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  • Is There an Emoji Translator?
  • 6 Best Emoji Translator AI Tools
  • Create Funny Memes, GIFs & Videos with Vidnoz AI 
  • Best Practices for Using Emojis & Visual Effects

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6 Best Emoji Translators to Decipher Emojis Online Free

Juli Cooper

Updated on

Emojis are sweeping social media. Use the 6 best emoji translators AI to decipher the emoji languages and create cute emoji sentences online for free.

Emojis are taking over social media and online chatting! Their presence warmed the plain texts and relaxed conversations, thus immediately widespread and beloved by all ages. Faced with this, emoji translator AI emerges to help people better utilize these little yellow faces and make conversations more enjoyable.

6 Best Emoji Translator AI

How to convert text to emojis, create cute emoji sentences, and decipher the emoji languages? Here are the 6 best emoji translators to help.

On This Page
  • Is There an Emoji Translator?
  • 6 Best Emoji Translator AI Tools
  • Create Funny Memes, GIFs & Videos with Vidnoz AI 
  • Best Practices for Using Emojis & Visual Effects

Is There an Emoji Translator?

Definitely! An emoji translator is a tool to convert text to emojis and vice versa. Some emoji translators also cope with the image/GIF/video to emoji translation. It transforms plain text into vivid expressions and helps people better understand the meaning of these little yellow faces at the same time. 

Furthermore, with the rise of AI tech, there are also a lot of emoji translator AI springing up to give a more accurate translation. The following will introduce 6 of the best emoji translators with AI support.

6 Best Emoji Translator AI Tools

After many careful tests, this blog helped select the 6 best emoji translators that exceed in outcomes. Some of them allow you to convert from text to emoji only, and others enable a  reverse translation.

1. Ahrefs Free AI Emoji Translator

Ahrefs Free AI Emoji Translator is one of the earliest tools to combine emoji translation with AI. This AI meme generator helps convert text to expressive emojis seamlessly and is devoted to facilitating communication with feelings. There are 1 to 5 variants of outcomes available and they offer 3 practices of usage for your reference.

Ahrefs Free AI Emoji Translator

Key Feature
  • Translate text to emojis.
  • 100% Free emoji translator.
  • Convert text to emojis online.
  • Convenient copy button.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

Ahrefs Translated Emojis

Tool Link:


2. Emojitranslate

Emojitranslate.com is a direct and simple to use online tool for emoji translation. It stands out for not only allowing English to emojis translation but also supporting numerous other languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Swahili, Italian, Korean, Urdu, etc. Furthermore, there are 6 skin tones of the outcome you can choose, which perfectly meet the goal for users all around the world.


Key Feature
  • Translate text to emojis.
  • Translate countless languages into emojis.
  • 6 Skin tones to choose from.
  • Clear interface and is simple to use.
  • No login, pay, survey, or any other limitations.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

Emojitranslate Translated Emojis

Tool Link:


3. Hootsuite Emoji Translator

Hootsuite Emoji Translator is a 5 languages and 6 skin tones emoji translator. You can translate both texts into emojis and emojis into text in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Besides, it offers detailed steps on the translation on 2 sides, and multiple use practices are listed too.

Hootsuite Emoji Translator

Key Feature
  • Translate both text to emojis & emojis to text.
  • Free and easy to use online tool.
  • 5 Languages and 6 skin tones.
  • Detailed steps and practices.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

Hootsuite Translated Emojis

Tool Link:


4. Editpad Emoji Translator

Editpad is another English to emoji translator that generates amazing outcomes. It offers you sample data in case you have no idea of what texts to translate. Besides, there are alternative emojis for each you can choose to get a meme face swap. The upper left copy button makes your live chat even more convenient.

Editpad Emoji Translator

Key Feature
  • Convert text to emojis.
  • Offer sample texts.
  • Provide several relevant emojis.
  • Copy the result button.
  • Free online and no limitation emoji translator.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

Editpad Translated Emojis

Tool Link:


5. EmojiTerra Emoji Translator

EmojiTerra is selected to be one of the best emoji translators for its enormous amount of emoji categories and amounts. There are 100+ languages and 3782 emojis listed. There’s also an emoji generator that can transfer any text you enter into emojis, though not in a sentence way, one text per time.

EmojiTerra Emoji Translator

Key Feature
  • Convert text to emoji free.
  • 3782 emojis to copy from.
  • Emoji generator.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

EmojiTerra Translated Emojis

Tool Link:  


6. Emojiall Translator

Emojiall translator is also a great emoji translator that allows you to translate text into emojis and emojis into text as well. This AI emoji translator enables you to translate emojis to and from texts in over 21 languages. There are trending topics and categories displayed on the sidebars as well. Furthermore, you can choose the hairstyle, skin tone, gender, and sentiment of the generated emojis.

Emojiall Translator

Key Feature
  • Text to emoji and emoji to text.
  • 21 Languages are supported.
  • Customizable hairstyle, skin tone, gender, and sentiment.
  • Free and unlimited emoji translator online.

“I’m so hungry and I want to eat beef” Translation:

Emojiall Translated Emojis

Tool Link:


Create Funny Memes, GIFs & Videos with Vidnoz AI 

Emojis are one of the most popular parts on the Internet, but it’s not the only one. There is much more you can play with than emojis. The following introduces 3 amazing fun tools to help you thrive on social media. The best part is that they all come from the same site called Vidnoz thus you don’t need to go here and there to enjoy.

Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swapper is an amazing tool you can use to replace and face on a picture, GIF, or video with any face you want! It is an online free tool that you can play on any device at no cost. After swapping, download the picture, GIF, and video to your phone, and post it to the Internet!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Text to Video

Have you ever gotten frustrated with having a lot of ideas on your mind but not being able to create and present them successfully? Vidnoz Text to Video AI helps. By entering the script, and setting the BGM, subtitle, voiceover, leading role gender, voice, and accent, you can generate a vivid video effortlessly! Just have a try and enjoy your art piece.

AI Video Generator

Vidnoz AI Video Generator utilizes and maximizes the power of AI to create videos without recording! All you need to do is upload a photo of anyone you want and enter the script that you want the photo to say, then generate an AI talking video with one click! In addition to having fun, this tech also contributes to all industries like online teaching, business sales video, customer service video, etc.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Best Practices for Using Emojis & Visual Effects

Now that you've decoded the emoji meanings and other amazing visual effects, you can start to put your new visual art into practice. However, you must ensure that you are using the most recent emoji best practices on social media, or you risk delivering the wrong message entirely.

1. Enhance Communication

Emojis should never be used as a replacement for text, similar to memes, GIFs, and videos. Instead, use them to emphasize what you're attempting to communicate. By utilizing tools like emoji translator, AI GIF generator, and AI video generator, people can understand you better and make conversation more enjoyable.

2. Social Media Marketing Campaigns

By using an emoji translator tool, you can transform product descriptions, catchy slogans, or promotional advertisements into emojis. These emoji-enhanced messages are more visually appealing and can attract the attention of people especially the younger ones who communicate primarily through emojis. 

3. Increased Email Open Rates

The utilization of emoji translators can convert their email subject lines and preview text into emojis and catch people’s attention at first sight. The research found that emojis in subject lines can increase email open rates by making the email more visually appealing and likely to capture the recipients' attention.

4. Edit Pictures

Most of the emoji translators mentioned above allow users to copy with a click. After that, you can add these emojis to the pictures which editing them on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It enables you to create a fun and engaging social media post.

You May Need: Free Online Image Background Remover >>

5. Children's Education

Children are easier to get distracted than other levels of students. By using an emoji translator or other visual tools, you can convert plain texts and sentences into child-friendly emojis, pictures, and videos. This also helps young learners associate words with images, making them better understand and enjoy the world.

Final Words

The emergence of the emoji translator is a phenomenon that reflects our continuously evolving communication methods. More than that, the new digital era attached more practices to emojis, including but not limited to social media, email marketing, education, etc. The 6 best emoji translators introduced above allow people to understand emojis and create funny emoji sentences in an easy way. Moreover,  3 other online free tools from Vidnoz AI give you more possibilities on the Internet! Explore and have fun.

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Juli Cooper

Juli Cooper was a marketing director before she began sharing industry experiences as a writer. She has eight years of marketing experience and has written numerous articles for businesses and websites.