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On This Page
  • Why Should You Transcribe Your Videos
  • Projects That Need Video-to-Text Transcription
  • 3 Main Types of Video Transcriptions
  • How to Transcribe Videos: Transcripts/Captions/Subtitles

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How to Transcribe Videos - Your Video Transcription Guide

Tim Henderson

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Enhance accessibility and reach a wider audience with our guide on how to transcribe videos. Click here for the solution!

Videos have become an essential component of our everyday lives in the digital age, from educational content and interviews to seminars and entertainment. One main issue is to transcribe videos, whether you are a businessman or a content creator. People face several challenges in searching for effective video transcription, including low recording quality to dealing with different accents and languages.

How to Transcribe Videos

If you do not know how to transcribe videos, then this article is for you. You can make easy-to-understand transcribed videos so that your content can be accessible to everyone. Make your video accessible to deaf and blind people.

On This Page
  • Why Should You Transcribe Your Videos
  • Projects That Need Video-to-Text Transcription
  • 3 Main Types of Video Transcriptions
  • How to Transcribe Videos: Transcripts/Captions/Subtitles

Why Should You Transcribe Your Videos

The process of turning words and other sounds from a video into written text is known as video transcription, which is also a way for asynchronous communications. It involves watching the video while listening to the audio and carefully transcribing every significant word, narration, or other information displayed in the video.

If you want to transcribe a video to text, then it may be reused in various forms, such as blog entries, articles, etc. There are some benefits of transcribing video to text.

1. Enhances Inclusivity and Reaches a Wider Audience

With the help of transcribing videos, you may ensure that every person can understand and comprehend the content, no matter their hearing capacity, by transcribing videos.

2. Improves Search Engine Visibility and Discoverability

You can give textual information to search engines that may search and use it to improve the quality of your video. Include appropriate phrases and words in the transcript to increase the chance of occurrence in search results.

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3. Facilitates Understanding and Engagement for Viewers

By using text-based transcriptions, you may be assured that the video's main idea is correctly delivered. By skimming the text, viewers of transcriptions can quickly get to specific points in the video.

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Why Should You Transcribe Your Videos

Projects That Need Video-to-Text Transcription

You cannot ignore the importance of transcription of videos whether you are a content creator or not. You can transcribe video to text to reach a wider audience and enhance accessibility. We will discuss some projects where you will always need to transcribe YouTube videos and other platform videos.

1. Online Videos

Video transcription plays a crucial role, especially for content creators on websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and other video-based projects. You can also try an AI video generator to create your own video.

2. E-learning and Training

By allowing access to relevant content and promoting effective comprehension of the material, transcriptions make it simpler for learners to look for specific information within the videos.

3. Journalism and Interviews

To create accurate and trustworthy articles or reports, journalists and interviewers may easily quote specific remarks and facts from the transcription.

4. Film and Television

You should make the content accessible to viewers who cannot hear or watch properly. You must customize the video as per the needs of your target audience. Transcription can produce closed-captioning and subtitles.

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5. Legal Proceedings

Transcription Videos are accurately made for later use as a legal recommendation in the future. All parties interested in the legal processes can access and understand the information through transcriptions.

6. Social Media Content

The Transcriptions of social media content help users to understand and share the content, preventing misunderstanding or misconceptions.

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3 Main Types of Video Transcriptions

Let’s dive into some specific types of video transcriptions.

1. Verbatim and Edited Transcripts

Explanation: Edited transcripts give a version with eliminated unnecessary aspects, whereas verbatim transcripts record all spoken words and audio effects, and maintain all elements of the spoken material.

Purpose: Transcripts act as a thorough recap of the video's information, making it simple to go back to, search for, and understand. Accessibility, content analysis, and language translation are three areas.

2. Captions

Explanation: A text that appears on the screen in a video along with the audio is called a caption. It includes audio data such as discussion, sound effects, and other significant sounds.

Purpose: The purpose of captions is to improve accessibility by giving listeners with hearing problems a visual representation of the audio in videos.

3. Subtitles

Explanation: Subtitles change a video's spoken words into another language while maintaining the audio's original accent.

Purpose: The use of subtitles makes the content accessible to an audience whose native tongue is not the same as that of the video. They are necessary to increase the video's accessibility to a larger international audience.

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How to Transcribe Videos: Transcripts/Captions/Subtitles

Transcribing videos involves transforming spoken words and audio information into written text. There are several ways to achieve this, including making transcripts, captions, or subtitles. For video content, each of these techniques has particular advantages. In the following article, we will discuss how to transcribe videos.

How to Transcribe Videos to Create Transcripts?

We will explore some methods to transcribe videos to create transcripts. Each method will help you to transcribe video effectively.

Step 1. Manual typing while watching the video.

Step 2. Using automated transcription services or tools.

Step 3. Employing speech recognition software for transcription.

Bonus: 3 Popular AI-Based Transcription Tools Recommended

1. Speak AI

3 Popular AI-Based Transcription Tools Recommended

You can transcribe videos to text for free using the Speak AI tool. To convert spoken words into written text, it makes use of innovative voice recognition technology. The software has an intuitive user interface which makes it simple to turn your data without code.

2. Rev.com

3 Popular AI-Based Transcription Tools Recommended

For speech and video applications, Rev AI provides highly precise transcriptions. It is considered the most accurate API in the world for transcripts produced for both AI and humans. You can try this AI tool for free. Generate machine-generated transcripts for your audio or customisable video in minutes.

3. Beey

3 Popular AI-Based Transcription Tools Recommended

Beey.io is a best video recorder developed to quickly and easily transform multiple audio information, including interviews, podcasts, recorded lectures, and meetings into text. The tool is inexpensive, making it perfect for both people and companies who are searching for transcribing services at a reasonable price.

How to Create Captions for Video Accessibility?

It's essential to prepare the caption before selecting an editing tool when it comes to adding captions to your videos. By doing this, you can be sure that your videos will have exact, precisely placed subtitles. Vidnoz Flex is a powerful video tool that makes creating captions easier. We will discuss how to transcribe videos using Vidnoz Flex.

Step 1: Upload or record a video on Vidnoz.

Step 2: Edit captions for text customization.

How to Create Captions for Video Accessibility With Vidnoz

Step 3: Save and share the captioned video.

How to Add Subtitles for Enhanced Understanding?

After transcribing the videos, you may use a professional video editing program to easily add the subtitles. These are the steps to smoothly add subtitles are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare translated subtitle text.

Step 2: Import video and subtitle files into the professional editor program.

Step 3: Adjust subtitle timing to synchronize with the video.

Step 4: Customize subtitle font, size, and style.

Step 5: Export the video with embedded subtitles.


We covered helpful techniques for transcribing videos. It includes manual transcribing while seeing the video, the use of voice recognition software, automated transcription software like Speak AI, Rev.com, or Beey, and the selection of professional transcribers.

We have also discussed how to transcribe videos for free and also at affordable prices. By using Vidnoz Flex, users can have access to combine video production, customization, communication, and monitoring features.


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