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On This Page
  • What is a Video Interview
  • What You Need to Prepare Before a Video Interview
  • Practical Tips to Success in a Video Interview
  • How to Make a Perfect Video for Interview with AI Video Generator
  • FAQs About Making Video for Interview

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Interview Video Tips: How to Prepare and Success in Video Interviews


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Everything about video interview is included here. Follow us to learn how to make an interview video and available tips to success in a video job interview.

Video interview is one of the more popular types of interviews in the modern job market. However, the online approach may cause you to worry about not being able to operate the online tool or worry about all the distractions ruining the whole interview. These things can make you more nervous during a video interview than an offline one. But don't worry, in order to make a great impression during your video interview, this podcast offers expert tips on how to prepare a video for interview. With them, you will feel confident when preparing for your next interview.

Video for Interview Job Interview

On This Page
  • What is a Video Interview
  • What You Need to Prepare Before a Video Interview
  • Practical Tips to Success in a Video Interview
  • How to Make a Perfect Video for Interview with AI Video Generator
  • FAQs About Making Video for Interview

What is a Video Interview

Different from traditional or face-to-face interview, a video interview use video technology to achieve remote communication. It is recognized as a more cost-efficient way for both individuals who want to find a job and orgnizations who need to hire an employee. A video interview can take place at various locations, your home, an office or classroom etc. Similar to traditional interview, the hiring manager asks several questions about your experience, skills and motivations in a video interview. In turn, the candidate can pre-record an interview video for self-introduction. 

There are two main types of video interviews, live interviews and pre-recorded interviews. Let’s take a look at the differences between them.

Live Video Interview

A live video job interview involves participating in an interview through a video conferencing platform, like ZOOM or Google Meet, where you engage with the interviewer directly, simulating a face-to-face interaction. It is crucial to show up early and answer each question properly throughout the interview, just like a real face-to-face interview.

Technical readiness is vital in Live video interviews. Before the interview, verifying that your device's camera, microphone, and internet connection are in optimal working order is essential. Conducting a pre-interview test ensures there are no technical issues or interruptions during the interview.

Video for Interview Live Video Interview

Pre-recorded Video for Interview

In a pre-recorded video interview, you will be provided with a pre-determined set of video questions through video interview software, you need to submit your answers to it accordingly. This is quite a popular video for job interview methods as well. Focus more on time management and pick a neutral background without any noise. (Remember to remove watermark from video if there is.)

Video for Interview Pre-recorded Video Interview

What You Need to Prepare Before a Video Interview

Don't take a video interview lightly just because it's a video interview - it's just as important as if you were walking into an office for an interview, and you'll need to put even more effort into preparing for it. This video interview may affect your working career, so take it seriously.

Create a Perfect Environment for Interview

Preparing your environment is crucial before participating in a video job interview, whether it's a recorded or live session. Opting for a private setting over a public one is advisable to minimize potential distractions and maintain a professional atmosphere. Select a neat and tidy room in your home, preferably one with a lockable door to ensure no one accidentally interrupts you. Additionally, ensure the room is free from background noise, which could also disrupt the interview process.

Lighting is another essential aspect to consider. Try to avoid one single strong light. Make sure to achieve even lighting in the room to ensure your face is clearly visible to the interviewer.

Choose a Formal and Decent Dress Code

Opt for professional clothing that aligns with the company's dress code. A clean, well-fitted outfit in neutral colors works well on camera and exudes a sense of confidence. Solid colors or subtle patterns are ideal for video interviews. Refrain from wearing excessive jewelry or accessories that may draw attention away from your face and what you're saying.

Choose Decent Dress in Video Job Interview

Check Your Device and Video Softwares Settings

Before the interview, it is essential to thoroughly check your computer and video software settings to ensure a smooth and successful video interview experience. Any technical accident (like a bad internet situation or the microphone not working) in the interviewing process demonstrates your professionalism and readiness.

To avoid such problems, you should conduct a pre-interview check of your video interview recording software to ensure it is properly installed and functioning correctly. Then, you can use a webcam tester and tools like Vidnoz Microphone Tester to check whether your webcam and microphone is working. By performing these tests before the interview, you can confidently join the session, knowing that your equipment is in good working condition.

Practice Answering Interview Questions

Practicing your responses to common interview questions is essential for a polished performance. The more you are familiar with answering the questions the more confident you are. It is advised to use tools like Talking Avatar to simulate interview scenarios and time yourself. This will help you refine your answers, and ensure they are well-structured, and within an appropriate timeframe.

Do Background Research

Another effective preparation strategy is to do a bit of background research on the company where you sit for the interview. For example, you need to understand the products or services that the company is offering and its customer base.

Conducting background research on the company you are interviewing with is an essential step in preparing for the interview. Understanding the products or services offered by the company, as well as its target customer base, demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment to the potential role. Overall, thorough research and self-preparation enable you to approach the interview with a deeper understanding of the company and interviewers, helping you present yourself in the best possible light and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Practical Tips to Success in a Video Interview

Arrive Early and Choose a Right Position

Even though you are facing a video interview, you should arrive early. Getting late even for a minute will leave a negative impression about you on the interview panel. You need to choose a right position to ensure that you are properly proportioned and clearly visible in the screen.

Be Confident and Hold a Proper Posture

Confidence is key during a video for interview, as it exudes competence and assurance to the employer. To appear more confident, be mindful of your body language. Avoid nervous tics such as biting your lips or fiddling with your hair, as they can be distracting and indicate anxiety. Instead, maintain good posture, make eye contact with the camera, and use hand gestures purposefully to emphasize key points.

Pay Attention to Your Voice

Due to device or network limitations, your voice may be intermittent and jerky. Therefore you should speak relatively slowly and make sure that your voice is clear, which can to some extent avoid the loss of information in the speech. Signal when you have finished speaking. If no one speaks for a long time in the interview, ask or offer an explanation. All of these are to avoid communication barriers caused by muffled voices.

Avoid Gossiping About Your Current Working Situation or Boss

During a video interview, avoid discussing negative aspects of your current or previous workplace. Gossiping about your boss or colleagues reflects poorly on your professionalism and may raise concerns about your ability to maintain confidentiality. Focus instead on highlighting your skills, experiences, and what you can bring to the new role.

Record the Interview Process if Necessary

It is also advised that you should use an online webcam recorder to record the whole interview process so that you can learn from the past. By looking back on your interview process, you can have a better understanding of tricky questions in interviews so you can figure out a more smart way to answer them in your next interview. You can also observe your body language. Based on the recording, you can correct your mistakes to face future interviews.

How to Make a Perfect Video for Interview with AI Video Generator

After learning about video for interview, here's a quick way for you to make a video. Vidnoz AI allows you to create captivating and professional videos effortlessly. This powerful tool simplifies the video production process by designing 200+ templates for various scenarios such as tutorial videos, breaking news, weather forecasts, product introductions and more. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or educator, this software is a great helper for producing engaging and informative videos with a talking head. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your content and save time. Your next great video is just a click away!

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Here's a step-by-step process related to creating a product introduction video for business with Vidnoz AI.

Step 1. Create an account and sign in. 

Step 2. Open Vidnoz AI and click Template on the left panel. Choose a template that suits for a video job interview.

Choose E-commerce Template for Video Interview

Step 3. Then customize your settings and generate a video.

Customize Video Settings for Your Interview Video

FAQs About Making Video for Interview

How do I prepare a video for interview?

You can prepare it as described above. Just as you would for a face-to-face interview, you can learn about the position and research the background of the company. You can think about your strengths, prepare a formal dress code, etc. Finally, you need to check that your equipment is working properly.

How to do a video for job interview?

You can use a video generator such as Vidnoz AI to create an interview video, and it's very easy to quickly generate a beautiful video using preset templates.

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Can I read script during video interview?

Don't ever do that. It will be very obvious to be heard and will likely be perceived as not taking the interview seriously. 


Now you know how to ace your video for interview and secure your dream job. Landing your ideal position demands dedicated preparation and honed skills, but with these invaluable tips and powerful AI video generator like Vidnoz at your disposal, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect job in no time. Don't let anything hold you back - take charge of your future and make your career aspirations a reality!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.


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