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On This Page
  • What is AI Teaching
  • Current State of AI Teaching in Education   
  • Vidnoz AI: A Powerful Free AI Teaching Tool for Education  
  • How AI Empowers AI Teachers in Education
  • How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes  
  • Advantages and Challenges of AI Teaching    

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Personalized and Engaging AI Teaching: See How AI Can Transform Education

Kristie Sawyer

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Explore the transformative impact of AI teaching in education. From personalized learning to efficient AI teaching tools, catch the trend of teaching.

In 2023, AI has penetrated into almost all fields, among which education is one of the fields with the most potential and urgent need for AI teaching support. Nowadays, AI teaching affects teachers, students, and school staff more as it becomes more common in education. AI teaching in schools changes the way that teachers teach, and the method that students receive knowledge.

Engaging AI Teaching

What AI teaching tools can be applied to AI teaching? What specific AI help can teachers get from it? To examine AI in education, from its use cases, and advantages, to its future challenges, real AI teaching in school is the best test. Well, how AI tools empower AI teachers, and how to use AI videos to improve the learning experience of AI students in school? Keep reading.

On This Page
  • What is AI Teaching
  • Current State of AI Teaching in Education   
  • Vidnoz AI: A Powerful Free AI Teaching Tool for Education  
  • How AI Empowers AI Teachers in Education
  • How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes  
  • Advantages and Challenges of AI Teaching    

What is AI Teaching

UNESCO's Education 2030 Agenda shows they plan to promote AI in education, meanwhile, they insist on prioritizing equity and inclusion. The trend of AI education aligns with its human-centered AI concept. Inherently, UNESCO advocates a human-centered AI approach to education. The aim is to spotlight AI's role in addressing current efficiency issues. That's why “AI for all” was proposed and why AI teaching started to be used in Education.

AI Teaching is the use of artificial intelligence tools and methods in all aspects of education. From classroom education, and home learning to online e-learning. By bringing AI teaching tools to education, not limited to classrooms, expands to teachers, students, and staff, can enhance learning experiences, personalize instruction, and augment the teaching process. AI teaching is transforming education by making teaching and learning more effective.

Current State of AI Teaching in Education   

Currently, AI education is developing rapidly and increasingly. AI teachers, AI teaching tools, and AI teaching videos are the 3 important components of AI education.

  • AI Teachers are teachers who use AI technology to teach in class or online. So, there are AI teachers in school and AI teachers online, as well as subject teachers, like AI English teachers, AI math teachers, etc. Compared with traditional teachers, AI teachers personalize teaching and provide visual teaching in education. AI for teachers is like a PPT for teachers, just a teaching content display tool to help students improve their learning efficiency.

Current State of AI Teaching in Education

  • AI Teaching Tools, as the name suggests, is the AI-powered tools that offer useful convenience for AI education. They are great helpers for teachers to simplify teaching work and improve teaching efficiency. AI teaching tools include AI course design tool Coursera AI, AI teaching video production tools such as Vidnoz AI, AI learning management systems such as Google Classroom, AI intelligent translation tools, etc.
  • AI Teaching Videos are crucial AI teaching materials. Turning teaching content into AI videos can help teachers better attract students' attention. 

Creating teaching videos with AI video tools is the most common way that AI teaching is used in education. So, what kind of tool is the AI video production tool Vidnoz AI mentioned earlier?

Vidnoz AI: A Powerful Free AI Teaching Tool for Education  

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz AI is an AI-powered video generation tool released by Vidnoz platform, which can be used to create educational content that is personalized and engaging. It works by using an AI to learn to map text to speech and facial expressions. This allows users to create videos with realistic-looking avatars that speak and gesture in sync with the text. 

AI Teaching for Subject Instruction

Vidnoz AI helps generate animated videos to aid students in comprehending abstract concepts, such as Mathematics and English. AI created teaching videos making subject teaching more engaging and effective. 

Science Education Vividly with AI

Using Vidnoz AI, you can easily create animated videos to assist students in grasping complex scientific phenomena. By inserting relatedly videos, picture materials, etc., scientific phenomena can be explained better than text. This AI teacher assistant enhances science education by simplifying intricate topics.

AI Training for Development

There is also a lot of training for the teacher team every year, such as training in designing teaching concepts, cultivating teaching skills, using teaching tools, etc. Making training courses then becomes a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. However, making training videos with AI greatly improves the efficiency of education and training. Training technicians can use not only Vidnoz AI, but also its free online AI toolkits including AI talking Avatar, AI background remover, and more, to efficiently make tailored training content in videos.

Online AI Teaching

When it comes to AI teaching online, Vidnoz AI facilitates seamless online learning experiences through personalized and interactive content. Making AI video lessons from this AI website enables remote education to reach its full potential.

How AI Empowers AI Teachers in Education

Vidnoz AI has the potential to revolutionize AI teaching with videos by making it more personalized and engaging. So in which scenarios of AI teaching can the AI videos produced with it be applied?

Key Applications of AI Videos  

  1. AI video-assisted instruction: AI-created teaching videos can assist teachers in delivering lessons effectively by providing visual aids and interactive content. 
  2. Personalized AI video courses: Teachers can use AI to create tailored video courses. To satisfy individual learning styles and needs, you can create different AI talking heads for free for different courses to enhance the personalization of education.
  3. AI subject-specific teaching: In subject instruction, AI videos simplify complex concepts, making subjects like math and science easier to access.
  4. AI in curriculum design: AI educators aid in designing curriculum content, optimizing it for better student comprehension and engagement.
  5. AI in training: AI-driven training programs support teachers and staff with continuous learning and skill development. In some cases, you can face swap some existing training videos for quicker video-making.

How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes  

Step 1. Log in with your account or log in with Google.

Step 2. Select an AI teaching video template.

Here, take creating an AI teaching video for mathematics lessons. After login, go to Templates > Select math video template.

How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes - Step 2

Step 3. Customize content and set voice for your lesson

Plan your lesson content in advance like your lesson Title, core concepts, important formulas, example problems, etc. Then add it to each video scene.

How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes - Step 3

Step 4. Scriptwriting and voice converting

Write the script for your video, ensuring that the language is clear and easily understandable. Next, prepare the text for voice synthesis using Vidnoz text to speech to convert the script text into natural and fluent speech.

How to Create AI Teaching Videos for Free in Minutes - Step 4

Step 5. Generate your AI teaching video for Math

Using Vidnoz AI, match the synthesized voice with the chosen character, ensuring that the character's expressions and body movements align with the lesson content. Incorporate mathematical graphics, formulas, and example problems to enhance the learning experience. Finally, click the Generate button to start producing your teaching video.

By following those steps, you can use Vidnoz AI to create customized AI teaching videos for math education, as well as for English, Physics, Chemistry, and more. Besides enhancing students' learning experiences and comprehension with your AI videos, you can enjoy more benefits with this free AI video generator.

Benefits of Using Vidnoz AI for AI Teaching

Personalized learning: As one of the best AI video generators, it allows learners to choose the avatar, voice, and language of the video, which can help them to better connect with the content.

Engaging content: The realistic-looking avatars and synchronized speech and facial expressions make the videos more engaging and easier to follow.

Scalability: You can use Vidnoz AI to create a large number of videos in minutes, with no downloading, and no installation. It is ideal for large-scale AI teaching video creation.

Cost-effectiveness: Viznoz AI is a free AI video generator at first, if you want to upgrade, it is also a relatively affordable option for AI teaching. It’s accessible to a wider range of organizations.

Advantages and Challenges of AI Teaching    

The reason that AI teaching can be applied to the field of education, of course, is because it can bring some intuitive help and has some advantages that traditional teaching does not have. However, AI teaching also brings some challenges. What are they?

Advantages of AI teaching:

  • AI teaching can tailor learning to students' needs and styles, really making personalized learning.
  • AI videos motivate and boost learning outcomes. It is an interactive teaching.
  • AI is for all. AI teaching bridges gaps, promoting equity.
  • AI teaching videos aid students with disabilities via real-time captions and accessible learning materials.

Advantages and Challenges of AI Teaching

Challenges of AI teaching:

  • AI teaching tools are still under development, and they can sometimes make mistakes. 
  • Some students and parents may not trust AI teaching tools.
  • AI teaching tools may be hacked and could lead to data leaks.

The Bottom Line  

That's all about AI teaching in a variety of educational processes. When making AI teaching videos, besides choosing the avatar, voice, and language from the existing material library, you can upload your avatars, subject pictures, or your preferred audio to make the video rich. Now, free to log in and make a video lesson with AI.


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