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  • Types of Funny Video Makers  
  • #1 Funny Video Maker Free - Vidnoz AI
  • How to Make Any Funny Video with Simple Steps
  • #2 Funny Video Maker Free - Free Video Face Swapper
  • How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI

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Make Viral Pranks or Funny Videos in Seconds with Online Funny Video Makers

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Vidnoz free online funny video maker is a powerful AI video generator that allows you to quickly and easily create hilarious high-quality videos. Free Get It.

Funny videos are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on social media and the Internet. They can make people laugh, relieve stress, and even go viral. But how to make a funny video by yourself? How to make funny videos with your face that stand out from the crowd? Or more types of funny videos.

Funny Video Maker

Making funny videos doesn't necessarily require specialized skills or expensive equipment. Many funny video makers out there allow you to easily create and add special effects to make funny videos in a variety of styles and themes. Whether you want to create hilarious animations, scary spoofs, or classic character face-swap pranks, you can find the right funny video maker here.

On This Page
  • Types of Funny Video Makers  
  • #1 Funny Video Maker Free - Vidnoz AI
  • How to Make Any Funny Video with Simple Steps
  • #2 Funny Video Maker Free - Free Video Face Swapper
  • How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI

Types of Funny Video Makers  

To make some funny videos, you can choose from different funny video makers.

Funny video maker comes in many types:

Type 1: Mature Screen Recording Software

For example, free OBS Studio or paid Camtasia, as well as some third-party free screen recorders. They can record your screen, camera, and microphone, allowing you to add animations, music, and more.

Funny Video Maker Type 1 - Recording

Type 2: Traditional Video Editing Software

Such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. They allow you to perform various editing, special effects, music, etc. processing on videos.

Type 3: AI-based Video Generation Tools

For example, Vidnoz AI, Lumen5, or InVideo can automatically generate video content based on your text or keywords, saving you time and energy.

Type 4: AI-based Video Recreation Tool

For example, Vidnoz Face Swapper allows you to easily create face-swapping pictures as material for funny videos, or directly replace the faces in funny videos for further creation.

Among them, the two types of AI funny video makers free are the most popular choices because they are not only free, but also can provide more creativity and fun, and are faster and more convenient than traditional methods.

#1 Funny Video Maker Free - Vidnoz AI

Are you looking for a free and easy way to create funny videos with photos, faces, text, voice, and more? Then you need to check out Vidnoz AI, the leading funny video maker powered by artificial intelligence. Vidnoz AI lets you make hilarious videos in minutes, without any editing skills or software. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Whether you want to prank your friends, entertain your audience, or promote your brand, Vidnoz AI is the ultimate tool for making funny videos online. See how it empowers you the ability to easily create a funny video.

Features for Funny Video Making: 

Leading Funny Video Maker with Photos

Vidnoz AI is the leading funny video maker with photos. You can create hilarious videos with your own photos, choose from millions of stock images, or generate funny images from text. Whether you want to make a prank, a meme, or a parody, Vidnoz AI has you covered.

Make Funny Videos with Faces Free

With Vidnoz AI, you can also make funny videos with faces for free. Just upload a face photo and make it as an AI presenter in the video. You can also mix and match different faces to create hilarious combinations. More than that, there are hundreds of AI avatars with different ages, occupations, races, colors, etc., for you to choose from.

1-Click to Produce Funny Videos with Templates

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make funny videos, Vidnoz AI has 1-click to produce funny videos with templates. You can choose from hundreds of templates that are ready to use. Just add your funny photos, humorous text, or AI voice, and let Vidnoz AI do the rest.

Generate Funny Videos from Text

Vidnoz AI provides a text-to-video AI tool, which enables you to generate funny videos from text only. You can type in any text and AI will turn it into a funny video with animations, sound effects, and music. 

Clone Any Voice to Dub a Funny Video

Voice changing can make a video more funny. One of the most amazing features of Vidnoz AI is that its voice clone feature can clone any voice to dub a funny video. You can record your own voice or use any voice sample and Vidnoz AI will clone it in seconds. You can then use the cloned voice to dub any video you want.

Translate Funny Videos into Other Languages

You can translate funny videos into other languages with Vidnoz AI Video Translator. Make your videos accessible to a global audience by translating them into any language you want. Vidnoz AI will automatically generate subtitles and dubbing for your translated videos, more than that, the character will lip-sync with the translated languages vividly.

How to Make Any Funny Video with Simple Steps

The traditional steps for making a funny video are usually:

Step 1: Write a funny video script, you can use ChatGPT, or Google Bard to help you.

Write Funny Video Scrips with ChatGPT

Step 2: Record or film a video

Step 3: Edit and publish your Video

Technology liberates productivity and allows you to focus more on content creation. Each of the above steps can be done better with the help of AI tools. 

So how to make funny videos of any theme in the simplest steps with AI? You can:

Step 1. Make full use of AI to prepare interesting scripts

Use content production AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Copilot to help you brainstorm and create scripts.

Step 2. Use an AI video generator to generate videos

In this step, you don’t need to film the Video. You only need to select a template on a video generation platform such as Vidnoz AI, copy and paste your text, and you can quickly start video production.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Step 3. Customize various settings and content arrangements for your video.

Make Funny Video with AI Video Maker - 3

You can choose your video presenter, choose from hundreds of AI avatars, or upload avatar images of yourself and others. You can also add various transition effects, voice changer dubbing, insert video material, and more.

Step 4. Preview and AI generate your video.

After everything is edited with custom content, you can preview your video. You can adjust every detail until you are satisfied. Finally, click the Generate button.

Make Funny Video with AI Video Maker - 4

#2 Funny Video Maker Free - Free Video Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swapper is another easy-to-use funny video making AI tool that lets you create hilarious videos by swapping faces with anyone you want.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Here are some of the unexpected features of Vidnoz Face Swapper:

  • Change face in funny videos: You can choose from a variety of funny videos and replace the original face with your own or someone else's. Imagine yourself as a superhero, a villain, a celebrity, or a cartoon character.
  • Exchange faces in classic clips to make it funny: You can also use Vidnoz Face Swapper to exchange faces in famous movie scenes, TV shows, music videos, and more. Like putting Black Widow's face on Iron Man's face, that would be funny.
  • Generate face swap images to create a funny video: If you don't have a video to swap faces with, you can still use Vidnoz Face Swapper to generate face swap images. Then, you can combine these images into a funny video with transitions, music, and effects.

With Vidnoz Face Swapper, you can unleash your creativity and make everyone laugh with your face swap funny videos. Get started with Vidnoz Face Swapper now and have fun!

How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI

To use the face swap AI tool to create funny videos, you can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Visit Vidnoz Face Swapper online, and select Video Face Swap.

Step 2: Prepare the video and face picture you want to replace.

How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI - Step 2

You can download famous funny video clips from the Internet and then find a picture you want to face-change. The higher the quality of the videos and pictures, the better the replacement will be. Upload videos and pictures to the corresponding location.

Step 3: Use the face swap AI to replace the video face.

How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI - Step 3

Click Swap Face Now and wait for the tool to complete the replacement process. This AI face-changing process is very fast, usually taking several minutes. But the specific time is depending on your video length.

After the replacement is completed, you can watch and check the replacement video to see if you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, you can re-adjust the parameters or change the video or picture until you achieve the effect you want. If you are satisfied, you can save or download the refaced video, or continue to make some edits, such as adding music, subtitles, special effects, etc., to make your funny videos more interesting.

How to Make Funny Videos with Your Face AI Result

Step 4: Share and enjoy your funny videos.

Finally, you can share the funny videos you made with your friends, family, or other people on social media. You can experience a funny video 1 minute download.


By reading this article, you will see that it is much easier than before to use AI to create funny videos or pranks that will make your audience laugh out loud. These AI funny video makers allow you to create all kinds of funny videos in minutes, whether it's pranking your friends, swapping the faces of celebrities, or showing off your sense of humor by cloning the voices of classic characters. Don’t hesitate any longer and use AI funny video makers to easily create funny videos that go viral on YouTube, Instagram, and more.


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