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  • Online AI Text to Speech for iPhone - Vidnoz
  • Native Text-to-Speech iPhone - No Download
  • Text to Speech iPhone App - Voice Aloud Reader
  • Text to Speech iPhone FAQs

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3 Best Solutions to Turn Text into Speech on iPhone - Safari, APP, and TTS

Gary Henderson

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TTS reader Can you convert text to speech on iPhone? With the following 3 text to speech iPhone tools, you can easily turn text into speech on iPhone for free.

You use your iPhone for all forms of content reading, from emails to news to novels. But more often than not, you might prefer to convert text to speech on iPhone to unburden the sore eyes. And AI read-aloud tools manage to achieve that with their natural sounds.

How to Convert Text to Speech iPhone

AI develops in a skyrocketing velocity, it can now recognize punctuations, context, and emotions and perform these factors harmoniously in the narration. In this article, you can find multiple ways to get your iPhone read out loud, including the best free text to speech iPhone services based on browsers, the native iOS accessibility feature, and a useful app. Don’t miss out!

On This Page
  • Online AI Text to Speech for iPhone - Vidnoz
  • Native Text-to-Speech iPhone - No Download
  • Text to Speech iPhone App - Voice Aloud Reader
  • Text to Speech iPhone FAQs

Online AI Text to Speech for iPhone - Vidnoz

How to convert text to speech on your iPhone? Vidnoz Text to Speech is the No.1 choice. It is a web-based tool that can be accessed via mobile browsers, which means you can convert texts to spoken content with Safari on your iPhone. Compared to the native text to speech iPhone function, Vidnoz is so much more versatile, delivering a wide range of customization features as well as a better listening experience.

Vidnoz Text to Speech Features:

-Speak Aloud Your Text in 8 Mainstream Languages

Vidnoz offers 8 major languages including English, French, Spanish, and more for you to choose from. Simply paste the texts on Safari or other browsers and you can turn any written text into expressive speech in your preferred language.

-Speak Aloud Your Text in Male/Female Voices

Vidnoz text to speech can read aloud your text in male and female voices. Generated by AI, these voices sound 100% realistic. Whether you want to create a video for support using soft female voice overs or read out historical fiction books with a deep male voice, Vidnoz has got you covered.

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-Natural Pronunciation

Unlike the text to speech iPhone feature that speaks with a super robotic voice, Vidnoz provides natural human voices generated by AI. Both male and female voices offer accurate pronunciation, delivering a much better listening experience.

-Flexible Adjustment of Narration Speed

Apart from voices and languages, you can adjust narration speed (from 0.5x to 15x) as you see fit. This feature is super helpful if you have difficulties in reading or comprehending or when you want to make a clear video for communication.

-Downloadable Audio Files for Free

While most text to speech solutions allow you to convert text only, Vidnoz lets you download your audio with 0 cost. No subscription is needed, simply sign up with an email address and you can download unlimited audio for free.

How to Use Vidnoz Text to Speech to Read the Texts Out Loud?

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz Text to Speech with Safari on your iPhone. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, or Linkedin).

Step 2. Once you sign up successfully, navigate to the Vidnoz Text to Speech page.

Step 3. Type in the texts you want to convert and adjust language and voices. Click the Play button and Vidnoz will generate speech quickly.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone on Vidnoz

Step 4. Now you can download the converted speech for free.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone Download Audio

Funny Tool - Vidnoz Talking Head!

Want to have real people read stories, news, and scripts for you? Try Vidnoz’s talking photo AI tool which can bring photos to life! Simply upload a photo and Vidnoz will generate a talking head video with realistic AI avatars speaking texts!

Professional AI Video Generator - Make Text to Video with Vidnoz AI

If converting text to speech is not your final purpose but an essential tache to generate a voiceover for your video, Vidnoz AI is the best all-in-one choice.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • It helps transform your text into speech in AI voice of 15 languages.
  • Meanwhile, it offers 200+ templates that you can use to create videos for business, marketing, promotion, education, etc. 
  • There are 50+ avatars on your choices that vary from gender, race, age, and occupation. You can directly add the transformed voiceover to the video, speaking by a customizable talking avatar.

Does this AI video generator sound great? Make a professional video with free templates right now!

Native Text-to-Speech iPhone - No Download

How to make text to speech iPhone without downloading apps? Just try the native feature - Spoken Content. Once you enable the feature, you can have your iPhone speak your screen out loud from top to bottom or just select texts to read. You can also listen to text word by word as you type it or even hear predicted text!

Just like many text to speech voice genereator solutions, the Spoken Content feature allows you to choose from a handful of languages and voices. So how to enable the feature? Here are the steps to configure text to speech iOS 15 and above.

How to Enable Text to Speech on iPhone?

Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Toggle on “Speak Selection” and “Speak Screen”

How to Use this Native Text-to-Speech Tool on iPhone?

Step 1. On the Spoken Content screen, adjust Voices and Speaking Rate as you prefer.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone with Spoken Content

Step 2. Now move to a screen and select the text you want to hear read aloud. Select the “Speak” option to convert text to speech.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone

Step 3. Turn on the Speech Controller on the Spoken Content screen. Now you can play, pause, speed up, and slow down the reading with the on-screen controller.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone Speech Controller

Step 4. Turn on the Typing Feedback on the Spoken Content screen. Now you can hear your iPhone speak aloud when you type each word or character.

Text to Speech iPhone App - Voice Aloud Reader

Another way to make your iPhone read aloud is to use a text to speech iPhone app and Voice Aloud Reader comes off as a solid choice. Packed with a set of great features, the app is widely used for converting text to speech on iPhone for free.

Overview: Supporting 40+ languages, Voice Aloud Reader is a capable app that can help you read aloud digital text from websites, e-books, and all materials you put into the app. The text to speech iPhone app allows you to change the pitch, volume, and speed of reading at your own discretion. With excellent features and capabilities, Voice Aloud Reader is a high-quality app that ensures you can have an enjoyable listening experience.

How to Use this Text to Speech App?

Step 1. Launch Voice Aloud Reader. Tap on the Add button to import documents of your own.

Step 2. Open the built-in browser and visit any webpage. Add them to the reader to be read out aloud.

Step 3. Go to the reader. Type in the text and tap on the Play button to convert text to speech. You can also adjust voices, speed, and tones here.

Convert Text to Speech iPhone with Voice Aloud Reader

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Text to Speech iPhone FAQs

1. How to read text messages automatically on iPhone?

You can make your iPhone read text messages automatically if your device runs iOS 13 to iOS 16. You also need to have 2nd generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, or Powerbeats Pro headphones.

In addition, you have to pair the headphones via Bluetooth and enable the feature by going to Settings > Notifications > Toggle on Announce Notification > Turn on the toggle switch for Headphones.

2. Can I read text from image on my iPhone?

You can’t make your iPhone read text from images directly but there is a workaround. Just type in the text from images and use a text-to-speech solution to read aloud. If texts are too long, you can use the Live Text feature to recognize and copy the texts, then convert them to spoken words.

3. What’s the best method to text to speech on iPhone 13?

The best method for text to speech iPhone 13 remains the same, that is, to use AI text to speech solutions like Vidnoz, Voice Aloud Reader, etc., or go with the built-in Spoken Content feature.


How to convert text to speech on iPhone? Just try the 3 best methods introduced above. While the native text to speech iPhone feature is convenient, the robotic voices can be a bit jarring to hear. The Voice Aloud Reader could be best for reading ebooks. And Vidnoz Text to Speech is a handy tool to have your iPhone read out aloud everything on your browser. Moreover, you can download the audio for free! Just check it out yourself.


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