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On This Page
  • What is a Video Resume?
  • What Can You Benefit from Video Resumes?
  • How to Make a Video Resume?
  • FAQs on Video Resume

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How to Make a Video Resume That Stands Out

Vita Wesley

Updated on

Conventional resumes often struggle to impress hiring managers. This is where video resumes come in. Let’s learn about how to make a video resume.

Gone are the days when we only needed boring one-page resumes to present ourselves in front of employers. As the digital age is evolving, resumes in video format are now becoming the norm to highlight and give that first impression that helps you stand out from the rest.

Video Resume

Although conventional resumes are still the norm, when coupled with a self-video can be much more effective during the job application process. This is why many leading job searching platforms on the web and mobile applications require applicants to upload their videos during the application. Are you ready to make your first video resume so that you can stand out in the competition as well?

On This Page
  • What is a Video Resume?
  • What Can You Benefit from Video Resumes?
  • How to Make a Video Resume?
  • FAQs on Video Resume

What is a Video Resume?

So, a resume in a video format is a brief video presentation made by a job seeker to highlight their abilities, experience, and qualities to prospective employers. It acts as a replacement for or addition to a conventional paper resume or CV. Job seekers have the chance to introduce themselves personally, go over their professional history, highlight their accomplishments, and demonstrate their excitement for the position they are looking for in a video resume.

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Resume videos are frequently succinct and concentrate on the most important job-related details. They can contain information that illustrates the applicant's appropriateness for the position, such as an introduction, a summary of credentials, work experience, education, and abilities. Nowadays, video resumes are frequently uploaded, giving potential employers an additional window into the applicant. They can be emailed, uploaded to websites for job searching, or even published on social media for professionals.

It's crucial to keep in mind that not all businesses may request or accept video resumes as they have not yet gained widespread acceptance. Before selecting to design & submit a video CV, it is crucial to take the individual needs & preferences of each job application into account.

What Can You Benefit from Video Resumes?

  • Highlight your personality. With them, you may demonstrate your abilities in a more engaging & unique way. They give you a chance to highlight your personality, communication abilities, & passion for the job in addition to your professional accomplishments.
  • Best showcase your skills. Using visual aids, such as graphs, charts, or photographs, to improve your presentation & give a more thorough knowledge of your accomplishments is advantageous when creating a video resume. Additionally, significant information that might not be obvious in a written resume can be communicated through your body language, tone of voice, & facial expressions.
  • Grab employers' attention. Additionally, it enables you to advertise your abilities & experiences to a larger audience by utilizing online platforms & video-sharing websites. This makes it possible to reach a wider audience & gives potential employers the ease of watching your video CV whenever they like.
  • Leave a lasting impression. As a resume in the form of a video can effectively show yourself from all sides, it will leave a long-lasting & stronger impact on employers.

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How to Make a Video Resume?

Now we know that video resumes are very effective in standing out from the rest when applying for jobs and highlighting the most important aspects of your resume. But the question which remains here is how to make a video resume in the most effective way. Let's get into it.

1. Compile Your Video Resume Script

Start by making a confident introduction and outlining the position you're looking for. It is also recommended to emphasize your most important backgrounds, abilities, and experiences that are pertinent to the job. Talk about your initiatives and professional accomplishments while emphasizing quantifiable outcomes. We also recommend putting a focus on your motivation, enthusiasm, and what makes you a standout prospect. Finish with the script with a compelling concluding remark.

Compile Video Resume Script

2. Collect Visuals for the Video Resume

Visuals are important in every field, and so is the case for your resume-making process. Prepare any necessary visual aids that will help the reader understand your qualifications & accomplishments, such as charts, graphs, or pictures. If appropriate, gather video or pictures of the assignments you've completed, speeches you've given, or any other visuals that highlight your abilities.

Collect Visuals for the Video Resume

3. Tailor the Content Fitting for the Position

Examine the job description and note the essential competencies needed for the position. Your script should be modified to emphasize the accomplishments and experiences that fit the job specifications. Showcase how your qualifications and work history make you the ideal candidate for the given position and organization.

How to quickly find out which positions are suitable for you in your target city? Jooble can give you the best aid. It is a nationwide recruitment information collection site, where you can find more than 613400 vacancies across 15120 websites in over 60 countries and regions. Furthermore, the smart filters will help you accurately filter out the positions that match your salary expectation, work location preferences, types of work, etc., so you can find the ideal job quickly and more likely to succeed.

Make Video Resume for Suitable Job in Jooble

4. Get a Resume Video Maker

And for this, we recommend using Vidnoz Flex, an easy-to-use video resume maker that also comes as freeware and offers tons of features. This video resume platform surely is the best way to make resumes in video format.

It is an all-in-one software, supporting video creation, editing, sharing, and analytics. You can use it to record presentations with a free teleprompter and add fancy visuals to the video with the built-in video editor. There are 3 recording options, empowering you to record webcam, screen, and both together. Beyond that, Vidnoz Flex allows users to share videos on all popular video websites, share them via email, or embed them on any web page. With the interactive and thoughtfully designed interface, it is an easy tool for all levels.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

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  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

How to create a video resume with Vidnoz Flex

Below are three easy steps to easily create a video resume using Vidnoz Flex:

Step 1. Click the button “Try It Now” and select any of the following options to Sign up/log in.

Step 2. After you are all set up with registration, on the right side click “Create a Video” and then click “Start Recording”. Make sure to select the source of video recording according to your preferences. You can also record microphone audio to transfer text to speech that grabs attention.

Record Video Resume

Step 3. When you are done recording, click the “stop Recording” button after which the video will be uploaded to the server and you can share or edit the video from the interface as shown below.

Edit Video Resume

Vidnoz not only launches the Vidnoz Flex online app but also introduces a series of AI creation tools, such as AI voice maker and AI talking head. It helps expedite content creation greatly.

5. Make Sure It Is Concise and Clear

Keep your one to three-minute video resume short & to the point. Be aware of the viewer's attention span & work to efficiently convey your message. For this, you need to keep your attention on the most important elements and stay away from unnecessary stuff. Particularly, you can emphasize your most important accomplishments, credentials, & abilities that make you a strong candidate for the job.

6. Add Personality and Creativity

Showing your personality in the video resume is an important way to make a lasting impression at an interview. It is important to be sincere and allow your passion for the position to come through, strike a balance between professionalism and originality, though. Make sure your video CV meets the standards of your organization and the market.

Add Personality to Video Resume

7. Fine-tune the Resume Based on Feedback

You should also get feedback from your close friends, mentors, or colleagues in your circle to get their opinion on your resume before posting it. Then, you can take into account their advice and make the required adjustments. Pay close attention to any areas where your presentation could be improved or where your message might be unclear.

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FAQs on Video Resume

Is video resume effective?

Yes, it is but the effectiveness of a video resume can vary depending on the industry, job position, & employer preferences. While a well-made video resume can help you stand out, showcase soft skills, & provide engaging visuals, it may not be universally accepted or suitable for all industries.

How long should a video resume be?

Generally speaking, a video resume should be kept brief & focused, with a suggested length of one to three minutes. This time frame enables you to provide an engaging presentation without tiring out the audience.

How do I make a free video resume?

We recommend Vidnoz to get the best results when making a video resume which is both free and loaded with useful features as well.

The Bottom Line

We covered in the article the topic of how to record a video resume in the most effective way. A video resume is an effective replacement for the conventional one-page resume. Starting with a screenplay for your introduction, credentials, and accomplishments will help you make a video resume that is captivating and appropriate for the job. Gather graphics to improve your presentation, such as charts or videos from a project, and try to record with a good screen recorder in a professional environment while adequately attired.



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