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On This Page
  • The Funniest Movie Face Swaps That Make You Laugh
  • Can You Face Swap Famous Movies
  • Star in Your Own Movie with Movie Face Swap
  • How to Put Your Face in Movie Clips
  • 5 More Best Movie Face Swap Apps for Reference

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Movie Face Swap for Free - Put Your or Any Face in Movie Clips

Kristie Sawyer

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Picture face swap with AI is easy, then how about movie face swap? Check to see how to put your face in movie clips with a movie face swap video maker.

AI face-swapping is a process that uses AI technology to replace one face with another. In the past year or two, AI face swap has been very popular in the social media and entertainment fields. People can use AI face swappers to mix their own or other people's facial features with celebrities or virtual characters to create interesting or stunning effects. AI face swap includes many forms, from picture face swap, and video face swap, to face swap famous movie clips, and even face swap an entire movie.

Movie Face Swap

Movie face swap refers to replacing the face of one character in the movie video with the face of another character. Except for some film companies that occasionally need to change faces in a movie for some reason, ordinary people also looking for movie face swap apps to create funny content, but, they mostly want to change their faces for some classic movie clips.

To put others or put your face in movie clips, or entire movie face swap, you need a professional movie face swap video maker. This is a tool based on AI technology that allows you to easily create face-changing works or clips for movies.

On This Page
  • The Funniest Movie Face Swaps That Make You Laugh
  • Can You Face Swap Famous Movies
  • Star in Your Own Movie with Movie Face Swap
  • How to Put Your Face in Movie Clips
  • 5 More Best Movie Face Swap Apps for Reference

The Funniest Movie Face Swaps That Make You Laugh

Replace one actor's facial features with another's, these face swap movies could allow us to see some never-before-seen movie combinations or re-experience some classic movie scenes in an interesting. Here are some pictures of face-changing movies. Let us first feel the charm of this technology.

Black Thor and Strong Natasha

Movie Face Swap - Example 1

Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan

Movie Face Swap - Example 2

Ron and Hermione

Movie Face Swap - Example 3

Can You Face Swap Famous Movies

It is entirely possible to replace the character's face in the movie with your own face, as long as you use the AI movie face swapper. This is a kind of software that uses AI technology to allow you to replace anyone's face in a movie video. You can use it to make funny videos or replace the faces of movie characters.

The technology of AI movie face swapper is to use AI deep learning to analyze the facial features in the video, then align the target face you choose with it, replace it with a new fused face, and then export it as a new movie video, which is already face swapped. Using AI movie face swappers, film companies can save the cost of re-shooting and quickly produce face-swapping movies. Individual users can experience the fun of different roles to satisfy their creativity and imagination.

Star in Your Own Movie with Movie Face Swap

Vidnoz AI Face Swap tool is an online image face swapper and video face swapper that allows users to replace their own or other people's faces in pictures and videos. Certainly, you can change a face in various movie videos or movie clips. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to achieve high-quality, high-speed, and natural face-changing effects.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

In terms of movie face swap, it provides the following practical functions:

  • Customized AI movie face swap: You can choose a photo sample from the face library provided in the app to perform a movie face swap online, or you can upload your own photos to perform AI movie face swap.
  • AI face detection and alignment: This free face swapper can automatically detect faces in target pictures and original videos and align them to the target face, ensuring the accuracy and naturalness of face swapping in a movie or movie clips.
  • AI face fusion and rendering: This tool can use deep learning technology to perform high-quality fusion and rendering of source movie faces and target movie faces to generate realistic face-changing effects.

  • AI movie character expression and posture migration: This AI movie face swapping tool can generate matching expressions and postures of the target face based on the expressions and postures of the source face, to enhance the dynamics and coherence of face swapping.
  • AI movie voice conversion: After completing the movie face swap, if you want to convert the source character's voice into the target character's voice, you can use its voice changer tool to generate the target creature's voice. Generate the target face's voice with the lines from the film, and then use its free video generator tool to upload the target person's voice to achieve synchronous replacement of sound and face in a movie.

How to Put Your Face in Movie Clips

You are one step away from seeing yourself in your favorite movie scenes, you can now do it with Vidnoz AI Face Swap. This is a web-based movie face swap tool, with no downloading and installation, which lets you replace the faces of actors and actresses in movie clips with your own or anyone ease's of your choice.

Here are the steps to create your own movie clips with Vidnoz AI Face Swap:

Step 1: Sign up for a free account. You can log in with your Google or Facebook account as well.


You can also open its online tool directly without registering to get started quickly. But when you finally want to download the face-swapped video, you need to register before you can download it. So it is recommended to register first.

Step 2. Go to Tools, select AI Face Swapper, and click Try for free.

How to Put Your Face in Movie Clips - Step 2

Step 3. Select Video Face Swap, and then upload the original movie video and a photo with the target face you want to replace.

How to Put Your Face in Movie Clips - Step 3

Step 4. Click Swap Face Now. 

Several minutes later, you will get your face swapped movie videos.

5 More Best Movie Face Swap Apps for Reference

In addition to Vidnoz AI Face Swap, there are many Movie Face Swap tools on the market. Here are 5 distinctive movie face swap apps for your reference.

Magic Hour: AI movie face swapper online

This is an online face swap tool. Users can upload their own photos and videos, and then select the character they want to replace to generate a video with their own face. The special feature of Magic Hour is that it can automatically identify people in videos without manual tagging, and it supports multiple languages and video formats.

Deepswap: The Best AI Face Swap App Online

This is a movie face swap tool based on deep learning that users can use on the web or on their mobile phones. The advantage of Deepswap is that it can achieve high-quality and high-speed face replacement, and it has many preset video templates so users can easily choose the style and scene they want.

Reface AI: face-swap app & AI avatar generator

This is a tool that integrates face replacement and AI avatar generation, and users can download it on their mobile phones. The characteristic of Reface AI is that it allows users to replace any celebrity or cartoon character in the video. There are corresponding applications on Google Play and App Store.

Reface AI Face Swap App AI Avatar Generator

Face Swap Live: Real-time face swap app for iOS and Android

This is a real-time face replacement tool that users can use on their mobile phones. The unique advantage of Face Swap Live is that it allows users to instantly replace faces when shooting or playing videos, and it also supports multiple people to replace them at the same time, adding interactivity and fun.

Face Swap Booth: Custom face swaps for iOS and Android

This is a customized face replacement tool that users can use on their mobile phones. The characteristic of Face Swap Booth is that it allows users to freely choose the area and size of the face they want to replace, and it also provides many filters and stickers that allow users to create various interesting effects.

Face Swap Booth Custom Face Swaps for iOS and Android

The Bottom Line  

You see, movie face swap is easy and interesting. Putting your or anyone's face in famous movie clips is a fun way to create hilarious videos with your friends and family. You can choose from a variety of movie scenes and swap the faces of the actors with your own or anyone else's. 

Whether you want to be a superhero, a villain, a star, or a clown, movie face swap tools let you unleash your creativity and have a blast. Do not hesitate, to select one online face swapper like Vidnoz AI Face Swap or a face swap app for iOS or Android, get started now.


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