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  • What is Synthesia?
  • What Can Synthesia Do for You?
  • How Does Synthesia AI Work & How to Use It?
  • Synthesia AI Cost
  • FAQ about Synthesia
  • Best Synthesia AI Alternative with Free Trial

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Full Synthesia Review: Features, Pricing & Alternative


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Claimed to be one of the best AI video platforms, is Synthesia really worth it? Check this ultimate Synthesia review for an answer.

As Synthesia.io is gaining popularity in the digital world, people are interested to get a full review about Synthesia. Unlock the symphony of your mind as Synthesia.io revolutionizes the world of learning with its captivating blend of artificial intelligence and visual storytelling. To help you explore more about Synthesia review, this blog will highlight all key aspects of it. Moreover, there’s no free trial for Synthesia, so a review is quite important for the users to have a comprehensive understanding of it. So, stick around with this blog till the end.

Synthesia AI Review

On This Page
  • What is Synthesia?
  • What Can Synthesia Do for You?
  • How Does Synthesia AI Work & How to Use It?
  • Synthesia AI Cost
  • FAQ about Synthesia
  • Best Synthesia AI Alternative with Free Trial

What is Synthesia?

Synthesia.io is a game-changing technology that combines the power of artificial intelligence with visual storytelling to reimagine how information is conveyed and processed. It is an AI video generator intended to bridge the gap between complicated data and human comprehension, which revolutionizes communication and learning.

Synthesia, at its core, enables users to convert written scripts into compelling videos with realistic human avatars presenting the content. Moreover, Synthesia ai videos are gaining popularity due to their exciting features. Using AI algorithms, the avatars can mimic real human movements, facial emotions, and intonations, which brings the material to life. This one-of-a-kind combination of AI and visual storytelling not only captivates listeners but also improves understanding and engagement.

Synthesia's wide range of applications brings up a world of possibilities. Here are three of the most typical use situations in which Synthesia excels:

What Can Synthesia Do for You?

In this Synthesia AI review, you can find out how you can use it for a variety of new information-carrying videos on several occasions.

Training Videos:

Synthesia transforms standard text-based information into dynamic and entertaining video lectures, revolutionizing training. Trainers may teach the material in a visually appealing and relatable manner by using realistic avatars, which improves knowledge retention. Complex topics become more accessible as avatars assist learners through the content using real movements and facial expressions, making training videos more interesting and effective.

How-to Videos:

Whether it's for cooking, DIY projects, or software courses, Synthesia brings how-to videos to life. Step-by-step instructions come to life with its AI-powered avatars, which demonstrate activities, explain procedures, and give visual clues. Overall, this makes it easier for viewers to follow along, improving understanding and creating a smooth learning experience.

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Product presentation videos:

Synthesia takes presentations to a whole new level when it comes to promoting products or services. Avatars may serve as brand ambassadors, demonstrating features and advantages in a fun and aesthetically attractive way. Businesses may adapt videos to their branding with adjustable avatars and backgrounds, increasing their professional image. These product presentation videos fascinate audiences by helping them to visualize and comprehend the value of the offering, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.

How Does Synthesia AI Work & How to Use It?

Are you thinking about how Synthesia AI works? Based on an AI talking head, Synthesia streamlines the process of converting scripts into engaging videos. Here's an overview of how Synthesia works and how to use it:

Step 1: Develop a video script

Begin by writing a script outlining the information you want to include in your video. A well-written script is the core of any video, whether it's a training session, a how-to guide, or a product presentation. Make sure the writing is clear, and simple, and successfully conveys your point.

Step 2: Select a template and avatar

Once the script is complete, choose a template from Synthesia's library that suits the aesthetic and purpose of your video. Whether you want a professional setting, a virtual background, or a customized scenario, Synthesia has a solution for you. You may also select an avatar from their extensive collection or make your own to represent the presenter in your video. This allows you to personalize the visual aspects and link them with your brand's identity.

Step 3: Take the script and generate a voiceover

The following step involves pasting your ready script into Synthesia's user-friendly interface. The AI-powered system turns directly text to speech based on the words you supply. You may select from a selection of natural-sounding voices and languages to match the tone and target audience of your video. This feature eliminates the need for you to individually record voiceovers, saving you time and effort while preserving professional audio quality.

Step 4: Edit and upload your video

After generating the voiceover, Synthesia provides a variety of editing options to let you fine-tune your video. To improve accessibility, you may change the speed, add visual effects, include photos or logos, and even integrate subtitles.

These editing options allow you to polish your video, resulting in a smooth and engaging viewing experience. Once you're happy with the outcome, you can quickly upload your video in multiple formats, such as MP4, and share it on other channels, such as websites, social media, or e-learning platforms.

Synthesia AI Cost

There is no free trial for Synthesia.oi, which means you have to pay before you can use it.

Synthesia AI offers flexible pricing plans to suit individual and enterprise needs. For personal users, the cost is $30 per month when billed monthly, or a discounted rate of $22.5 per month when billed yearly. This affordable pricing option allows individuals to access the powerful capabilities of Synthesia and create captivating videos at their own pace.

Synthesia AI Cost for Individuals

For enterprise customers, the Synthesia AI cost is based on the number of seats required. This tailored approach ensures that businesses of all sizes can leverage the benefits of Synthesia AI according to their specific requirements.

Synthesia AI Cost for Enterprises

In addition to its subscription plans, Synthesia AI operates on a credit system that adds flexibility and convenience to your video creation process. You'll get 10 credits in a month by availing of our plan. A single credit can help you make a 1-minute-long video, which shows that with 10 credits you can either create a 1o minutes long video or 10 short videos of 60 seconds each. Moreover, you can avail further 20 more credits at a rate of $60, and for more than 20, look for our corporate plan.

FAQ about Synthesia

Can I use Synthesia for free?

You have to purchase the subscription plan to enjoy the benefits of Synthesia as it doesn't offer a free trial.

How to download my videos?

After creating a video, you can easily download it in MP4 format. This allows you to save and share your videos across various platforms, including websites, social media, and e-learning platforms.

How long can my video be?

The length of the video depends on number of credits you purchased. Hence, each credit offers a 1-minute-long video.

Is Synesthesia ai Worth it?

Yes, if you are looking for a modern and revolutionary tool for your videos, Synesthesia AI is worth it. If you’re not sure, you can try another AI video generator which allows you to try it for free.

Best Synthesia AI Alternative with Free Trial

Looking for an excellent alternative to Synthesia AI? HeyGen is the obvious choice. HeyGen provides an outstanding video-creating experience along with offers a free trial.

Synthesia Alternative - HeyGen

HeyGen is an innovative tool to make visually amazing videos. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for both inexperienced and expert developers. HeyGen makes it simple to create compelling videos with AI-generated voiceovers, lifelike avatars, and dynamic images.

HeyGen's key features include a vast library of customizable avatars, adaptable templates, and an easy-to-use script editor. You may bring your ideas to life by selecting from a library of AI-generated voices that exactly match the tone of your movie. Its extensive editing capabilities allow you to increase the visual impact by adding photos, text, and transitions.

What distinguishes HeyGen as the finest Synthesia alternative is its generous free trial, which allows you to produce a 60-second AI film and test its powers firsthand. HeyGen is a top-pick alternative for compelling video creation thanks to its straightforward design, strong capabilities, and the ability to discover its potential with a free trial.


To conclude, giving your videos an advanced and captivating look via Synesthesia AI is all that you need to go for. With its realistic avatars, multilingual support, and user-friendly interface, it empowers users to create captivating videos that engage and educate.

As one of the most powerful alternatives to Synthesia AI, HeyGen is a great choice for those seeking to captivate audiences and convey information efficiently. So what is holding you back to try this exciting tool? Try it Now!



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