this issue and get a video per your requirements. The best third-party application that can be used for video/audio call recording is Vidnoz Flex. The application offers premium features for free.


Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson once was the most-viewed writer under Quora's 'screen recorder' catagory. You can still find him professionally solving people's puzzles that related to videos, screenshots and gaming.