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On This Page
  • #1. Reface – Best for Video Face Swap
  • #2. Snapchat - The Pioneer of Face Filters
  • #3. Face Swap Live – Live Face Swap and Dynamic Filters
  • #4. FaceApp - More Than Just Face Swapping
  • #5. MSQRD - Fun Filters at Your Fingertips
  • #6. Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo
  • Ultimate Online Solution: Best Face Swap Video App iPhone Without Installing

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Top 6 Best Face Swap App iPhone | Reface Photos/Videos for Free

Clytze Byers

Updated on

How to face swap photo or video on iPhone? Check the top 6 best face swap app iPhone to change your face for free and explore the fun of face swapping!

With the maturity of AI technology, face swap has brought a lot of fun to people. With the right apps, swapping faces in photos and videos to create hilarious and entertaining results is a breeze. Thus you can share interesting content to your family and friends.

If you are an iPhone user who wants to learn more about what is the best face swap app iPhone, then the apps we have listed will satisfy your needs. Moving on, check out the 6 best face swap app iPhone for free download to create interesting face swap effects in just a few taps.

Face Swap App iPhone

On This Page
  • #1. Reface – Best for Video Face Swap
  • #2. Snapchat - The Pioneer of Face Filters
  • #3. Face Swap Live – Live Face Swap and Dynamic Filters
  • #4. FaceApp - More Than Just Face Swapping
  • #5. MSQRD - Fun Filters at Your Fingertips
  • #6. Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo
  • Ultimate Online Solution: Best Face Swap Video App iPhone Without Installing

#1. Reface – Best for Video Face Swap

Speaking of the best face swap app for iPhone, Reface can be one of them. Thanks to its top-notch AI, Reface has quickly become a go-to for iPhone users looking to get creative with their selfies.  Reface lets you face swap into anyone from movie stars to major historical players. Reface steps up the game with a treasure trove of trending GIFs and memes, letting you craft custom, laugh-out-loud moments by putting your face in the mix. 


  • Extensive Library: Reface as an AI gif generator boasts a vast library of trending GIFs and memes, providing users with an endless array of creative possibilities.
  • Realistic Facial Recognition: The app's AI algorithms ensure precise facial recognition, resulting in realistic and convincing face swaps.
  • Instant Face Swaps in Videos: Reface allows users to perform instant face swaps in videos, adding a dynamic element to the content creation process.

Best Face Swap App iPhone Reface

#2. Snapchat - The Pioneer of Face Filters

While Snapchat is primarily known for its ephemeral messaging, it has become a powerhouse in the realm of face filters. Snapchat remains the top pick for anyone eager to give their selfies a fun twist in no time flat. Its face swap feature lets you effortlessly trade looks with your buddies, siblings, or even your dog for some truly wild and whimsical snaps. Below, let’s learn about the key functions of Snapchat's face swap.


  • Rotating Filters: Snapchat introduces new and rotating face filters regularly, ensuring a constant stream of fresh and entertaining options.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Effects: The app's AR effects go beyond face swapping, allowing users to transform their entire environment in real time.
  • Live Video Face Swapping: As a reface app, its face swap feature extends to live video, enabling users to engage in face swaps during video recording. 
  • Social Integration: Snapchat's social features make it easy to share your face-swapped creations with friends and followers.

How to Face Swap a Video on iPhone in Snapchat

#3. Face Swap Live – Live Face Swap and Dynamic Filters

Face Swap Live is the best face swap app iPhone that brings a unique twist to the world of face swapping. This slick app lets you swap your mug with anyone's in a snap—your pals, family or even A-list stars—and all of that magic happens live. Face Swap Live revs up your media game, transforming plain shots into interactive spectacles that pop with personality and humor.


  • Real-Time Face Swapping: Face Swap Live stands out for its ability to perform face swaps in real time. Whether you're capturing a video or engaged in a live video call, the app dynamically swaps faces, creating a lively and engaging experience.
  • Video Recording with Face Swaps: You can record funny videos with the app swapping faces live. This function opens up a world of possibilities for creating humorous and engaging video clips.
  • Photo Face Swapping: Face Swap Live is not limited to videos, it also facilitates face swaps in static photos. 
  • Dynamic Filters and Effects: The face swap app iPhone offers a variety of dynamic filters and effects to enhance your face-swapped creations. 

Face Swap Live

#4. FaceApp - More Than Just Face Swapping

FaceApp isn't just for swapping faces, it lets you age gracefully with a click, and explore gender expressions freely. With FaceApp, you can watch yourself age, swap genders for a glimpse of another side of you, or even see how you'd look sporting some bold facial ink.


  • Multi-Transformation Options: FaceApp allows users to experiment with various transformations, including aging, gender swap, and adding facial accessories.
  • Realistic Results: The app's AI technology ensures that transformations look realistic, enhancing the overall quality of the edited photos.
  • Collage and Editing Tools: Beyond face swaps, FaceApp offers collage creation and basic photo editing tools, providing users with a comprehensive editing experience.

Best Face Swap Video App iPhone FaceApp

#5. MSQRD - Fun Filters at Your Fingertips

MSQRD, or Masquerade, offers a diverse range of face filters and effects. The app's real-time face tracking adds an extra layer of dynamism to your face swap AI.


  • Real-Time Face Tracking: MSQRD's real-time face tracking ensures a smooth and accurate face swap experience, even during video recording.
  • Filter Variety: With a plethora of filters and effects, users can transform their faces into everything from animals to famous characters.
  • Cross-Platform Sharing: MSQRD enables users to easily share their face-swapped creations on various social media platforms.


#6. Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

Cupace distinguishes itself by focusing on picture face swaps, allowing users to cut and paste faces onto different backgrounds with precision. If you're looking for a tool to create custom images with swapped faces, Cupace is the perfect choice.


  • Cut and Paste Functionality: Cupace specializes in the precise cut and paste of faces, offering you a tool for creating custom images with swapped faces.
  • Background Options: The app provides various background options, allowing users to seamlessly integrate swapped faces into different scenes.
  • Professional Finish: Cupace's attention to detail ensures a professional finish to your face swaps, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a polished look.

Face Swap App iPhone Cupace

Ultimate Online Solution: Best Face Swap Video App iPhone Without Installing

For those seeking a convenient online solution without the need to download additional apps, Vidnoz AI emerges as the perfect choice. This innovative platform offers an array of features, allowing users to perform face swaps effortlessly.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Let’s see what can Vidnoz AI bring to you:

  • User-Friendly Interface and 100% Free: Vidnoz AI boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels to make celebrity face swap for free.
  • Accurate and Realistic Face Swap: Using cutting-edge AI technology, Vidnoz AI ensures highly accurate face swaps with minimal effort.
  • Face Swap Photos and Videos: Vidnoz AI supports face swapping with photos and even videos, providing a captivating and immersive experience.
  • Comprehensive Editing Tools: Alongside face swap, Vidnoz AI offers an array of editing tools to enhance your images and videos, including filters, effects, etc., as well as Image Background Remover.

How to change face in photos and videos with Vidnoz AI:

Step 1. Visit the Vidnoz AI website on your iPhone browser. Choose Face Swap from the Free AI Tools tab.

Step 2. Upload the desired image and target image or video you wish to perform a face swap on.

Choose Image to Face Swap on iPhone

Step 3. Click Face Swap Now and follow the on-screen instructions to start face swapping. And you will get a realistic and high-quality refaced image.

Generate Face Swap on iPhone

To learn how to swap video on iPhone, just choose Video Face Swap and follow the on-screen instruction to achieve it. 


Face swap app iPhone has provided entertaining and creative new ways for people to interact with photos and videos. Whether you prefer a dedicated app or an online solution like Vidnoz, face swap has never been more accessible. Who do you want to be today? Come and explore the endless fun of face swap on your iPhone to unlock a world of fun and artistic expression!

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