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  • Best 5 President AI Voice Generator
  • How to Generate AI President Voice Meme Video?
  • One Step Further - Generate AI President Talking Video

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Check Out 5 Best President AI Voice Generators Free Online

Kevin Hart

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This blog lists the 5 president AI voice generators free in the market that create the most authentic president speeches. Please feel free to select the right one.

You must see the prevailed president Meme and be curious about the origin of these creative pictures and videos. And, where do these audio memes come from? There is no way to hear Donald Trump, Obama or Putin say things in the MEMEs, yet the voices truly are theirs.

Cover of President AI Voice Generator

Well, all the answers and facts behind have things to do with AI. The intelligent and changeable little creature that is trained to imitate our presidents with their exact pitch, tone, and even with vivid countenances. This article will show you 5 President AI Voice Generators free online that deliver good performance in creating funny videos/audio/voiceovers, let’s take a look and get started!

On This Page
  • Best 5 President AI Voice Generator
  • How to Generate AI President Voice Meme Video?
  • One Step Further - Generate AI President Talking Video

Best 5 President AI Voice Generator

Here in this section, you will see 5 different President AI Voice Changers that are very convenient for creating fun memes. Let’s save the wordy intro and jump right to the point!

#1. iMyFone VoxBox

This online tool is actually a TTS (Text to Speech) tool. You input the words into the blank and hit generate, then you can hear those out-of-reach great men speaking your funny scripts. The users of this website are easily inundated with choices, ranging from presidents (Obama, Donald Trump, Biden) to other famous politicians. And the voices it offers are pretty realistic. You can try this website for free by entering any textual content into the blank. But to unlock more president voices or free tries, you need to download its Windows version software.

iMyPhone VoxBox TTS

#2. VoxMaker Voice Generator

This president AI voice generator free online was developed by Unictool.com. This is another TTS AI voice generator and cloner. With it, you can make your favorite celebrities’ profiles/anime characters say exactly the thing you put into the blank bar. This tool, very similar to iMyFone VoxBox, is serving mostly Windows users. You need to download it to unlock its out-of-box voices (SpongeBob, Optimus Prime, Trump, Obama, Biden). 

The best part of this tool is that you can adjust the speed, tone, volume, and pitch to make the perfect Text to Speech President VOICE. 

Cover of VoxMaker Voice Changer TTS

#3. TopMedia

TopMedia is originally the love of businessmen and content creators. Yet it publishes its stunning President AI voice generators and captures another group of avid users. Unlike the first two tools listed above, this AI voice generator is an online tool, and you can create Obama AI voice, and Biden speeches with several clicks of operations. One little thing I found inconvenient is that it requires users to login with a Gmail account to proceed. And the conversions are limited too.

Cover of TopMedia Voice Changer

#4. FakeYou

This tool offers 3 methods to create president AI voice audio files. The first one is still the TTS. You type in some textual content and FakeYou will convert them into presidential speeches - Obama, Biden, or Donald Trump AI voice. The second method is to upload an MP3 file and directly convert the file into something more ‘presidential’. The last method is pretty fun, you can use sample avatars to speak for you. There are many templates offered, and the avatars are lip-synced. 

Cover of FakeYou Voice Changer

#5. HitPaw Voice Changer

This site is basically an anime-style voice changer. And to catch up with the president AI voice generator trend. It claims to be the best voice changer for gamers. Streamers or anchors.  You can easily find popular characters in LOL, Apex, WOW, etc, and it is hassle-free to use one of the great resources from HitPaw. Besides, this tool later adds Obama, Biden, and Donald Trump’s voices into its gallery and allows users to choose, making it even more convenient to make memes or GIF.

Hitpaw Voice Changer

How to Generate AI President Voice Meme Video?

Here I choose TopMedia as an example to show you how to easily create an Obama Voice Speech. 

How to make President ai voice?

Step 1. Navigate to ‘https://www.topmediai.com/text-to-speech/’.

Step 2. In the search bar, type in ‘Obama’ and see the results.

Search Obama in TopMedia

Step 3. Apply the results and input some words you want the president TTS to speak.

Step 4. Hit the ‘Convert’ button. And you will get a good result footage, or a voice over material for other usage - such as making video meme.

One Step Further - Generate AI President Talking Video

To shoot blood to your AI president Voice file, we can actually bring new life to it by making it a movable video. This demands the assistance of another AI tool - Vidnoz AI, which can transform static pictures into vigorous videos. And you can see Obama’s lips moving!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Core Features of Vidnoz AI:

Lip-synced speeches

Authentic accent, 23+ major languages supported

Flexibly switch from 100+ male voices to female voices

Numerous video templates for all styles

How to Make AI President Video?

Step 1. Sign up and log in to the Vidnoz AI video generator.

Step 2. Upload a photo of the president.

Step 3. Type in speeches you want him/her to say, and click to generate an AI president video.

Generate AI President Video


This article introduces 5 different types of President AI voice generators online, most of them are TTS tools and cannot produce President funny meme videos in one click. But with the help of Vidnoz Talking Head - an advanced AI picture to video generator, anyone can easily create vivid president meme videos in seconds. Please feel free to use this online AI tool.


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.