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On This Page
  • What is a Voice Modulator and How Does It Work
  • What Types of Voice Modulators Have
  • How to Choose the Best Voice Modulator
  • Top 8 Free Voice Modulators - Both Online and PC Apps
  • Bonus: How to Visualize Your Modulated Voice

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2024 Best 8 Voice Modulators to AI Change Voice Online Free

Eleven Wednesday

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AI voice modulator helps you easily change and adjust your voice to make the speech perfect. Here are top 8 voice modulation tools that is worth trying.

Do you want to change and modify your voice by adding amazing effects to make it more attractive and interesting? Then you need a voice modulator!

AI voice modulator empowers you to change your voice, making it deeper, softer, sweeter or deeper depending on your preferences. Some of them allow you to convert the voice from male to female and vice versa and even imitate the voice of any famous person. In this article, we will present you the 8 best free online voice modulators, let's discover them.

AI Voice Modulator

On This Page
  • What is a Voice Modulator and How Does It Work
  • What Types of Voice Modulators Have
  • How to Choose the Best Voice Modulator
  • Top 8 Free Voice Modulators - Both Online and PC Apps
  • Bonus: How to Visualize Your Modulated Voice

What is a Voice Modulator and How Does It Work

A voice modulator can be a physical device or a voice changer program, which aims to modify the tone, timbre and other elements of the human voice. This in order to change how it sounds or even add special effects that help give it the required focus, for example, more emotional, intense, deep, sensual, etc.

The workflow of voice modulation is very simple. The first thing to do is capture the audio with a microphone, preferably a high fidelity one. Once the voice is obtained, it is decoded by the program to allow us to manage different parameters. This is because there are different variables that can be modified by the online voice modulator.

By modifying the tone, volume, bass, high or medium, timbre, echo, intensity or distortion it is possible to achieve certain effects. By playing with these parameters, you can achieve useful effects for live streaming on streaming platforms and video creation.

What Types of Voice Modulators Have

There are several types of voice modulators. And currently, almost all the available programs leverage AI technology to achieve better results of voice modulation. Below, let's explore them one by one.

  • Online voice modulator: As its name indicates, the online voice modulator works directly on the Internet. Its use is simple, since you only have to upload the audio and modify its parameters to then download the already modified voice.
  • Voice modulator for PC/Mac: It is a program to change the voice that is installed directly on the computer. Compared with the online voice modulator, the PC voice modulator has more complete functions, greater range of parameters, effects and quality.
  • Voice call modulator: Available as both a device and software, the voice call Modulator is used to change your voice only during phone or online calls. It can be used both to hide the person's identity and to add fun effects.
  • Real-time voice modulator (for streaming): Lastly is the real-time voice modulator, which is designed to add effects to your voice while you are streaming live. It works perfectly on streaming video platforms, such as YouTube, Discord, Twitch, OBS, Skype, among others.

How to Choose the Best Voice Modulator

To choose the best voice modulator, take these tips into account:

  • What it is used for. An audio editor is picked if you only want to edit voice recordings. An AI voice changer is better for voice modulation and cloning for voice overs, speeches, calls, live streams.
  • Customization. Consider whether you can only use default effects or modify the parameters in a custom way.
  • Type. It is important to consider whether the voice modulator works online or if you have to download and install a program.
  • Performance. Check whether the voice editing results are realistic and of good definition or appear artificial.
  • Compatibility. Make sure whether it can be worked for streaming, video game or chat platforms, as well as audio formats.
  • Price. Free voice modulator is preferred. But, some programs only offers time-limited free trial or require you to upgrade to paid plan for unblocking advanced features.

How to Choose Voice Modulator

Top 8 Free Voice Modulators - Both Online and PC Apps

1. Vidnoz - Best Online Celebrity Voice Modulator & Generator

Do you want to change your voice to that of more famous figures? Vidnoz's AI celebrity voice generator is the perfect option. This online tool stands out for its powerful capacity and free use. It offers a wide range of voice effects and allows you to not only replicate your voice to that of famous figures such as Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Kanye, Shakira, Messi, but also convert text into selected voices. The voice imitation and generation process is very fast and completely free.

Vidnoz AI Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • Completely free to use without login.
  • Easy to use, with a 3-step process to modulate your voice.
  • Allows text-to-speech and speech-to-speech models.
  • Builds in an AI voice cloning engine to clone voice of anyone, yourself included.
  • Serves as a voice modulator to imitate the voices of celebrities and anime characters.
  • 100% Free to use.
  • Cross-platform.
  • 100+ languages.
  • Wide selection of voice types.
  • Modulated audio free download.
  • Quick voice modulation.
  • Real-time speech modulation is not currently supported.

2. Voicemod - Real-time Voice Modulator Best for Streamers

Considered as the best real-time voice modulator, Voicemod allows you to modify your voice in real time, offering a wide range of special effects and customization options in a large number of video games. It is perfect for streamers, gamers and general users who want to add a creative and entertaining touch to their voice communications.

Voicemod Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It has environmental effects, robotic voice effects, characters, fiction, etc.
  • Built-in artificial intelligence tools
  • It works online. You don't need to download programs.
  • Ideal for beginners and sets up in 5 minutes.
  • You don't need experience or special knowledge to use it.
  • It is compatible with a wide number of chat, streaming and video game platforms such as GTA, Roblox, LoL, Minecraft, Valorant, among others.
  • You can create custom effects in this voice changer.
  • Many benefits and features are limited in the trial version.
  • It is only compatible with PC.

3. Voxal – Leading Voice Modulator for PC

If you are looking for the best voice modulator for PC in software, this is a great option. Voxal, developed by NCH Software, is a program with a wide variety of professional functions, which offers results like in recording studios.

Voxal Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It has a complete console for both voice editing and audio editing.
  • It is possible to modulate the voice of a woman, a man, sound effects and preset sets.
  • This voice modulator allows real-time voice recording and editing.
  • It is easy to install and compatible with different versions of Windows.
  • You can edit both recordings and live audio.
  • Supports different audio formats.
  • In addition to adding effects, you can overlay the audio on the voice.
  • Although it is a free voice modulator, you should pay for the most advanced functions.
  • It works only on PC.

4. Clownfish - Voice Modulator Installed on System Level

Clownfish is another good option if you are looking for the best voice changer for Windows - PC, laptop, tablet and more. It is downloaded and installed on system level. Its operation is simple, since it runs on the microphone and all applications that record audio, so it is compatible with both live audio and voice recordings.

Clownfish Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It is compatible with Windows Vista and later.
  • It can be used as a voice modulator for calls, streaming and recording.
  • It has an editor designed for comprehensive audio management and sound integration.
  • It is compatible with all applications that use the microphone such as video, calling and streaming platforms.
  • It doesn't take up much space on your PC storage.
  • It has an integrated music player for more complete audio management.
  • Both the functions and effects of this voice modulator is a bit outdated.
  • It is only available for Windows.

5. MorphVOX - Superior Voice Changer for Gamer

Morphvox stands out as the multi-platform voice changer for PC and Mac. It boasts changing and modulating your voice online and in game. It incorporates advanced technology with artificial intelligence to improve the quality and realism in voice editing. All in an easy-to-use environment and with a large number of professional tools.

MorphVOX Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It has a powerful algorithm with artificial intelligence to provide professional and realistic results.
  • It works through powerful software, the use of the CPU and an online platform to offer more tools.
  • It is compatible with audio and video platforms, online games, VoIP programs and chats or instant messaging.
  • Allows you to edit both voice recordings and live audio.
  • Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • It is optimized to work with the main online video games such as Eve, Warcraft or Battlefield.
  • It has a wide number of sound and voice effects.
  • The most advanced functions of this voice modulator are paid.
  • It does not have an application on iOS and Android.

6. VoiceMeeter – Voice Modulator with Virtual Audio

More than a voice modulator, VoiceMeeter is a digital audio console which allows you to manage the input and output of different audio channels such as music or voice. By modifying the parameters you can change the voice and add effects to it. It is also able to change the voice from male to female in a simple way.

Voicemeeter Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It allows the processing of any audio signal, both virtual and physical.
  • It has different channels to manage different audios such as music and voice.
  • It works through the built-in audio card in your PC.
  • It is very versatile, compatible with a large number of audio formats. 
  • It has multiple channels, so you can control the voice, background music and sound effects.
  • It works with your computer's hardware and its requirements are accessible.
  • It has professional audio parameters for better results.
  • Technical audio knowledge is required to get the most out of it.
  • Only available on Windows PC.

7. Adobe Audition - Most Professional Online Voice Modulator

Created by Adobe, this is a professional audio editing tool, which is not directly focused on transforming and changing voices, but has powerful editing tools that will help you obtain surprising results.

Adobe Audition Voice Modulator

Key Features
  • It is a powerful audio editor that allows you to modify the voice with professional results.
  • It has a wide variety of editing tools.
  • It is complemented by Adobe video editors to create comprehensive content.
  • Allows you to eliminate background noise or apply noise cancellation effects. 
  • It has a large number of tools that combined create many professional sound effects.
  • You can integrate different sounds into your voice. Includes a library of high-quality audio sets.
  • It is an expensive and complex program that requires advanced technical knowledge.

8. AV Voice Changer – Voice Modulator for Calls

Designed as a voice modulator for calls, this program allows you to edit audio in real time by adding different effects. It is compatible with both calling applications, chats and audio recordings.

AV Voice Changer

Key Features
  • It has a wide variety of sound and voice effects.
  • It has a good selection of tools to adjust the pitch, timbre and speed of your voice.
  • It allows you to directly record audio, as well as modify additional sounds to the voice.
  • It is compatible with different calling and voice messaging applications.
  • The selection of preset voice effects is very complete.
  • Its installation is quick and does not require large resources.
  • You can also edit audio in addition to voice.
  • The most advanced functions are paid.
  • Only used on PC.

Bonus: How to Visualize Your Modulated Voice

How to visualize the voice? Vidnoz AI, the leading AI video generator, can create a video speech or presentation with an AI avatar and modulated voice.

It presets a lot of AI avatars and talking photos aiming to make realistic lip-syncing videos with no camera, no actor/actress needed. You can also upload a custom avatar (for example celebrity, movie/anime character, your selfie etc.) to make the video more engaging.

It also builds in a text to speech and voice generation engine that help you use a variety of voices to narrate the story. You can not only use the natural and studio-quality AI voices, but upload the formerly modulated voice or directly record and clone your voice at a touch of a button.

Besides, the AI video generator offers simple AI editing tools to help crop and resize video, add text/images/audios, set subtitles, apply transitions between different frames and so on.


There are various voice modulator options in the market, some of which are online tool, some of which are computer programs. Free online video modulator is a convenient and cost-effective method to help you create a perfect voice for speech and presentation, while voice modulation software is more stable for no usage of internet connection. Pick the most appropriate AI voice modulator according to you need.

In addition, Vidnoz AI is capable of visualizing voice. Powered with AI avatars and voices, you can easily and quickly make a captivating and professional video speech or presentation with human-like, natural and high-quality voice over. Give it a try!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Eleven Wednesday

Eleven Wednesday is a content writing specialist in Vidnoz. She excels in the knowledge of video making and processing. She follows AI technology closely and is willing to share all her learnings with people.