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On This Page
  • What is Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • What Can You Do with Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • What Features Does Unreal Engine Metahuman Have?
  • How to Use Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • Unreal Engine Examples About MetaHuman
  • FAQs About Unreal Engine Metahuman
  • Bonus Tip: Make a Simple MetaHuman with Vidnoz Talking Head

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A Complete Guide About Unreal Engine Metahuman

Cassie Caddell

Updated on

Unreal Engine Metahuman is powerful to make facial animations. If you’re interested in creating your character, read this article and try it yourself.

With the emergence of Unreal Engine Metahuman, it has gained much attention from the AI face industry. Some people take this tool as the turning point in virtual human creation. Unreal Engine Metahuman creator is a face-making tool with advanced technology, which enables people to make lifelike characters in less time. It has brought new possibilities to related industries like storytelling, gaming, cinema, virtual reality, etc.

Unreal Engine Metahuman

This post will guide you through its features and detailed steps on how to use Metahuman. Then an efficient alternative AI talking head tool will be introduced. Keep reading and explore Unreal Engine Metahuman creator.

On This Page
  • What is Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • What Can You Do with Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • What Features Does Unreal Engine Metahuman Have?
  • How to Use Unreal Engine Metahuman?
  • Unreal Engine Examples About MetaHuman
  • FAQs About Unreal Engine Metahuman
  • Bonus Tip: Make a Simple MetaHuman with Vidnoz Talking Head

What is Unreal Engine Metahuman?

Unreal Engine 5 MetaHuman is an advanced character-building tool. It has an impressive cloud-based creation technology. With Unreal Engine MetaHuman creator, you can swiftly craft digital human character models and refine them for future use. This tool offers tons of choices and massive motion capture support for you to bring virtual creations to life. It simplifies the character-building process and saves a lot of time. Unreal Engine 5 MetaHuman might change the future of the high-quality character modeling industry.

What Can You Do with Unreal Engine Metahuman?

You can build your own artificial character, in other words, a talking image AI like what you do in an RPG game with Unreal Engine MetaHuman live face app in less than an hour, which is super efficient. During the process, you’re allowed to choose among various faces and gestures. Surprisingly, you can also upload your existing ones and continue to refine them.

What’s more, Unreal Engine 5 MetaHuman makes collaborative work more efficient. You can just share your MetaHuman files with others and customize them among the team members. The export is super convenient, too. You can continue to customize the Unreal Engine Metahuman demo in other AI tools.

What Features Does Unreal Engine Metahuman Have?

In general, Unreal Engine MetaHuman creator is mainly designed to create and animate digital humans in high fidelity. The details vary when it comes to the application of different aspects.

1. AI Face Creation

You can easily generate AI-powered faces with the option to utilize presets or import your own images. The presets are based on real individuals, ensuring that only realistic alterations can be made. With a vast selection of facial expressions, skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, clothing, and more, you can create an incredibly diverse range of characters, tailored to your preferences.

2. Interactive Face Animation

Personalize and animate your characters effortlessly using the Unreal Engine MetaHuman built-in tools. With just a few simple steps, you can add facial expressions and motions to your creations, and make it a speaking portrait AI later. Thanks to the powerful MetaHuman Plugin, you can even create fully rigged MetaHumans from custom meshes obtained through scanning, sculpting, or conventional modeling techniques. Bring your characters to life in no time!

3. Effortless Movement Recording

You can utilize just an iPhone (12 or newer) or a desktop PC to record your movements. The animator takes care of processing the captured data in the background, transforming it into accurate and lifelike facial animations for your MetaHuman.

4. Embrace Creative Animation Tools

Explore a world of possibilities by integrating the output from Unreal Engine Metahuman animator into your existing workflow. Export your MetaHumans to popular Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools like Maya, allowing you to further customize and refine your creations. These fully animated characters are then ready for real-time use in Unreal Engine, opening the door to endless creative potential.

How to Use Unreal Engine Metahuman?

After knowing the basic information about Unreal Engine Metahuman creator, you may be interested to try it yourself.

Step 1. Open this AI headshot generator free - MetaHuman app on your device and simply click the "Launch Latest MetaHuman Creator" button to access the in-browser editor seamlessly.

Open Unreal Engine MetaHuman


The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better.

Step 2. On the left side, explore a diverse array of over 50 unique MetaHumans. After making your selection, hit the "Create Selected" button located under the menu.

Choose a Character in Unreal Engine MetaHuman

Step 3. Personalize your chosen MetaHuman's face by adjusting the sliders associated with various categories. Tailor the character to your liking with ease.

Customize a Character in Unreal Engine MetaHuman

Step 4. Save your metahuman after all settings are done.

Unreal Engine Examples About MetaHuman

With the creative and practical outcome of Unreal Engine Metahuman live face app, you can apply it to many fields out of your imagination.

  • The most widely-applied field would be the gaming industry. Using Unreal Engine Metahuman to create digital characters for games saves a lot of trouble. The lifelike facial expressions and moves give users a more enticing experience.
  • The Virtual Reality (VR) industry is advanced by Unreal Engine Metahuman lot. The avatars created by Metahuman make users feel interactive. In addition, remote collaboration is improved by the AI technology Unreal Engine Metahuman provides.
  • Virtual talking head has been popular on social media these days. By Unreal Engine Metahuman live face app, you can build enticing characters to attract targeted users, which helps to increase the engagement rate.

These are just a few Unreal Engine examples. The Unreal Engine Metahuman live face app can be applied in the real world. Indeed, with its massive choices and outstanding features, the outcome can bring many industries and domains a promising future.

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FAQs About Unreal Engine Metahuman

1.How much does Unreal Engine Metahuman cost?

The preset characters are free to use. You can also create your own using the plugin for free as long as it’s for an Unreal project.

2.What are the MetaHuman Creator system requirements?

There are limitations to the system if you want to try Unreal Engine Metahuman. The minimum requirement is Windows 10 64-bit (any) or macOS. The processor should be Intel Core i7 6700, or AMD Ryzen 5 2500X CPU. 2 GB of system memory per logical core, 32 GB minimum.

3.Can anyone use MetaHuman Creator?

Yes. Unreal Engine Metahuman is designed to empower everyone with a chance to create a character with ease.

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Bonus Tip: Make a Simple MetaHuman with Vidnoz Talking Head

Want an easier way to create an AI talking head without all the system requirements? Vidnoz Talking Head is here for you. Simply make a screenshot from what you’ve made in Unreal Engine Metahuman creator. You can make it talk about anything you want. Isn’t this the best combination to create the most satisfying talking head? Vidnoz Talking Head is an online tool that will work on any of your devices and it’s totally free to use. The user guide is so precise that anyone can handle it.

Steps to create Vidnoz Talking Head

Let’s take a look at how to use Vidnoz Talking Head to create talking characters easily.

Step 1. Visit the official website of Vidnoz Talking Head. Then Select a Photo Upload a Photo from your device.

Step 2. Input your text in the textbox and select the language and the voice gender.

Upload a Photo to Vidnoz Talking Head

Step 3. Click Generate Video and check the talking video from your email.

Vidnoz can do better than AI talking. Vidnoz AI is an all-in-one video generator that you can use to generate videos using the talking heads or characters you just created. If you’re interested to know more, here are some more features.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • 50+ realistic AI avatars with voiceovers and gestures: In addition to the AI avatar generator, Vidnoz comes with 50+ realistic AI avatars for you to choose from. All avatars can be adapted to your script as Vidnoz can do lip and gesture synchronization. Vidnoz supports over 100 voiceovers in 8 languages to meet your global marketing and audience needs.
  • Increase video production efficiency by 200%: With Vidnoz AI, you can speed up the video production process by 200% by harnessing the power of video templates, AI-generated voiceovers, and AI-based avatars. No more traditional video shoots, setting up lights or hiring actors. Simply enter your text and configure your preferences, and the AI quickly generates your engaging video in minutes.
  • Explore a rich media library to enhance your videos: Finding video resources can often be a labor-intensive task. Fortunately, Vidnoz AI has tons of free resources to help simplify the process of enriching your videos. These rich resources include images, music, icons, text, and more. With just one click, you can select the resources you want and then effortlessly integrate them into your video project.


This post has taken you through all the information you should know about Unreal Engine Metahuman. The digital character created by it can be applied to many industries in the real world. An excellent online talking tool is included as well. If you want a talking character, just pick Vidnoz Talking Head. You can create a lip-syncing video with any words you put in. Don’t hesitate to try Unreal Engine Metahuman creator and Vidnoz for the talking feature!


Cassie Caddell

Cassie Caddell is a technical writer and expert in video editing, screen recording, and other office software. With her 5+ years of experience working with such products, she can offer professional and practical advice for you to select and use these tools. Hope her articles can give you some aid.