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On This Page
  • What is AI PDF Editor?
  • AI PDF Editor Vs. Traditional PDF Editor - What Are the Differences?
  • Top 5 AI PDF Editors to Boost Your Productivity
  • Bonus: Convert Your PDF Documents into Engaging AI videos

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Top 5 AI PDF Editors to Enhance Productivity and Quality


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Learn about the top 5 AI PDF editors on the market and how you can use them to automate mundane tasks.

Remember that time you had to edit a PDF to meet the deadlines and barely made it through due to how cumbersome it was? Surely there must be a better way to edit and read through PDF documents. The AI revolution is here and it's ready to improve the mundane process of editing PDFs. Using an AI PDF editor, users are able to breeze through documents, identify key elements within a file, and edit them quicker than before. An AI-based PDF editor will also be armed with a plethora of extra functions that’ll make your job less repetitive. Read on to learn about the potential of incorporating a PDF AI editor and five of our top picks.

AI PDF Editor

On This Page
  • What is AI PDF Editor?
  • AI PDF Editor Vs. Traditional PDF Editor - What Are the Differences?
  • Top 5 AI PDF Editors to Boost Your Productivity
  • Bonus: Convert Your PDF Documents into Engaging AI videos

What is AI PDF Editor?

An AI PDF editor is a PDF editor that has an AI built into its system. This allows the program to do much more than what it was traditionally designed to do. In addition to the extra features, the built-in AI will also allow you to carry out everyday activities at a much faster pace compared to before. The most important aspect of an AI-based PDF editor is that it will continue to improve its functioning using machine learning.

AI PDF Editor Vs. Traditional PDF Editor - What Are the Differences?

This section is all about knowing why you should make that transition! We’ll be comparing the main differences between the PDF editors you know about and what’s expected out an AI-embedded editor.

Text and Image Recognition

Artificial intelligence is all about making your life better and simpler. One of the key ways they accomplish it is by reducing the effort and utilities needed to carry out a certain task. Regular editors do not have the functionalities required to scan and recognize elements and characters from scanned documents. However, an AI PDF editor can accomplish it with ease. They can even identify images from a PDF document and extract them upon request.

AI PDF editors can summarize content

If you are someone who regularly reads through PDFs that have copious amounts of pages in them, getting a summary of the content would be a massive help. This would allow you to get a grasp of the key aspects of a document in mere seconds as the AI PDF editor would analyze the document to create a perfect summary of the content.

AI PDF Editor Feature

AI PDF editor carries build-in language translation

Why run your document through a separate language translator when your PDF AI editor will do it automatically for you? The AI system will read through your document and convert all the text in the PDF to your native language. It doesn’t get easier than this!

AI PDF editor keeps on “learning” 

Machine learning is a core fundamental within AI systems as it allows the AI to continuously learn from its past endeavors similar to a human being. When this concept is added to a PDF editor, you have software that continuously learns, allowing it to function better than before. An AI system keeps on learning your behaviors, so the more you use it, the better it knows you.

Top 5 AI PDF Editors to Boost Your Productivity

Interested in learning about the best AI-based PDF editors out there? We have curated a list of the top 5 editors in the market. They are the best of the lot and are the leading software within the niche.

Foxit PhantomPDF: AI PDF software

Foxit PhantomPDF is a multi-platform PDF software that is extremely affordable and packed with functionalities. It is light on your PC and can be installed on almost any device. Many of its users claim that its features trump those provided by Adobe Reader, which is a massive win as Adobe Reader is one of the oldest and most expensive options out there. It’s a great tool for engineers, sales personnel, and even students to quickly analyze and edit their PDF files. It has everything that an AI PDF editor would want from OCR to image recognition.

Foxit PhantomPDF AI PDF software

Key Feature
  • The software is lightweight and does not slow down the user's PC. 
  • It’s available across multiple platforms and has a very low entry bar.
  • Inbuilt language translator.
  • Quick edit features that allow users to make annotations and markups with ease.
  • Data extraction tools to quickly find and extract data from multiple PDF files.

Pricing: PDF Editor Suite Pro: $11.67 PDF Editor Suite for Individuals: $9.17 PDF Editor Cloud for Individuals. $4.92

Forma: AI PDF Editor & Creator

Forma is what a clerk or data entry professional dreams about! It's a reliable and robust PDF AI editor that can view, edit, and manage PDF files with relative ease. Its user-friendly interface when combined with the power of AI makes Forma the ultimate PDF editor for those doing repetitive tasks. For those who spend hours filling out forms and repetitive content, Forma will be a lifesaver due to its smart autofill feature. The software comes bundled with a cloud storage option that allows users to access their documents from anywhere that has the internet! From adding signatures to stamps, Forma does it all!

Forma AI PDF Editor & Creator

Key Feature
  • Smart autofill feature.
  • Intelligent handling of PDF files for merging.
  • The software comes preloaded with cloud storage features.
  • Easily manipulate elements within a PDF document using its smart content detection system.
  • Pre-built AI tasks for automation.

Pricing: Monthly: $4.99 Yearly: $19.99

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UPDF: AI-Integrated PDF Editor

UPDF is the most advanced PDF editor ever! It has everything you’d want from an AI-powered PDF editor and more. The software has the cleanest UI of all the PDF editors on the list. Its clutter-free and has icons for only needed necessities, with the rest stacked behind properly organized tabs. UPDF even has an AI for you to chat with. You can give the AI a prompt and they will carry it out! The AI within the software can even analyze the PDF and answer questions for you, it’s that advanced! It’s almost as if you have a mini-chatGPT inside your PDF editor to help you out with work.

UPDF AI-Integrated PDF Editor

Key Feature
  • The software comes with an AI chatbot for assistance.
  • UPDF can be used to carry out all basic functions available in a traditional editor.
  • Split, merge and crop PDF files with ease.
  • Cloud storage services are available on request.
  • Inbuilt file conversion system.

Pricing: Regular- $26.99/Year Perpetual-$41.99/Year

LightPDF: AI-Powered Online PDF Editor

It’s free, it's online and it requires no downloads whatsoever! Light PDF is the AI pdf editor online free for users who are tired of filling up their device storage! It's completely web-based and can be accessed through all major platforms. The most decorated feature of this software is its ability to accurately convert PDF files to Word documents for editing. This means that you can easily edit text, and add or remove images and links without messing up the structure of the document. LightPDF is extremely sure and doesn’t store any of its user data. Once the user completes an action their data is wiped from their servers to maximize security.

LightPDF AI-Powered Online PDF Editor

Key Feature
  • Accurate file conversions, mainly PDF to Word format.
  • Intelligent data extraction.
  • LightPDF can automatically summarise data.
  • The AI can analyze and read documents to answer questions on the content in them.
  • Completely web-based and requires no downloads.

Pricing: Annually: $5.00/month Monthly: $19.99/month

PDFgear: AI PDF Editor for the Masses

PDFgear is the only true free-to-use software on our list that lets you convert raw PDFs using ai to editable PDF files. It is often referred to as the best alternative there is to Adobe Reader and it's lighter on your wallet as well! There are no sign-ups required, the software doesn’t host any ads or bloatware, and it feels as if it's too good to be true. PDFgear has all the basic functionalities needed by a PDF editor to function. The AI-powered analyzer is a free AI bot that comes included with the software. It will read and analyze your documents to help you carry out edits on the material provided.

PDFgear AI PDF Editor for the Masses

Key Feature
  • No watermarks or adware.
  • PDFgear comes with an AI bot to assist you with your work.
  • There are tons of helpful videos on how to operate the software, just google how to edit PDF in AI using PDFgear and you’re all set!

Pricing: Completely free to use.

Bonus: Convert Your PDF Documents into Engaging AI videos

Visual media will always trump walls of written text. It’s never an easy task to read through pages and pages of text and can severely hinder the reader's attention and grasp of the material. If you are searching for a better way to present your research or information, we highly recommend you convert your PDF to videos. Videos are engaging and pack more content per minute when compared to a simple PDF. And the best part is that the readers won’t get bored out of their minds viewing it.

Turn Text into Video with AI - FREE

Generate high-quality videos from PDFs, PPTs, and URLs in one step!

Why Choose Vidnoz  

We will use a special software known as Vidnoz AI to convert your PDF files into viewable video, It’s easy to use and has a negligible learning curve, meaning you can start on this little project right away. In fact, Vidnoz is not limited to just PDFs, its AI can convert everything from PPTs, HTML, and URLs to video content in mere minutes. Everything is completely automated and requires just a few clicks.

Key Feature
  • Create AI videos from everything.
  • Neglible learning curve.
  • Easily create video content using the AI engine provided.
  • Over 200 video templates to pick from.
  • Create a talking avatar head to further improve your video through active narration.

How to Make AI Video form PDF

Step 1 Prepare your PDF document

Since the AI cannot convert all the text present in the document to videos. It's important to prepare your document and sort the text properly. Make sure that the sentences have a clear idea that can be visually represented without errors.

Step 2 Select an AI avatar and a video template

Select the AI talking avatar that will be used to narrate your content. In addition to the AI avatar, there are over 200 video templates within Vidnoz for you to pick from.

 Step 3  Copy and paste PDF content

Copy your PDF content into the text box once again ensuring that all the phrases make sense. With the text to speech feature, avatars can speak out you script in a clear, natural way.

 Step 4 Further editing

Generate the video! Once the generation is complete, users can further edit the video using Vidnoz to add images and music to the content.


AI-based PDF editors have truly revolutionized the game to the point where we longer have to spend hours sifting through pages and pages of black and white! Our list of AI PDF editor software will allow you to save time by streamlining the process of editing documents. If you’re someone who regularly interacts with PDFs, this concept will be a game-changer for you!



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