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  • What is Deepfake?
  • Best Telegram Deepfake Bots of 2024
  • Best Deepfake AI Tools Online
  • Best Deepfake AI Apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS
  • Is It Legal to Use DeepFake AI Bots and Other Tools
  • Good Use of Deepfake

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14 Top Telegram Deepfake AI Bots and Tools 2024

Alex Felix

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Various deepfake bots are available for facial appearance replacement. Try the 14 AI deepfakes bots that cover Telegram bots, online tools, and apps.

Deepfake is becoming more accessible and popular than ever. Deepfake videos and photos are funny and hilarious. If you want to make your own deepfakes for fun, you should have a good deepfake tool to help out. What is deepfake and how to find the best tool to create deepfakes? In this article, you will learn about deepfake and the 14 best deepfake bots, apps, and websites. With these tools, you can create deepfake videos and photos easily for good purposes. Keep reading for details!

Deepfake Apps


The information provided in this article is for instructional purposes and is limited to personal fair use only. Vidnoz does not approve of illegal deepfakes in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

On This Page
  • What is Deepfake?
  • Best Telegram Deepfake Bots of 2024
  • Best Deepfake AI Tools Online
  • Best Deepfake AI Apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS
  • Is It Legal to Use DeepFake AI Bots and Other Tools
  • Good Use of Deepfake

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is synthetic media that draws on deep machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to change, alter, or imitate a person’s face or body in video or photo. This type of media content is well manipulated with dedicated software and features a hyper-realistic appearance. It is hard to tell the difference between deepfakes and real ones. 

Telegram deepfake bots were the most well-known choice to carry out the appearance swap in videos or photos. As the deepfake technology continues to break out limitations, many new apps and websites have emerged to provide users with more possibilities. AI drives deepfake to be easier and flawless. This article covers traditional deepfake Telegram bots and new AI tools at the same time for different demands.

Best Telegram Deepfake Bots of 2024

Deepfake bots are a popular way to manipulate and replace a person’s likeness. A deepfake bot often refers to a bot or small application on Telegram, which can run on this platform independently to help deepfake videos and photos. Here are 3 good choices!

1. DeepFakeAI

DeepFakeAI is a simple deepfake AI bot and web-based app. It supports replacing your face in videos with a celebrity or influencer. At present, DeepFake AI has over 25 deepfake characters in its collection. The whole process of creating deepfakes is self-explanatory. You need to sign up for an account on this platform, buy the number of minutes you want to create, and generate your own deepfake videos.

DeepFakeAI Bot

Beyond a telegram deepfake bot, it extends the availability to browser users. You can visit the official website Fakeai.io, to have a try.

  • Easy to use & intuitive.
  • Available as a web app on popular browsers.
  • Face swap with celebrity.
  • No free trial.

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2. DeepFaker Bot

DeepFaker Bot is an in-app deepfake bot Telegram service that offers a fun and easy way to create deepfakes using your own photos and videos. With it, you can swap faces, change expressions, or animate images. You can easily access it through the @DeepFakerBot channel.

DeepFakeBot Telegram

To use the Telegram Deepfake Bot, you need to upload a video and an image of the face you want to use. The deepfake free bot will then process your request and generate a deepfake video for you.

However, you should be careful about the privacy and ethical issues of using this service. The bot does not store your data, but it may expose you to inappropriate or offensive images from the web search.

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  • Access the deepfake service without downloading an app.
  • Download or share deepfake videos easily.
  • Your deepfake crafts may be exposed to others without knowing.
  • Lack of advanced deepfake features compared with a dedicated app.

3. Round Deepfake

Based on First Order Motion Model for Image Animation, Round Deepfake enables you to generate short deepfake videos easily. It is one of the most long-established and popular Deepfake bots on Telegram. To get your new video ready with this bot, you only need to upload your videos, set the necessary options, and upload the other photo you want to extract the face from. 

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Round Deepfake

  • Simple for all users.
  • One of the most popular deepfake bot telegram channels.
  • There have been no updates for a long time.

Best Deepfake AI Tools Online

If you’re not a Telegram user and want to make deepfakes without installation, the following are good alternatives to deepfake bot online.

4. Vidnoz Face Swapper

For you who are looking for a free deepfake solution yet don't want to compromise on the quality, Vidnoz Face Swapper should be the best solution. This online tool can help you make deepfake videos and photos easily using uploaded files. Vidnoz Face Swapper is a free online tool so you can use it repeatedly for fun without any limit.

Vidnoz Face Swapper

Featuring an advanced video creation solution provider, Vidnoz supports various types of video creation. After having generated high-quality deepfake videos with AI, you can use the Vidnoz AI app to polish the videos fast, by adding consistent video templates, background music, and other media elements to the funny deepfakes. Its text-to-speech feature can further help generate male & female voices in 140+ languages from text.

Quickly launch Vidnoz AI on a PC or get it started on a mobile browser for Android or iOS.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 1000+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • Photo and video face swap and deepfake on a place.
  • Easy to create high quality deepfakes.
  • AI avatar and talking photos based on realistic facial recognition tech.
  • Text to speech.
  • Variety of customized options.
  • Make funny deepfake videos without installing anything.
  • Lack of some advanced deepfake making features compared to dedicated deepfake makers.

5. Deepswap.ai - Online Deepfake Generator

Deepswap.ai is an online deepfake maker that allows you to change faces in videos with just a few clicks. It allows you to create realistic and fun videos with your favorite celebrities, characters, or friends. This online deepfake application also lets you transform your appearance, change your gender, age, or ethnicity, or try on different hairstyles and outfits.

This deepfake ai website takes advanced techniques to generate high-quality face swaps that preserve the expressions and emotions of the original video. Also, you can easily share your creations on social media or download them for personal use.

  • Easy, no skills needed.
  • Many deep fake options and categories.
  • Realistic and high-quality deepfake maker.
  • Customizable face swap parameters.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support.
  • It may violate privacy and consent.
  • It may be used for harm or deception.

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6. Hoodem - Online Deepfake Maker Free

Hoodem is one of the best deepfake websites that offer a free online deepfake maker for you to create realistic videos with the face of anyone you want. It's free to use and you can create unlimited videos. Hoodem is committed to using deepfake technology responsibly. It adds a clear watermark to every deepfake video and leaves clear traces of manipulation in the video data so it is easy to identify as fake. Hoodem deepfake generator believes that deepfake technology should be used for good, not for harm.

  • It’s free and easy to use.
  • Support full HD and 4k videos.
  • Private, safe and secure.
  • No app version available.
  • There is no option for previewing deepfakes online.

Best Deepfake AI Apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Check the 8 most popular Deepfake AI Apps to make funny videos or images for fun if you are looking for a wealth of advanced options and settings.

7. DeepFaceLab - Best Deepfake App for Any OS

DeepFaceLab is a leading deepfake tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS that allows you to create deepfakes using deep learning techniques. With it, you can easily change the face of a person in a video or an image with another face of your choice. You can also modify the facial expressions, age, gender, and appearance of the original face.


DeepFaceLab is relatively easy to use and has a friendly user interface. You can also customize the settings and parameters of the software to achieve different results. It’s a fun and creative deepfake maker that lets you transform any face into any other face you want.

Additionally, DeepFaceLab is an open-source software that is available for free on GitHub. It supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. The drawback is the requirement of a decent GPU and a lot of RAM to run smoothly.

  • Free and open-source.
  • Easy to use and friendly UI.
  • Realistic and high-quality output.
  • Supports various formats and resolutions.
  • Customizable settings and parameters.
  • Active community and development team.
  • Requires powerful GPU and RAM.
  • Takes a long time to train and process.
  • Raises ethical issues of privacy, consent, and misinformation.

8. Lensa AI - Deepfake App for Pictures

Lensa AI is a popular deepfake and face swap app that uses advanced artificial intelligence to create high-quality deepfakes that look natural and convincing. With this app, you can generate magic Avatars, which are stylized versions of their faces that resemble paintings, cartoons, or celebrities. You can save your creations to your device or on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

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Lensa AI

However, Lensa has also been criticized for generating NSFW images of users without their consent. Some users have reported receiving nude or sexualized images of themselves in their avatar packages, even though they did not upload any such photos.

  • AI and neural networks create realistic avatars.
  • Easy to use with 10-20 selfies.
  • Affordable subscription and avatar packages.
  • Produces unique and artistic images for various purposes.
  • Deletes original photos from servers quickly.
  • It may generate NSFW images without consent.
  • It may collect and share user data with third parties.

9. Zao - Deepfake App for PC and Mobile

Zao is one of the best deepfake apps to replace the face of popular characters in a video clip of a scene with your own face. You can have fun pretending you’re a celebrity in a popular show with this app.


Zao operates by scanning your image and mapping it onto a character of your preference. The app animates your face in alignment with the character’s movements, so you can simulate their speech and actions. You can select from a variety of templates, predominantly from movies and TV shows. Besides, you can use it to generate an emoticon pack with your own face on them.

  • It’s easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Creates an emoticon pack with your face.
  • It’s available for iOS, Android, and desktop users.
  • It has revised its user agreement for privacy.
  • It may not work fine with your own photos or videos.
  • It may cause privacy issues.
  • No English version.

10. Face Swap Live - Deepfake App for Live Videos

Face Swap Live is a fun deepfake app for Android and iOS that lets you swap faces with anyone or anything in real time. You can use your camera to switch faces with your friends, celebrities, animals, or even objects. It also allows you to record videos or take photos of your face swaps and share them with others.

It’s not just a face swap app. You can mix and match different parts of faces to create hilarious combinations. Face Swap Live makes you wonder: what will I look like next?

  • Real-time face-swapping with anyone/anything.
  • Use your own photos or web images.
  • Swaps specific features, not whole faces.
  • Deepfakes multiple faces in group shots.
  • Not very accurate, may distort faces.
  • Not free, and has in-app purchases.
  • It may show inappropriate/offensive images.

11. Reface - Deepfake AI App

Reface is a widely-used deepfake app that lets you create funny face swap videos, GIFs, and images. You can use your own selfie or choose from a library of celebrities, superheroes, artists, and more. Then can change your face, hair color, hairstyle, or even gender. It also allows you to search the web for any image you want to use.

  • Funny and entertaining realistic face swaps.
  • Large content library.
  • Advanced AI technology for high-quality deepfakes.
  • Daily inflow of humor and effects.
  • Ads and in-app purchases interrupt experience.
  • Quality depends on faces, angles or lighting conditions.

12. FakeMe - Deepfake App for iOS

If you’re looking for a deepfake app for iOS, consider the FakeMe app. It lets you create realistic videos of yourself or anyone else with just a few clicks. This app allows you to choose from a variety of templates and scenarios to suit your needs. You can also upload your own photos or videos, or use the ones from the app’s library or Camera Roll.


FackMe provides a variety of customizable options. You can easily adjust the settings to fine-tune the results and make them look natural. Whether you want to prank your friends, make a funny meme, or impress your crush, FakeMe can help you do it.

  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Change faces in any video.
  • Animate faces from still frames.
  • No app version for Android.
  • Lower quality and resolution compared with other rivals.

13. B612 - Photo/Video Deepfake Maker & Editor

Join the millions of people already making funny deepfakes, B612 is a leading app that lets you create and edit photos and videos with various effects, filters, and stickers. Naturally, you can take advantage of the live-deepfake-like feature to create your own deepfake photos or videos easily in seconds.


Plus, B612 has other outstanding features that spice up your photos and videos. The Smarter Camera feature allows you to apply real-time filters and beauty effects to capture every moment. You can also use AR effects, makeup, night mode, and gif bounce as you want. Additionally, it lets you create a one-of-a-kind filter and share it with friends. Nicely, you can explore the creative and diverse filters of other B612 creators for inspiration when you have no idea about your filters.

  • Various effects, filters, and stickers.
  • AI-enhanced photos and videos.
  • Customizable and sharable filters.
  • Only support making live deepfakes.
  • Lack of professional deepfake features.

14. Mug Life - 3D Face Animator & Deepfake App

Mug Life is a fun and creative app that lets you animate any face in 3D. With it, you can make hilarious and expressive videos with your own photos or any image from the internet. It also lets you create amazing 3D avatars and emojis that you can share on social media or messaging apps. This deepfake app applies to generating realistic and lifelike facial animations that match your voice and emotions. You can easily control the facial expressions, head movements, eye gaze, and mouth shapes of your animated face.

  • Animates any face in 3D.
  • Generates expressive 3D avatars and emojis.
  • Requires no drawing or animation skills.
  • Not work well with some faces that have glasses, hats, or masks.
  • It’s not free.

Is It Legal to Use DeepFake AI Bots and Other Tools

With the advent of AI tech in our daily lives, many cases of abusing AI tech for crimes are also increasing. It is hard to say whether it is illegal to use deepfake AI tech since it depends on what you use it for. If you use deepfake AI tools for Identity theft, virtual forgery, privacy invasion, and other criminal activities, then it is illegal. If you are just for fun and have the permission of the photo or video owners, then it is legal. It is highly recommended that you utilize advanced AI tech for good purposes.

Good Use of Deepfake

Deepfake is a quite controversial topic because it has the potential to be used for negative purposes. As this technology keeps growing on a fast track, it is good to see that deepfake brings more and more benefits. Here are some examples:

  • Make creative digital selfies of yourself: Deepfake provides an opportunity for people to create your personal deepfake, such as headshots, AI avatars, and funny memes.
  • Improve visual effects with less cost: Deepfake has been adopted by the movie industry to create realistic virtual characters at a fraction of the cost.
  • Used as an effective teaching assistant: Teachers can make use of deepfake technology to bring historical figures to life for students.
  • Protect privacy and stay anonymous: Keeping your anonymity online becomes easier with deepfake by generating a real-time new face for you in video.

To carry off all these good purposes, you can pick from any of the 14 deepfake tools above.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!


Deepfake apps and websites are powerful tools to help you create deepfakes with AI. However, you should also be aware of the ethical and legal implications of using them. You should always respect the privacy and consent of the people whose faces or voices you use in your videos. You should also avoid using deepfakes for malicious or harmful purposes. With that in mind, we hope you enjoyed this article and found the best deepfakes app or website for you.

If you want to make deepfakes for business and other commercial purposes, without getting involved in copyright issues, you’d better start with your own portrait or adopt an authorized professional AI avatar from a reliable video creation platform. In that case, Vidnoz AI will be your best choice. Have fun and be creative with deepfakes!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 1000+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Alex Felix

Alex Felix is a video marketing strategist and content creator who helps businesses grow their brand and reach with engaging videos. He has over 5 years of experience in producing, editing, and optimizing videos for various platforms and audiences, hoping to share his thoughts with more people.