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On This Page
  • 4 Ways to Train AI Voice Fast at Ease
  • How to Train an AI Voice Model Free Within 1 Minute
  • More About Vidnoz AI Voice Changer
  • How to Train a Deep Voice Model for Business?
  • How to Train a Voice AI Model of Your Favorite Singers
  • Other Influential Factors You Need to Know in Training AI Voice

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How to Train AI Voice Free by Text to Speech and Speech to Speech

Annie Cooper

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Train AI voice effortlessly using Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Speech methods, all without spending a dime. Explore more to empower your AI communication.

Training AI voice is associated with teaching artificial intelligence systems the processes to understand, mimic, or generate human-level speeches. It involves a number of tasks that include teaching the AI models about recognizing various accents, linguistic nuances, and responding to queries or prompts. Different technology companies and service providers need to train AI voices to meet their demands for advanced voice-enabled applications.

Train AI Voice

However, it’s not easy to train an AI voice model as it requires a high amount of training data and other technical requirements. That is where the search for how to train an AI voice model in an easy, professional, and cost-effective way comes alive. Guess what? We have the exact solution for you with the best ways to train AI voice and 3 incredible AI voice-changing tools.

On This Page
  • 4 Ways to Train AI Voice Fast at Ease
  • How to Train an AI Voice Model Free Within 1 Minute
  • More About Vidnoz AI Voice Changer
  • How to Train a Deep Voice Model for Business?
  • How to Train a Voice AI Model of Your Favorite Singers
  • Other Influential Factors You Need to Know in Training AI Voice

4 Ways to Train AI Voice Fast at Ease

Well, the answer to how to train a voice AI model is here. Let’s explore four strategies to streamline the AI voice training process and achieve efficient results:

Way 1: Train AI voice by real-time conveying.

Real-time conveying involves training AI voice models by directly interacting with the system to allow it to learn and adapt to real-world scenarios. This is an approach that accelerates the learning process for applications requiring immediate responsiveness and contextual understanding.

Way 2: Text-to-speech to train AI voice.

The text-to-speech technique is the most powerful of all to train a voice model according to the requirements. Through this process, written texts are maximized to guide the models to processing human-level speeches. 

Way 3: Train AI voice by recording.

Training AI voices through recording involves capturing diverse human speech patterns and nuances to provide the model with a comprehensive dataset. When it comes to the necessity for automated customer service and voice assistants, you can utilize this method to train AI voices.

Way 4: Upload audio files to train AI voice.

Uploading existing audio files expedites AI voice training by utilizing ready-made datasets. This is a widely used and effective method to train AI models to generate specific voices, accents, or tones. Notably, it allows users to leverage existing audio resources to boost the proficiency of their AI models.

How to Train an AI Voice Model Free Within 1 Minute

In the case of training an AI voice model free, what else could be better than Vidnoz AI? It is an incredible AI platform with advanced algorithms that you can use to train AI voice within a minute.

Vidnoz AI has been equipped with an array of powerful and free AI tools that include an AI video generator, face swap, AI voice cloning, and AI talking head free. Additionally, Vidnoz AI voice changer, an extraordinary AI tool, allows users to train voices as per their requirements to meet specific needs. You can simply put text, record, or choose celebrity voices to train and generate voices. Let’s now explore a quick guide on how to train a voice AI model for free.

Quick Guide: Train Vidnoz Celebrity and Custom AI Voice 

You can train AI voice with Vidnoz AI based on two types of outputs that you may need: celebrity AI voice and custom AI voice.

Step 1. Choose a celebrity, such as Obama AI voice or others.

Train AI Voice with Vidnoz Voice Changer

If you want a custom AI voice, you need to upload a voice or record your own voice that you want to clone.

Custom AI Voice Training with Vidnoz AI

Step 2. Now, input your target text or record your voice to train the Vidnoz AI voice changer quickly. You may upload existing audio files as well.

Change Voice with Vidnoz AI Voice Trainer

Step 3. Hit “Change Voice Now” and you will get it ready.

More About Vidnoz AI Voice Changer

Vidnoz AI voice changer, one of the free tools developed by Vidnoz, is an exceptional AI tool that can change or clone any voice as per your instructions or training. It works based on text prompts, real-time recording, and pre-made audio files. Vidnoz voice changer is a free-to-use tool with a wide range of voice models including movie celebrities, politicians, and scholars. Additionally, it offers tens of localization languages to fit the needs of users around the world. Importantly, the Vidnoz AI interface is super easy and ensures a faster generation of voices as per your training.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • Free AI tool
  • Easy training process through texts, recording, and audio
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Faster generation of voices
  • Multiple localization languages
  • Huge library of voice models
  • Don’t support lossless audio format
  • 1 minute time limit


  Free Starter Business Enterprise
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Yearly $0.00 $22.99 $56.99 Let’s Talk

How to Train a Deep Voice Model for Business?

AI Deep Voice models leverage deep learning techniques such as RNNs and CNNS to learn the mapping between input text and corresponding speech waveforms. If you are searching the ways to train a deep voice, here is the solution for you with Resemble AI voice cloner.

Resemble AI voice cloner is a widely used tool that you can train and generate top-notch synthetic voices. It comes with a text-to-speech free voice generator that is paired with real-time APIs. As a result, you will get self-service and quick voice solutions for your business or run a faceless YouTube channel AI.

Quick Guide

Step 1. To train AI voice with the Resemble AI text-to-speech feature, click on “Clone your voice for free”.

Resemble AI Voice Training

Step 2. Sign up with an email or Google account.

Step 3. Paste your text in the box now that you want to convert into a speech.

Text To Speech Generator

Step 4. Initiate the process and give it some time to generate your voice.

Note: This AI voice cloning tool requires a paid plan, and you will just need to upload your instructions or audio file. Additionally, you can record your own voice and train Resemble AI for cloning.

  • Free trial up to 300 seconds.
  • Saves time.
  • Allow emotional adjustments.
  • Expensive voice cloning.
  • The basic plan comes with limited languages.


Free Trial Basic Pro Enterprise
$0.00 $0.006/second $99/month Custom Pricing

How to Train a Voice AI Model of Your Favorite Singers

Are you in search of AI tools to train AI voice of your favorite singers? Well, Kits AI Voice Trainer has got you covered!

Kits AI is a fine AI tool with advanced functionalities to transform vocal expressions. It allows users to pick voices from a huge library of pre-made voices, including celebrity AI voices, to convert their own voices accordingly. 

Quick Guide

You can utilize Kits AI to train AI voice and create your favorite singing voice. Apply the following steps:

Step 1. Select a celebrity voice from the Kits AI library.

Select Celebrity Voice Kits AI

Step 2. Now, click on “Add or Drop file” and submit the voice that you want to be transformed to your selected celebrity voice. 

Add or Drop File

Step 3. Adjust volume, effects, or pitches as necessary from the advanced features.

Step 4: Now, hit “Convert” and it will be done.

  • Tailored for musicians.
  • Custom AI voice models.
  • .pth file support.
  • Shareable models for collaborative work.
  • Limited TTS characters.
  • Incompatible for mobile devices.


Starter Converter Creator Composer
$0.00/month $9.99/month $24.99/month $59.99/month

Other Influential Factors You Need to Know in Training AI Voice

Apart from AI model architectures, you must take into account several other factors to train AI voices smoothly and generate user-centric outputs:

  • Microphone Quality: Select high-quality microphones like condenser or studio-grade options for clear and detailed sample audio capture.
  • Audio File Format: Utilize lossless audio formats such as WAV or FLAC to preserve audio fidelity during preprocessing and training.
  • Vocal Sample Length: Maintain consistency in vocal sample length to ensure uniformity in training data to promote better model performance.
  • Recording Environment: Create a controlled audio recording environment to minimize background noise and enhance the model's robustness.
  • Dataset Diversity: Incorporate a diverse dataset to capture a wide range of voices and linguistic variations to promote comprehensive AI voice synthesis training.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to train AI voices, a lot of factors come into play, including the microphone quality, lossless sample audio, datasets, etc. along with the proper utilization of a fantastic AI tool. You should try Vidnoz AI voice changer to train an AI voice model, as it comes with powerful AI algorithms and incomparable features, for example, offering AI talking head free to meet your needs.


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