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On This Page
  • Good Ideas to Cartoonize Dogs
  • Two Ways to Cartoonize Dogs
  • Best 3 Online Tools to Cartoon My Pet Free Online
  • 3 Good Apps to Cartoonize Pets
  • 3 Good Services to Buy Dog Cartoon Services
  • How to Turn Your Dog into a Cartoon

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How to Cartoonize My Pet Online Free? Try These Tools

Vita Wesley

Updated on

If you’re also asking how to cartoon my pet free online, try these pet cartoon tools and services and cartoonify dogs, cats, and other pets with ease.

The likes of Scooby-Doo, Pluto & Goofy, and Snoopy have won over countless audiences worldwide and left a lasting impression on the screen. You can also turn your own dogs into a unique cartoon like these famous on-screen dogs. It is a creative idea to see what your dog will look like as a cartoon figure and also show its best features and consistent charm to others. The cartoon image can also be a cherished gift bonding you with your furry friend.

Cartoonize Dog

How to cartoonize dog? A pet cartoon app or service helps leverage your ideas effortlessly and create highly tailored cartoon images with the picture of your dog. And this post has carefully selected 9 choices. Scroll down for more information.

On This Page
  • Good Ideas to Cartoonize Dogs
  • Two Ways to Cartoonize Dogs
  • Best 3 Online Tools to Cartoon My Pet Free Online
  • 3 Good Apps to Cartoonize Pets
  • 3 Good Services to Buy Dog Cartoon Services
  • How to Turn Your Dog into a Cartoon

Good Ideas to Cartoonize Dogs

  • Create personalized cartoon dog portrait

You can create a vivid cartoon portrait of your dog for your favorite wall or send the portrait picture to your friends as a gift.

  • Generate impressive dog arts

It is also a good idea to let your imagination soar by creating surreal dog art, to see what your adorable puppy will look like among different types of visual elements.

  • Make your dog avatars and PFPs

Many people love to use their pet picture as their profile picture online. Creating a cartoon dog avatar can showcase your love and maintain a level of privacy at the same time.

  • Create unique cartoon dog characters

Want to tell the touching story between you and your pet? You may do it with visual storytelling and creating a cute original cartoon character for the little creature will help tell more impressively.

Two Ways to Cartoonize Dogs

Two popular ways are ready for use if you want to cartoonify dog effortlessly.

  • Fast Cartoon Generator Tool: This is suitable for doting owners who want to cartoonize their pets quickly and on a small budget. You just need to pick the right tool, upload the photos of your dog, and get cartoonish AI portrait pictures in minutes.
  • Pet Cartoon Service: With pet cartoon services, you can hire freelance artists specializing in appealing cartoon pet portraits to create stylish and customized content. You need to spend much more money and wait for the delivery longer, yet it is certainly worth the cost.

It is easy to find a dazzling selection of dog cartoon generators on the web, but many trials are often involved before you make a final choice. The 9 options here will save you from useless endeavors and locate the best fit fast. Go through the complete list and head to the right app or service for you.

Best 3 Online Tools to Cartoon My Pet Free Online

Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator

TThe AI cartoon generator from Vidnoz is a convenient tool to cartoonize your pet free and add a different charm. With Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator, you can convert your own face photos, pet portraits, landscape pictures, background images, and more to cartoon with a single picture only. This tool can bring good results for each picture, with 4 different cartoon styles. You can pick your favorite one or ask for this tool to generate another 4 cartoon dog photos until you’re satisfied.

Vidnoz AI Dog Cartoon Generator

Platform: Web-based tool for all popular desktop and mobile browsers.

Pricing: Free to use, no limit.

Vidnoz is an expert provider of AI tools. Explore more tools to facilitate content creation and editing on the compressive free AI Video generator:

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  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.


Petpic is noted as an AI cartoon generator to help people cartoonify dogs, cats, parrots, bunnies, and even goats to be artworks. Over 10 different cartoon styles can be applied to your pet pictures. You can transform your dog into a dog astronaut, do a Pixar character poster for your dog, generate a picture of your dog surfing on the ocean, or take the furry friend into another sort of adventure.

10-30 photos of your dogs with different angles are necessary, and Petpic promises a 24-hour delivery with multiple cartoon pictures generated.

Petpic AI Dog Cartoon Generator

Platform: Online tool working well on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Pricing: $9.9 per delivery


You can take advantage of AI filters to cartoonify your dog and Picsart serves as a good image and video editor with kinds of filters and effects. At present, 2 cartoon filters are available for free on this platform, by which you can generate realistic and natural cartoon dog photos of your pet. Pissart works on its cloud app, gathering a lot of advanced AI tools for video & audio creation and editing purposes. After cartoonizing your dog, you can continue to tweak the image to be perfect.

Picsart AI Dog Cartoon Generator

Platform: Online tool for all modern browsers. Picsart also develops mobile apps.

Pricing: Free trial, $5/mo for Plus, and $7/mo for Pro

Picsart has introduced many new AI tools, like AI Image Extender, AI Replace, AI BG Generator, etc.

3 Good Apps to Cartoonize Pets

If you prefer to get this task done with an app on the move, this part includes another 3 great cartoon dog maker mobile apps for your reference.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is a popular photo editing and beauty camera app. It empowers users to capture and improve selfies and portrait pictures, by using the skin tone improver, body enhancer, instant beautifier, and many other advanced filters and formatting options.

YouCam Perfect now adopts AI technology and extends its functionality to a wider scope of users. With the AI Style feature, you can cartoonify dog in different styles in a second. Or you can start with a Magic Avatar dog template to create a different art picture of your dogs. Over 20 styles are supported.

YouCam Perfect to Cartoonize Dog

Platform: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free for basic features and the price varies depending on the features and units if you want to use its advanced tools.


Designed as a specialized pet cartoon app for mobile, PawAI has a vast library of movie-inspired cartoon filters. You can effortlessly transform your dog into a cartoon series character. It won’t throw you into complicated or long-waited processes. With a simple click away, you are able to cartoonize dog and have more fun soon. PawAI is popular on Android but iPhone users can still search for and install the iOS version from App Store.

Cartoonize Dog with PawAI

Platform: Android, iOS

Pricing: Free for basic features and it has in-app purchases for corresponding categories in different regions.

Pet Cartoon Sticker Maker

Pet Cartoon Sticker Maker is more than a simple cartoon my pet free app, but is a creative pet cartoon sticker generator, providing custom and adjustment options so that users can create unique dog stickers for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and so forth. You can use Pet Cartoon Sticker Maker to draw and color your dog, dress the buddy up nicely with glasses, hats, and other elements, and add the generated cartoon sticker to your keyboard for later sharing.

If you love Simpson characters and want to see what your dog will look like, Pet Cartoon Sticker Maker is the right app to create Simpsons-style cartoon based on your dog.

Create Dog Carton Sticker

Platform: iOS

Pricing: Free for use, with in-app purchases varying from 0.99$ to 2.99$

3 Good Services to Buy Dog Cartoon Services

Dog cartoon services are the better choice for those who hope to cartoonize dog in a personalized style and strongly based on certain demands. Here are 3 good places where you can order such a cartoon pet service and hire a professional artist to draw cartoon portrait art of your dog.


Thecartoonist.Me is a hand-drawn cartoon portrait website created by a cartoon and caricature artist of the same name. The service scope of Thecartoonist.Me cover Cartoon Yourself, Couple Cartoon, Cat and Dog Cartoon, Cartoon Logo, Company Caricature, and Special Request. On this website, you can cartoonize your dog and get lifelike high-quality results that feature the signature Thecartoonist style.

Face and full-body cartoons are supported, along with a hand-crafted 24-hour delivery guarantee.

TheCartoonist Service

Platform: Web-based service

Pricing: $40/dog for Original, $50/dog for Premium


Irene de Prada is an expert artist in drawing cute pet portraits and the owner of the pet cartoon website, Pettoonies. On this site, you can not only tailor a unique digital cartoon art of your dog but also turn dog picture into cartoon canvas to decorate your wall or send it to your friend as a gift.

The first draft will be sent to your email in around 4 days and you're promised to get free previews and unlimited edits. Given the stunning outputs, the below-average delivery time is reasonable as the artist needs more time to polish the pet artwork until it comes to life in the way you hope.

Draw Your Dog as Cartoon on Pettoonies

Platform: Web-based service

Pricing: $60 for the basic digital version of one cartoon pet in single background color. The price varies based on the number of pets you want to cartoonize, how many colors you want to use on the picture background, as well as whether you want to order a canvas and the size of it.


Fiverr is among the most popular marketplaces where you can find professional freelancers for specific needs and different circumstances. And there are thousands of dog cartoon services ready for your selection. You can head to the Portraits & Caricatures category, browse the service, and check the Gigs you’re interested in. Make sure you’ve carefully read and understand the service details before you send an order request. You’d better reach the freelancer directly via the Contact me button to know about the details.

Cartoonify Dog on Fiverr

Platform: Website and mobile apps

Pricing: Vary due to different freelancers

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How to Turn Your Dog into a Cartoon

This part offers you an easy-to-follow instruction if you want to cartoonize dog and see the instant effects. The steps of those tools are similar, including your dog photo upload, choosing the likes of style, and waiting for the delivery. The AI Cartoon Generator by Vidnoz is set as an example.

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator or sign up for a Vidnoz account quickly.

Step 2. Make sure you land on the Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator tool. Upload one of your dog front & clear photo.

Step 3. Click Generate. It will take seconds for this cartoon dog maker to detect and cartoonify dog.

Cartoonize My Dog on Vidnoz

Step 4. Click Download and save this cartoon dog picture to a local folder.

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The Bottom Line

For us pet lovers, every moment sharing with our puppies is valuable and every aspect of their appearance is memorable. A good way to capture the personality of those little friends is to cartoonize dog. You can use any of the 9 options to get this task completed. Some may do it better than others relying on how you want to cartoonize. Try them by yourself!


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