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  • Robotic Voice Changer: What Does a Robotic Voice Sound Like?
  • Best 5 Robotic Voice Changers Online - Free & No Ads
  • How to Use an AI Robotic Voice Changer?

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5 Best Robotic Voice Changer Websites Online and Software

Kevin Hart

Updated on

No ads, no registration, and free, please try the 5 best Robotic Voice changers in this article to do voice over, read aloud audiobooks and more.

Robotic voice delivers better performance when the texts tend to be neutral. No matter for reading Sci-fi books, making voiceovers for podcasts, or listening to TED, Robotic voices are always easier to get acceptable. And apart from the traditional robotic’s stiffy note and pitch, AI escalates this text-to-speech tool with more human emotions. You can now use it to do more things including changing your voice in Teamspeak, Discord, or doing pranks in photo calls, etc. 

Cover of Robotic Voice Changer

This article sheds some light on how to find a good Robotic AI voice and how to generate text-to-speech with an online AI voice creator without ads, registration or verification. Moreover, if you need an AI Robotic  voice changer, you can find one too. 5 brilliant websites are provided in this article for you to choose from.

On This Page
  • Robotic Voice Changer: What Does a Robotic Voice Sound Like?
  • Best 5 Robotic Voice Changers Online - Free & No Ads
  • How to Use an AI Robotic Voice Changer?

Robotic Voice Changer: What Does a Robotic Voice Sound Like?

Speaking of the robot voice, many of our first thoughts may come to the stiff, unrealistic, voices that belong to Siri on old iPhones. Yet what if I tell you that we can keep the distortion of robotic voices and make more logical speeches with AI robotic voices? That’s the pure magic of artificial intelligence. You can make a robotic character with an AI robotic voice and apply the speeches to song covers, movie voiceovers, or short videos. Some scientific demonstrations prefer neutral presentations and that’s where AI robotic voices prove to be ultra useful.

Let’s jump to the next part and see the best 5 AI robotic voice changers for all scenarios you might need. 

Best 5 Robotic Voice Changers Online - Free & No Ads

The websites below are picked from hundreds of competitors. After a round of arduous searches, this editor finally made it to provide 5 quality free online tools that help produce robotic voice files (robotic text to speech or robot voice generator).

#1. Narakeet Voice Generator

Narakeet is quite hot in India. And it develops 3 different types of robotic voices to address different scenarios such as reading audiobooks, reading sci-fi stories, or making voice over for ads or videos. 

Online Robotic Voice Changer Narakeet

In the picture shown above, you can see an intuitive interface of a robot voice changer text to speech tool, which allows you to select the output format of your audio. And for the choices of voice, you can use its ordinary robotic voice, the childroid voice, guard bot, phantom, and wraith to address different occasions.

#2. Vidnoz AI

This website features its real-people-based avatars and voices. With a magnate database and arduous training in AI, this robotic AI voice changer developed by Vidnoz AI not only sounds like a man, but talks like a man too. 

Just select an AI avatar from the Avatars gallery and match a voice with it. Input texts into the blank bar and this avatar will speak like a real person, reading what you type in the blank bar.

The most useful part this editor finds interesting is that you can even upload your own profile as an AI avatar to present a video. The relative tutorial will be appended in the 3rd part of this article, please check later or click the banner to use its robotic voice changer directly.

#3. Speechify

Speechify is another reliable AI robotic voice changer online, with which you can make all types of voiceovers hassle-free. The robot manages to understand conversations, and it truly does a good job of understanding context and manifests it with ‘audio punctuations.’

Robotic AI Voice Changer Speechify

As its guidance is written on the webpage, this robotic voice changer can be perfectly suited to Podcasts, Course Videos, YouTube Scripts, Audiobooks, Phone Systems, and Sales Scripts. The workflow is easy too, just upload your script, select a voice, and output, then you can obtain quality audio files in Robotic AI Voice.

#4. iMyFone 

This website provides not only robotic AI voice text to speech, but also multiple other voices featured in anime characters, celebrities, and singers. All you need to do is select the right voice and input texts. Then you can easily obtain quality AI voice cloning from the character’s AI voice. 

Imyfone Robotic Voice

Use this software to prank your friends in real-time! Use a girl's voice to give them a heart attack, or use a horrible voice to call them at midnight. Voice.ai allows you to do all the things for free!

#5. Voice.ai

The final part is a voice changer that can be used in online meeting programs, Teamspeak, Discord, Twitch live streaming, etc. Yet the versatility demands extra data packages and programs so you may end up realizing that oh, such tools are all software, which means you need to download and install this software at the cost of downloading unwanted software and malware attack. But worry-free, Voice.ai is a green and reliable robotic voice changer online that you’ve looking for. Just download and try it for free!

Robotic AI Voice Generator Voice AI

How to Use an AI Robotic Voice Changer?

This section is a simple tutorial for a ads-free, AI-powered, and browser-based AI Robotic  voice changer online. You can easily produce quality audio clips and videos with Vidnoz AI. 

Step 1. Hit the button below to quickly register to Vidnoz AI.

Step 2. Pick an avatar to carry your AI robotic voice.

Edit Avatar's Voice and Language

Step 3. Now hit the Generate video with this avatar and enter Vidnoz AI’s canvas.

Step 4. Input texts and select a voice for your avatar so as to create videos for free.

The core features of Vidnoz AI Robotic Voice Changer

  • The mature integration of robot and human
  • Text to speech with human emotions
  • Easy access and operations, one-click generation
  • Free generation each day


This article explains what a robotic voice changer is. Actually, this AI voice generator takes form in text to speech tools or voice change tools. In this article, readers can easily find 5 quality options to generate AI robotic voice files. And Vidnoz AI is definitely the one that you cannot miss. Vidnoz gathers all the AI tools you can imagine, and it is easy to access for it lives on browsers, with no installation or bundle download to bother you. Anyway, please feel free to try these 5 free AI voice tools!


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.