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  • What are AI Tools?
  • Good Examples of Using AI Tools
  • Top Benefits of AI Tools
  • Popular AI Tools for Different Purposes
  • Best AI Tools for Video
  • Best AI Tools for Audio & Music
  • AI Tools for Art
  • AI Tools for Face Generation
  • AI Tools for Writing & Text
  • Other Popular AI Tools

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25 Best AI Tools that Will Make Your Life | 2024 Updated List

Vita Wesley

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Transform your work and life to be easier and more efficient with AI tools. These are the top 25 AI tools for various tasks across all groups and individuals.

Many Sci-Fi movies about artificial intelligence have portrayed how AI would change this world. Although it is far from the super capability as the movie scenes depicted, AI now touches every aspect of everyday life and business fields. And it deeply impacts how people collect and acquire information, perform tasks, solve problems, and make decisions.

Noteworthy, the explosion of generative AI in 2024 evokes the appearance of numerous AI tools. These tools unexpectedly level up efficiency and productivity. Whether you need to deal with daily tasks or are on a business routine, applying AI tools for each stage will streamline the processes with consistently good results. As a bonus, AI can also trigger inspiration within your projects.

Best AI Tools

Are you set on stepping into the world of AI? Choosing a good AI tool will be a kick-start! Here is a curated list of the best AI tools 2024, including all popular options for all common demands. Come and embrace AI.

On This Page
  • What are AI Tools?
  • Good Examples of Using AI Tools
  • Top Benefits of AI Tools
  • Popular AI Tools for Different Purposes
  • Best AI Tools for Video
  • Best AI Tools for Audio & Music
  • AI Tools for Art
  • AI Tools for Face Generation
  • AI Tools for Writing & Text
  • Other Popular AI Tools

What are AI Tools?

Artificial intelligence simulates human intelligence through computer systems or other machines, to learn, reason, self-correct, solve problems, present knowledge, create content, etc. Al tools refer to software or online services that adopt artificial intelligence technology to accomplish certain goals. Made on current AI technology types, AI tools feature different capabilities and functionalities. AI tools built on the generative AI branch have boomed out this year, revolutionizing how people produce content.

Good Examples of Using AI Tools

Here are 7 popular types of AI tools using the most popular generative artificial intelligence.

  • Video creation and editing
  • Text to speech Conversion
  • Music Generation
  • Art Generation
  • Image Editing
  • Written content creation
  • AI assistant for work

Top Benefits of AI Tools

  • High Efficiency: AI tools can carry out automatized processes and free you from tedious repetitive jobs while producing high-yielding content.
  • Less Cost: There is a decrease in manual labor and other costs with AI tools. Less investment, higher incomes!
  • Save Time: People can averagely save around 40% of their time using AI tools in most cases.
  • Keep Consistency: All AI tools wield advanced algorithms and machine learning to learn, reason, and self-correct based on previous data. It can maintain tone and style consistency at good quality all the time.
  • Boost Creativity: AI tools can lead to new insights and shorten the path to the latest innovations, which can be reflected in your creation.

Popular AI Tools for Different Purposes

Which AI tools you should go for? There are AI tools across all sectors and industries. Let’s get stuck into the hot groups and find the one useful for your cases.

  • AI Tools for Video
  • AI Tools for Audio & Music
  • AI Tools for Image & Art
  • AI Tools for Photo Editing
  • AI Tools for Writing & Text
  • Other Popular AI Assistant Tools

Best AI Tools for Video

Video become an integral part of the digital era and countless new videos are distributed on the internet. AI tools for video offer creators more likelihood of producing video content faster and better. Here are 5 AI tools for video you can try.

1. Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI is an online video creation app developed by a team of the same name. With the belief of helping all users generate professional videos effortlessly, Vidnoz AI supports a variety of smart video creation and editing features for every type of video. There are realistic AI avatars ready to be your video spokesman. The well-personalized video templates are suitable for different topics. If you want to add voice-overs to explain your ideas or grab readers’ attention, the Text to Speech feature on Vidnoz AI will be helpful, which will convert any text to voiced speech.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Main Features:

  • 100+ human AI avatars with superior quality
  • 100+ text-to-speech voices in 140 languages
  • Voice-overs in different accents, pitches, tones, and styles
  • 200+ video templates for breaking news, explainers, how-to guides, promotion, greeting, etc.
  • Kinds of video editing and custom options

2. Synthesia

Synthesia is well-known for its capability of creating high-quality videos from scripts, with lifelike avatars and voice-overs. It has an in-app integration with ChatGPT, by which, users can enter prompts to generate scripts on the Synthesia app directly. As the leading AI video generator in the market, Synthesia includes all the AI features you expect from an AI video generator. Marked by strong functionality and rich features, the AI tool is still exceptionally simple to use.

Synthesia AI Video Generator

Main Features:

  • 150+ unique AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, clothes, etc.
  • Add micro gestures to avatars
  • Text-to-speech tool, with 120+ languages and accents
  • 75+ professionally designed templates

3. Pictory

Pictory has proven to be an intelligent tool to convert long-form text content to engaging videos for social media sharing. It supports various types of text content, including typed scripts and URLs. Besides the text to video AI options, Pictory serves as a video editor that empowers you to add a YouTube URL or upload a local video for editing. It is a practical AI tool for you to make professional-looking presentation videos quickly.

Pictory AI Text to Video

Main Features:

  • Convert scripts, URLs, and more visuals to videos
  • Handy workplace to adjust and edit text for video
  • Huge library of media elements that can be used in videos
  • Support over 100 voice-over styles
  • 40+ brand new video templates in different styles

4. InVideo

If you just get an inspiration and want to change it into a visual video content, try InVideo. InVideo leverages the power of AI to facilitate video creation to the next level. You only need to submit a text prompt on your ideas or provide detailed instructions and select the type of video you’re planning to generate. Let InVideo deal with the rest. Relying on the duration of the video, you would get the video in a varied time.

Invideo AI Video Generator

Main Features:

  • Create videos from text prompts only
  • Generate narration scripts based on the prompt you type in
  • Support voice-overs with selectable genders, accents, and languages
  • Use text prompts to describe and add background music
  • Easy steps

5. Heygen

When avatar video generators have become a mainstream practice of AI for video creation, Heygen comes as a promising choice in the array. This AI video generator enables users to create videos from text fast while adding avatars and voice-overs to make their videos more appealing. Beyond that, Heygen integrates with kinds of tools and platforms, enhancing your productivity and fulfilling seamless workflows.

Heygen AI Video Generator

Main Features:

  • 100+ ready avatars are available, in various styles
  • 300+ voice styles in 40 languages
  • Over 300 video templates for daily routine tasks, businesses, News, training, etc.
  • Well support for app and tool integration

Best AI Tools for Audio & Music

You can tap into the power of AI to create AI audio tracks, voice-overs, and music for your projects. Scroll down and pick the AI tool for audio you prefer.

6. Murf AI

Murf AI is a comprehensive AI voicer generator based on text-to-speech technology. It has a huge catalog of voices for users to create audio projects. On this platform, you can always find a perfect voice for your cases. Just simply type in your scripts or upload a script file and choose the voice you like, Murf AI will seamlessly convert it to speech in minutes. This AI tool provides a voice change tool that can change your recording into any voice it has.

Murf AI Video Generator

Main Features:

  • 120+ text to speech voices in 20+ languages
  • Voice styles for different cases and in different tones
  • An AI voice changer and translators are supported

7. PlayHT

Are you looking for text to speech online AI tools for audio that can deliver more diverse voice styles? There is no better option than PlayHT. Beyond the wide support for more languages and accents, PlayHT introduces Cross-language voice cloning and Multiple speech synthesis features, helping users translate their native speeches into other languages while maintaining the speaker’s native voices and accents.

PlayHT AI Text to Speech Voice Generator

Main Features:

  • 800 voice styles in 140 languages
  • Convert scripts and article URLs to audio
  • Customized audio adjustment options
  • Integration for extending functionality and smooth use on more platforms

8. Speechify

Speechify is well noted for its strong capability of converting long-form text to speech and reading it loudly. It has helped millions of people read with pleasure more efficiently. Its product line also covers other popular AI audio tools like AI Voice-overs, Voice Cloning, AI Dubbing, and Transcription. On Speechify, you can even find high-quality audiobooks.

Speechify AI Text to Speech Tool

Main Features:

  • Convert any short or long text to speech with trending voices
  • 100+ voices with multilingual support
  • Good availability across mainstream platforms as an online service or an app

9. Loudly

Benefiting from the development of AI, now people can create professional-sounding music with less effort and cost. Loudly is such an excellent choice for it. This AI music generator allows users to generate and customize music in seconds. Various featured genres can be found on this platform for you to create stylish music for your projects. Moreover, Loudly has a good collection of royalty-free music waiting for your exploration.

Loundly AI Music Generator

Main Features:

  • Generate and modify AI music for your projects
  • A number of music genres are supported
  • Various music customization options of instruments, tempo, duration, key, etc.
  • Thousands of royalty-free music for you to download and use

10. Voicemod

AI tools for audio can also help you change your voice in real time, which can be the perfect solution if you want to protect privacy or add a fun twist to your voice when playing games or chatting online. Voicemod is popular a free real-time voice changer and soundboard. It helps you simulate anyone’s voice and apply customized sound effects. You can use it for most chat apps, video streaming apps, meeting tools, and games.

Voicemod Voice Changer

Main Features:

  • 100+ customizable voices are available
  • Soundboard with over 15 types of different sounds for playing and sharing in games or chats
  • Good compatibility with almost all games and communication apps
  • Plugin support on Stream Deck, Loupedeck, AverMedia, etc.

AI Tools for Art

The most mature use of generative AI is AI art generation. This AI tools list also covers the hottest AI art generators these days and their highlights.

11. DALL·E 2

Developed by OpenAI, DAL·LE 2 is a state-of-the-art image creation system. Since it has made an entrance, OpenAI has developed a wide scale of attention for the smart way to produce incredibly detailed and vibrant images. It only requires a short text prompt and can quickly show you different images coherent with your description. You can either upload an image to create its variation or a customized version.

DALL E 2 Art Generator

Main Features:

  • Convert text prompts to art images
  • Edit and retouch your images
  • Create multiple iterations from a single image
  • Seamless integration into kinds of creative workplaces

12. Midjourney

Midjourney is another good example of text prompt to image tool and it can create impressive images in no way inferior to DALL·E 2. The Midjourney setup steps are different from other typical tools in this field. Instead of getting it started on a web page or by installing an app, you need to launch it as a bot on Discord. Fortunately, after a few funny steps away, you will be able to generate impressive images from text and browse astounding art created by other Midjourney enthusiasts.

Midjourney AI Tool

Main Features:

  • Make variants of an image at the same time
  • Image upscale for more details and less pixelation & glitches
  • Extend image with AI in one direction

13. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source machine learning model focusing on text-to-image content creation. It’s hard to ignore this diffusion model when we recommend the best AI tools for art in the roll. This option is perfectly suitable for designers and artists to get inspired and step into awesome digital images efficiently. Stable Diffusion works on DreamStudio, the cloud service developed by Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion. You can also run it locally via Python and Github.

Stable Diffusion AI

Main Features:

  • Turn scripts into image dimensions
  • Image to image generation
  • Open-source and editable for any developer to create tools from its code base and modify & extend functionality

14. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a brand-new generative AI product from Adobe. Firefly emphasizes image generation and grants users to convert text prompts to images instantly. The intuitive interface gets different text-based image generation and editing options covered. Well-crafted image examples with text prompts can be browsed there. You can further iterate over the sample pictures to carry out unique creation or start from scratch. Adobe Firefly is a promise land for entry-level users to make something different.

Adobe Firefly Text to Image AI

Main Features:

  • Create images with a detailed text description
  • Remove objects from a photo or replace them with others
  • Convert text to artwork with stunning effects
  • Recolor a photo in seconds

AI Tools for Face Generation

Have you ever thought about using AI to generate or process human faces? Now you can make it easily. With AI technology, some tools allow you to create AI headshot free for business purposes, the others can do face swap to bring laughter to your everyday life. You can even create an AI digital version of yourself or even create a random face. Here are the featured options in this sphere.

15. Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator

Corporate headshots are essential whether you want to use them for your company website, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, and CV. The days when people had to pay a lot to get a professional headshot have gone. Powered by AI technology, Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator is the best solution for you to create pro-level headshots. No need to hire a photographer and say goodbye to the high cost of time and money. It promises up to 80% cost savings.

Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator

Main Features:

  • Generate AI headshots fast from your daily photos
  • Over 40 backdrops and clothing are selectable
  • Different pricing tiers for various demands
  • Get 40, 120, or 220 headshots at once based on the package you choose
  • Full HD image quality and realistic

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

16. Generated Photo

Human faces are an important component of media content that we consume online every day. When downloading and using a good photo online for projects, people often get involved in copyright issues. However, the emergence of AI face generators can tackle the problem, which helps develop synthesized images that look like real human beings that you can not tell a difference. Generated Photo is considered a good AI face generation tool and it is based on model-released photos to create unique & detailed face photos, with no personality rights or royalties.

Generated Photos AI Face Generator

Main Features:

  • Generate real human faces from the ground up
  • 11 232 000+ variants of one face
  • Adjustable gender, head-pose, age, emotion, ethnic traits, etc.
  • Safe and legit to use

17. Vidnoz Face Swapper

As a centered AI tool solution hub, Vidnoz is also popular for its free face swap tool, Vidnoz Face Swapper. With it, you can replace face with any people in photos or videos for free. Just upload the photo you want to use as the base image and upload the other with the face you want to use. Then simply click the Swap Face Now button to see the magic happen instantly. Because of its simplicity and strong face swap capability, it has become one of people’s preferred free AI tools online to generate interesting face swap videos and photos online.

Vidnoz Face Swap

Main Features:

  • Photo and video face swap online
  • High-quality and natural face-swapping
  • 3-step operation in seconds
  • Support JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, M4V, MP4, MOV, and WEBM

18. Fotor Old Filter Online

Have you ever been curious about what you will look like as you age? The Fotor Old Filter Online tool can add a realistic old-face effect to your photo. The advanced setting allows you to apply the age filter for different ages by simply dragging the similarity bar. Fotor Old Filter Online is a quite simple AI tool for you to generate old-aged face photos. Beyond the old filter, Fotor includes many other cool AI tools for images across the board.

Fotor AI Aging Filter

Main Features:

  • Change your age on a photo in one click
  • Different old-face effects
  • Easy to use

19. VanceAI Portrait Retoucher

People try their best to feel perfect about themselves on social media by posting photos that can get approval and interest. Retouching portraits is an efficient way to remove imperfections and deliver better visual effects. Photo retouching usually requires specialized skills and even a steep learning curve. However, AI tools for photo retouching are changing the game by streamlining the process to be a one-click action. VanceAI Portrait Retouching & Face Enhancing is highly recommended in this line-up.

VanceAI AI Tool to Retouch Face

Main Features:

  • Smooth skin at one tap
  • Enhance photos automatically
  • Crop/cut/resize photos and remove unwanted objects

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AI Tools for Writing & Text

AI tools are also good assistants in written content creation. There has been a lot of buzz around AI writing since OpenAI released its blockbuster chatbot, ChatGPT. Millions of users across all fields have used ChatGPT for copywriting and content idea generation. After that, dedicated AI writers come in to extend the scope of selection. Check out the 3 hot picks.

20. Jasper AI

Jasper is deemed a good alternative to ChatGPT. Beyond high efficiency and speed, this AI tool helps users produce brand-consistent content that can drive more engagement and boost marketing campaigns. This GPT-3 AI model-powered AI tool is an expert in SEO-friendly and optimized blogs. It also empowers you to create social media posts, email campaigns, product descriptions, etc. You only need to provide a brief instruction aligning with what you want to get, and Jasper will quickly generate content based on your demands.

Japser AI Tool

Main Features:

  • 50+ ready templates for different content types
  • Keep consistent content tone and style with the Brand Voice feature
  • Built-in plagiarism detection
  • Work with Grammarly
  • Document editing function

21. Rytr

Rytr is a popular option amidst the best free AI tools for writing. Unlike most AI AI writers that bring lots of features for businesses, Rytr gears towards general content creators. On Rytr, you are able to write high-quality content 10x faster than the one you run on a manual workflow. It provides various writing assistant options and tools for common user cases, most of which are available for free. For budget-conscious users, Rytr is surely the best choice.

Rytr AI Tool

Main Features:

  • Content creation for 40+ user cases
  • Support 30+ languages
  • 20+ tones are selectable
  • Built-in plagiarism checker

22. Copy AI

Copy AI is another AI writer built on top of GPT-3. It features a good boost in high-performing and SEO-optimized content. If you’re a marketer, freelancer, or social media content creator, you can use Copy AI to streamline your workflows with pleasing results at scale. Embark on your innovative copywriting with a text prompt on the easy interface of Copy AI!

Copy AI Writer

Main Features:

  • Over 25 languages
  • 90+ copywriting content templates
  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers

Other Popular AI Tools

Because of the explosion of AI technology, this world is embracing more efficiency brought by it. After the top AI tools of 2024 above, this post continues to show you more popular tools for more purposes.

23. ClickUp - AI Tool for Collaboration and Management

ClickUp is primarily designed as a team collaboration and project management platform. It goes with a set of collaboration and communication tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and task toolbars. This platform has made the workplace greatly simpler and more intuitive by introducing the ClickUp AI toolbar.

ClickUp AI

Main Features:

  • 15+ views are available for users to visualize to-do lists
  • Organize and prioritize multiple tasks on a place
  • Time estimates and tracking
  • Link your tasks across the entire workplace

24. Designs.ai - AI Tool for Graphic design

Designs.ai draws on AI technology to provide everyone with the simplest solution to create professional designs in seconds. On this website, you can generate and personalize any elements for your website and pages, from text to logo, video, image, social media banners, and so forth. It promises to simplify the creation workflow and helps you scale up design in seconds.

Design AI for Designer

Main Features:

  • Versatile types of content creation
  • Huge asset library
  • Suitable for all designers across all industries
  • A full suite of AI tools

25. Consensus - AI Tool for Research

Online research is an essential stage for researchers. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming to conduct an efficient one. In most cases, you would be overwhelmed and distracted by massive materials online before you can find reliable, related, and useful information to support your research. Fortunately, now you can use the Consensus search engine online to make the whole process easier and faster.

Among a few AI tools free for this usage, Consensus exploits the power of AI to quickly detect and extract evidence-based information from scientific research for your reference. Easy, reliable, and accurate.

AI Search Engine

Main Features:

  • Provide valuable data-driven insights
  • Quick analysis of massive data
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Condensed information driven by GPT-4

The Bottom Line

AI has permeated every corner of our lives, which accompanies various AI tools through all sectors and industries. The post has walked you through the best AI tools for video, art, music, face, and other intentions. We hope that you can find useful tools from the list and live & work more easily! More new AI tools will be added to the list soon. Please bookmark this post on your browser so that you can keep up with every update.

Can’t wait to see how AI changes the whole game? Start by creating your first go-viral video on your social media page. Try the free AI video generator from Vidnoz and make it true in the next second!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vita Wesley

Vita Wesley is an adventurous marketing writer from Pasadena, L.A. His deep cultivation over 10 years makes him a good advisor in the digital marketing space. Follow Vita to get the most effective tricks, methods, and strategies that will deliver a "Wow" factor!