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  • What are Microlearning Videos and Why Are They Effective?
  • Best Microlearning Software and Tool to Use
  • How to Create Microlearning Videos in 6 Steps

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How to Make Microlearning Videos - Comprehensive Tutorial


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Explore the art of creating impactful microlearning videos to elevate your e-learning strategy with our step-by-step guide, leveraging the latest software and tools.

Not everyone grasps and understands information at the same rate as everyone else. Countless studies on information delivery proved that the most efficient teaching method is through bite-sized visual media. By teaching with smaller volumes of data at a single moment, students are able to grasp the concepts more thoroughly. This is why microlearning has become the most popular form of content delivery throughout leading institutes worldwide. This article will teach you the idea behind microlearning and how to create engaging microlearning videos to captivate your students and drive them to success!

Microlearning Videos

On This Page
  • What are Microlearning Videos and Why Are They Effective?
  • Best Microlearning Software and Tool to Use
  • How to Create Microlearning Videos in 6 Steps

What are Microlearning Videos and Why Are They Effective?

Microlearning videos are educational videos that have been broken down into smaller episodes to facilitate a smoother, more digestible learning experience. Each video can focus on a single topic that dwells deeply into the subject, which helps students to completely grasp the concepts within the video.

Why Are Microlearning Videos Effective

Attention Span Compatibility

Humans are curious creatures and as a result our attention span often depends on our environment and how stimulated we are during a study session. Microlearning videos are mostly short videos that keep stimulating learners in a short time. 

Just-In-Time Learning

What if you weren’t interested in the whole topic and just wanted to learn about a small section from it? In such instances, traditional forms of learning are extremely inefficient as they force you to read through copious amounts of text to get what you want. By using microlearning videos, students are able to focus on the required section from the main material allowing them to save both time and effort.

 Enhance the retention and transfer of knowledge

Even though the human brain is capable of multitasking, information retention is drastically reduced in these circumstances. For most human beings, it's better to focus completely on a single topic rather than trying to grasp the entire subject at once. Microlearning videos do just this!

Easily Accessed and Repeated Whenever Needed

Since all the information is available in a modular format, you can easily revise and re-watch videos whenever needed. This allows students to easily revise specific parts instead of browsing through the entire curriculum. With the videos all being labeled in order with proper titles to match the content, students can easily pinpoint which video they wish to watch.

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Best Microlearning Software and Tool to Use

Creating microlearning videos isn’t difficult as long as you have a solid plan and sound knowledge of the material being discussed. It’s also important for you to have the proper software or tool to create the videos. This section introduces you to Vidnoz, an all-in-one media creation tool that allows users to create videos with ease. The software is beginner-friendly and requires no prior knowledge of editing to function. Vidnoz is completely web-based and doesn’t require any downloads or installs to function. Users simply need to visit the website and register a free account on the platform.

There are editable video templates that speed up the process of creating a microlearning video. The microlearning software also includes a video recorder tool and a video editing tool in case you want to record and edit the videos yourself. Using Vidnoz, you will be able to create everything from microlearning videos, and presentations to tutorials all using the same tool. Vidnoz being a jack of all trades allows you to save money and gain familiarity with the software, which will all translate to better videos in the long run. The platform also regularly adds new features which can further enhance your multimedia creation.

Vidnoz Flex – Easy Microlearning Video Creation and Automation Tool

Vidnoz Flex allows you to record your own videos through the video recording tool and even screen grab footage to create the perfect tutorials for your students. Since the platform has its own video editor, users can easily trim and edit the footage they record without the need for additional software. Vidnoz Flex comes with its own set of templates for users to try out when creating their videos. If the templates don’t match their preference, users can easily edit them.

Microleaning Videos Vidnoz Flex

Vidnoz AI – Free AI Microlearning Video Generator 

Vidnoz AI utilizes artificial intelligence to breathe life into your concepts. The tool is very similar to Vidnoz Flex, but the main difference is the AI elements within the tool. Users can create avatars that will narrate and present the content within the video. This feature will add an additional layer of interactiveness to the video which will help grab and retain the viewer's attention. Vidnoz AI has an impressive library of video templates that range from tutorials to explainer videos.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

How to Create Microlearning Videos in 6 Steps

Creating microlearning videos is easier than ever! This section demonstrates how you can create your first microlearning video in just 6 steps using Vidnoz.

Step 1. Define the learning objective and audience.

It’s important to clearly define the objective of the video. Is it a tutorial that aims to teach a new skill to the viewer? Or is it a video that explains a new concept to the student? By defining the learning objective of the video, you’ll easily transition into step 2.

Before stepping into step 2, please make sure to understand your audience. This will allow you to create a video with the right level of complexity in it.

Step 2. Choose the video format and style

Vidnoz offers a wide variety of templates and styles to match all kinds of AI teaching microlearning videos. Since you have already defined the objective of the video in step 1, you can easily select the proper template for your video from the library.

Microlearning Videos Choose Video Style

Step 3. Script and storyboard your video

Write a script for the video and plan it out.  By creating a proper plan, you’ll be able to better present your video without getting stuck in the middle! This step is crucial as it will heavily impact the final result.

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Step 4. Record and edit your video with Vidnoz Flex

Time for action! Start up the webcam and start recording your video using Vidnoz Flex. Once you have recorded the video, you can trim it down and line everything up through the video editor.

Step 5. Consider using Vidnoz AI to ease your microlearning video creation

If you are new to making e-learning videos or you are worried about showing yourself in videos, you can always switch to Vidnoz AI instead. The AI tool allows you to automate the process by adding the script to the textbox. Moreover, there are professional AI talking avatars that present the content for you!

Microlearning Videos Edit Video

Step 6. Publish and distribute your video

Hit generate and be patient till the video renders. Once fully rendered, share and download the video!

Example of Microlearning Videos for Inspiration

How to Create A Video FREE by Importing A PPT

This video sample was created through Vidnoz AI and it explains how to make a video from a PPT! The template used for this sample is the “how to make” template and the avatar is the default avatar. 


Isn’t it amazing how you can create your own microlearning videos as a complete beginner through Vidnoz? These videos will revolutionize your teaching methods and help students retain knowledge much better. The interactiveness of the videos and the visual flow of information will prevent boredom and elevate study sessions!




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