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On This Page
  • What is an Internal Communication Video?
  • Why Use Video for Internal Communication?
  • What are Inspiring Video Ideas for Internal Communication?
  • How to Make a Video for Internal Communication?
  • The Bottom Line

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Why and How to Make Internal Communication Videos?

Eleven Wednesday

Updated on

Why use video for internal communication? How to make internal communication videos? Get the best internal communication video ideas and guide here.

Internal communication is a crucial way to circulate information and build collaboration between groups within a workplace. Effective internal communications can improve employee experience, boost their satisfaction and enhance their engagement. In addition to common measures - meetings, emails, inner forums, video for internal communication is now widely used by companies as an increasingly sophisticated strategy to open up more possibilities for building strong working relationships.

Video for Internal Communication

Why is video the preferred choice to create better internal comms? How to make internal communication videos? Here, we would like to show you helpful video ideas and introduce the best internal communication tool to make videos online easily and quickly.

On This Page
  • What is an Internal Communication Video?
  • Why Use Video for Internal Communication?
  • What are Inspiring Video Ideas for Internal Communication?
  • How to Make a Video for Internal Communication?
  • The Bottom Line

What is an Internal Communication Video?

Internal communication video is a type of video for business, mainly used to deliver messages between participants in a company or an organization. It is created to introduce company history, culture and value, explain functions of a product, impart working skills to employees and express everything that can increase efficiency of teamwork.

Better than text emails and chats, this visual communication form transmits information intuitively and helps employees understand the content properly, clearly. Also, along with the growth of remote work and study, internal communication video is more and more commonly used in enterprises and education industries.

Why Use Video for Internal Communication?

Video, especially short video, which is on the rise over the internet, is proven to work excellently in traffic attraction. It also shows off the big value to ramp up sales in business. Well, why is it so helpful when coming to internal communication? There are multiple reasons to tell you the importance of video for internal communication.

Why Use Video for Internal Communication

Video can minimize misunderstandings.

It is hard to explain something complex - for example a concept - very exactly only in text. However, a video for communication, which integrates words with visual images, drawings and marks, can drive viewers to learn the content easily and properly. It helps build strong bonds and loyalty among employees without misunderstandings.

Video can engage your audiences.

Short-form video is far more engaging than other information delivery forms online. Besides drawing attention easier, video can help leave a lasting impression on audiences. Objects in an internal communication video, like CTAs, forms, polls, further encourage interactions. In most cases, you can track the video performance, from views to likes and comments.

Video can save a lot of time.

Video is powerful enough to collect required information you want to share in short clips. Employees can learn anything essential efficiently without face-to-face meetings. Remote workers can receive tasks quickly in spite of locations, time zones etc. Moreover, most people would like to watch a video but skip and ignore a text mail.

Undoubtedly, video benefits a lot for internal communication in a company. It is a practical solution to educate and engage employees. A well-made and targeted internal comms video is powerful enough to drive increasing productivity.

What are Inspiring Video Ideas for Internal Communication?

If you are rethinking internal communication strategies but have never used videos, there are a couple of ideas that can be well used to make a video for internal communication.

Internal Communication Video Ideas

Company Instructional Videos

A company instructional video is usually used to promote a company with the purpose of scaling business. The video content varies from company profile to cultures/core values. It is a good internal communication video type for helping employees build brand awareness and develop team responsibility through introducing the positive, creative and humanized work culture.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video for internal communication focuses on demonstrating new products/services or features to employees. It helps team members to quickly learn how a new-launched product works without hosting a meeting. Also, employees can review videos if missing some important information before whenever and wherever.

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Onboarding and Training Videos

Training employees plays a primary role in internal communications. It ensures employees to receive necessary knowledge for improving work skills and processes. Using video for internal communication can greatly shorten the period for onboarding and training as well as deliver up-to-date information about the company or brand to employees in time.

Troubleshooting Videos

Employees inevitably encounter issues in the workplace. Making a dedicated troubleshooting video that answers frequently asked questions empowers employees to step over the stuck problems easily instead of wasting a lot of time to search a solution over the internet. Troubleshooting internal communication videos can indeed boost employees' experience and satisfaction. Additionally, troubleshooting video is also a great idea of customer service video that can help your consumers to help themselves efficiently.

Leadership Videos

Sending leadership messages at any necessary moment can connect leaders and employees closer. A leadership video for internal communication can inform an upcoming event, a big announcement, policy updates and the like related to the company. It is better to create a simple, personal and emotional leadership video letting employees feel helpful and comfortable.

How to Make a Video for Internal Communication?

In recent years, video creation has become more affordable and accessible with the assistant of online video maker platforms. Vidnoz Flex is such an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that is designed to make both external and internal communication videos for business.

Vidnoz Flex serves as an integration video platform to create, personalize, share and track videos at one stop.

  • Recording: It has a screen recorder enabling you to record screen, webcam or both with voice at the same time. You can create an impactful video for internal communication with yourself and your speech hassle-free. The teleprompter feature brings a big convenience for capturing the speech for it can make your script automatically scroll at a reasonable speed during recording.
  • Editing: Video editor is another highlight of this online video maker. It embraces abundant features for both basic and advanced editing. You can cut and crop videos, add text/logo/image as well as insert operable objects (like buttons, links, polls or fillable forms) to encourage actions from employees.
  • Sharing & Tracking: Vidnoz Flex offers several easy ways to share your customized internal communication videos. You can batch share video emails with employees, send video links in a chat, embed videos in an internal webpage or upload to SNS. The tool also makes use of analytics helping you track video performance from plays to interactions.

Vidnoz Flex can be perfectly used in Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc., on any platform. It is a totally clean and safe online tool with no virus and malware.

How to Create Internal Communication Videos with Vidnoz Flex - Step-by-step Guide

Step 1. Sign up an account or log in with Google to access the video maker platform.

Step 2. Record or upload a video for internal communication.

Click Create a Video > Record a video or Upload a video.

For recording a video:

  • Select recording options at first, Camera, Screen+Cam or Screen.
  • If you want to record webcam and microphone, allow the browser to use the devices. Then, select the appropriate device.
  • If you want to use teleprompter, enable Show teleprompter. Write your script or select a template.
  • Click Start Recording. Select recording area, entire screen, a window or a browser tab.
  • Next, the tool will automatically record your screen after countdown.
  • Click Finish button to control bar or Stop Sharing to end recording.

Record a Video for Internal Communication

For uploading a video, directly drop a file to the tool or select a file from your computer. Please notice that only MP4 video is supported for uploading.

Step 3. Edit and share your video for internal communication.

A video info page is shown after you record or upload a video. Here, you can rename video, write a description and add tags.

For editing:

  • Click Edit button to launch video editor to cut, crop, add subtitle/text/image or make other editing. Click Save when you finish.
  • Click Interaction tab to insert Call-to-Action, Custom Poll or Custom Form to make your internal communication more engaging.
  • You can also customize other settings, like thumbnail, page style and more.

Edit the Video for Internal Communication

For sharing:

  • Click Share. Under Mail, write a template video email and share it to your employees.
  • Under Social, click Share to upload the video to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Classroom.
  • Under Embed, copy and paste the code into your page.
  • Also, you can click Copy Link next to Edit button to create the video as a link for later sharing.

Share the Video for Internal Communication

Step 4. Track your video performance.

In Library, click on your internal communication video to access the video info page. Click on See more and then you can get an analytic report, including views, watch rate, reaction, comments, likes and so on.

Track the Video for Internal Communication

The Bottom Line

Using video for internal communication is a cost-effective strategy to establish and consolidate relationships between employees and employers. Nowadays, video creation becomes easier and easier through online video software which is powerful for making various internal communication videos in minutes. Vidnoz Flex, the online tool from Vidnoz, is our recommendation. In addition to simple to use, it has rich features to make, personalize and host videos. Keep in mind the importance of video and make polished videos to build effective internal communication with Vidnoz Flex.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Eleven Wednesday

Eleven Wednesday is a content writing specialist in Vidnoz. She excels in the knowledge of video making and processing. She follows AI technology closely and is willing to share all her learnings with people.