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  • What is Movio AI?
  • How to Create Movio AI Spokesperson Videos
  • 5 Best Movio AI Alternatives in 2024

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Movio AI Spokesperson Video Generator and Its Best Alternatives

Vita Wesley

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Movio AI is an AI-driven video creation platform, primarily for users to generate spokesperson videos. Let’s go deep into Movio AI and find more tools like it.

In the past, many brands chose to hire video spokespersons to convey information and put their businesses in the best light. But a huge budget was required if one wanted to hire professional expert video presenters to amplify messages. AI spokesperson video generators have appeared and helped people produce high-quality videos with little money and labor. Movio AI once was a popular tool in the selection.

Movio AI

If you’re still looking for Movio AI and have no idea what happened to this Movio AI spokesperson video generator, this article will be your landing place. Here you will know about this tool in depth, where to find it, how to create Movio AI videos, and top tools similar to it. Let’s get stuck in!

On This Page
  • What is Movio AI?
  • How to Create Movio AI Spokesperson Videos
  • 5 Best Movio AI Alternatives in 2024

What is Movio AI?

Movio AI is an AI spokesperson video generator and it is mainly designed for users to create talking videos from text with avatars. There are diverse customizable avatars in the Movio AI library. Users can choose a desired avatar as the spokesperson and let the avatar read scripts, coupled with suitable body language and facial expressions. Movio AI boasts fast & easy processes, usually in minutes, and highly personalized video creation for business cases.

Movio AI re-branded to Heygen in April 2023, along with a quite number of advances. People who had subscribed to Movio AI can log into Heygen and create spokesperson videos as before. While some websites are named Movio AI or use similar titles, Heygen is the only authorized place you should go.

How to Create Movio AI Spokesperson Videos

If the re-branded Movio AI (Heygen) is still your favored AI spokesperson video generator, you can follow the instruction to create your next video project.

Step 1. Visit heygen.com and sign up for an account using your email. Heygen provides a free trial supporting a 1-minute video duration and basic features.

Step 2. On the main dashboard, select Start with an Avatar and pick a fitting AI spokesperson from the Avatar library.

Start with an Avatar on Movio AI

Step 3. Select Landscape or Portrait based on the platform you want to share the video on and hit Create Video.

Select Landscape or Portrait on Movio AI

Step 4. Enter your text or record an audio script to convert text to speech. Heygen has a large voice library. Hit the AI Voice button and select the narration voice based on language, gender, age, and style.

Step 5. You can further add titles, subtitles, body text overlays, icons, images, shapes, background music, and other elements to the video.

Step 6. Once you’re satisfied with the video creation, click Submit.

Generate Spokesperson Video on Movio AI

The re-branded Movio AI is greater than a simple AI spokesperson video generator. It has introduced new generative AI technology and features to expedite more video creation processes. You can enter a brief description to generate scripts with the built-in GPT script writer, make face swap videos, change video backgrounds, etc. Have a go at the updated version!

5 Best Movio AI Alternatives in 2024

When AI technology continues to influence the video creation industry, more tools similar to Movio AI come into sight with amazing features and empower creators to generate and tailor superior AI videos in minutes. This article has carefully sorted out 5 of the best Movio AI (Heygen) alternatives. You can use any of them to scale video creation fitting your business and other situations.

Vidnoz AI

Vindoz AI Best Movio AI Alternative

Vidnoz AI makes it easy to create captivating videos with an array of AI features. It can be widely in various fields to make videos for business, education, advertisement, entertainment etc, with from 200+ templates. This powerful AI video creation platform also empowers you to generate AI spokesperson without mics, cameras and actors. Integration with hundreds of avatars and text to speech engine, it can make lip-syncing videos that features natural emotions and voices in multiple languages. Editing tools are available as well. You can add text, image, music to video in one click.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz develops the AI video generator as an beginner-friendly online app. Follow the simple steps, you can make an engaging AI video.

Step 1. Sign up and log in your account on your browser. This online app has both mobile and PC versions.

Step 2. Click Create Video > Start a blank and choose the layout, Landscape, Portrait or Square. Or, you can start with a template. 

How to Use Vidnoz AI to Create a Video

Step 3. In the editor page, add scenes if you create a blank project. Write your script into the Speech box, select voice and language. Also, you can customize the scenes by adding text/image/music and so on if needed. 

Step 4. Click Generate to make your AI video.

Generate AI Video with Vidnoz AI


Movio AI Alternative - Synthesia

Synthesia is the foremost AI video generator on the market and is armed with advanced generative AI technologies. It provides a massive material library, covering 140+ human avatars, 60+ templates, and 120+ languages and accents. By simply entering your video scripts, you can create perfect spokesperson videos with professional templates and avatars. Based on its huge pre-ready resources, you can handily create video for marketing or convert text to videos for education, and communication.

DeepBrain AI

Movio AI Alternative - DeepBrain

DeepBrain is a text-based AI video generation tool integrating with ChatGPT. The approaches it supports for creating video content are similar to Movio AI. You can choose to begin with an avatar, a video template, or text. Additionally, it supports blog URLs and PowerPoint files.

However, the side that makes DeepBrain AI many people’s first choice is the diverse categories of AI avatars and templates. There are convenient filters to sort out your desired avatars, including AI Type, Gender, Skin Tone, and occupation. It becomes a breeze to find out the presenter who most fits the tone of your content.


Movio AI Alternative - Elai

Want to create professional-looking AI spokesperson videos comparable to the creation from an industry-standard video production studio? Elai should be the ideal place. 4 types of avatars are supported on this tool, namely studio avatar, selfie avatar, animated mascot, and photo avatar. The studio avatars patented by Elai are impressively hyper-realistic with delicate facial movements and body language. Still remarkably, Elai is loaded with lots of delicate options and settings for video editing and customization so that you can craft the video to be perfect.


Movio AI Alternative - Colossyan

Colossyan goes with a tidy and well-organized layout. You can easily grasp the gist even if it is the first time you use this online app. The number of AI avatars and video templates on Colossyan isn’t as large as the ones of its competitors in the first tiers but is enough for most video training and learning cases. On Colossyan, you can type in video scripts and localize the narration voice in various languages. This Movio AI alternative supports an AI script tool to enhance scripts based on the tone you choose. Other highlights include narrational conversation and selectable avatar appearances of body, shoulder, and AI headshot.

The Bottom Line

Most AI video generators keep constant updates to adopt the rapidly developed AI technologies and even get re-branded for brand building. Movio AI is now changed to Heygen to serve its users better. You can visit the updated platform to continue your video creation or try a different AI video creation platform to explore something new. No matter what your decision is, this article has got you covered. We hope that you can find the information above useful for you in some ways!


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