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On This Page
  • What is Audio Deepfake?
  • Best Audio Deepfake Tools and Guides to Imitate Anyone’s Voice
  • How to Create a Deepfake Voice
  • Precautions When Generating Deepfake Audio
  • Don’t be Fooled by Deepfake Audio Online

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What is Audio Deepfake and How to Create Deep Fake Audio

Vita Wesley

Updated on

What is audio deepfake? This article gives an easy explanation and provides easy guides to deepfake audio creation. Check out and create funny fake audio!

In other articles, we introduced that using recent AI technology, you can create songs, write lyrics, and easily edit videos. However, recently, content using audio deepfake tech has been appearing on YouTube. For example, an AI-generated song that uses the voice of popular rapper Drake, or one that uses the voice of Freddy Mercury, who passed away in 1991. People use AI technology to make the impossible possible.

In this article, we will introduce what is audio deepfake and methods of creating "synthesized speech" using this technology.

Audio Deepfake

On This Page
  • What is Audio Deepfake?
  • Best Audio Deepfake Tools and Guides to Imitate Anyone’s Voice
  • How to Create a Deepfake Voice
  • Precautions When Generating Deepfake Audio
  • Don’t be Fooled by Deepfake Audio Online

What is Audio Deepfake?

First of all, many people may be wondering, “What is audio deepfake?” It refers to a type of fake audio that is generated using deep learning technology. Applying the principles of this deep learning technology, it is characterized by learning the voice quality and speaking style of a specific speaker and generating speech by imitating that voice.

This synthesized voice can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it is used for voice guidance in car navigation systems and voice settings for voice assistants. However, be aware that there are cases where this technology is misused. It could also be used to imitate someone else's voice to commit fraud.

Best Audio Deepfake Tools and Guides to Imitate Anyone’s Voice

Now, let's look into the tools that can actually create synthetic voices using the audio deepfake tech. With these tools we're introducing today, you can even imitate the voices of famous people and anyone. See the 4 tools quickly in advance:

  • Vidnoz AI voice changer
  • FakeYou
  • Celebrity Voice Changers
  • CoeFont

1. Vidnoz AI voice changer

Vidnoz AI's latest product, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer, transcends language boundaries and provides an amazing voice conversion experience. Supported by innovative technology, it is available in 140+ languages, giving users the freedom to communicate in different languages.

Want to generate your favorite celebrity's voice when having a conversation or sending an audio message to others? Vidnoz AI Voice Changer provides versatile voice options including celebrity voices, letting users convert text and speech audio files to desired charming voices.

This is not the only appeal of the product. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer also allows users to customize their own voice. A variety of adjustment options are available to express your personality and create your unique style.

  • Free selection of celebrity voice samples
  • Audio supports 140+ languages
  • Easy to operate
  • No restrictions
  • The generated audio can be used in various situations
  • Advanced operations are impossible (audio fine-tuning, etc.)

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2. FakeYou

Deepfake Audio Tools - FakeYou

The best part of FakeYou is its variety of synthesized voices. As of this writing, 1617 types are available. This service is updated from time to time, so we expect the number to increase in the future. There are three options for using the AI tools on FakeYou. You can read text out loud with a specified voice, change one voice to another, and adjust the lip movements of people appearing in a video.

  • Many types of voices
  • Celebrity voices can be used
  • The free plan has a long wait time for conversion
  • It feels like a robot

FakeYou has 3 pricing plans. You can use it for free by registering your email address, but as mentioned above, the processing priority is low and the waiting time is long.

Plan name




monthly fee

7 dollars



Processing priority




Text reading

up to 30 seconds

up to 60 seconds

up to 120 seconds

Audio to audio conversion

up to 4 minutes

up to 5 minutes



up to 1 minute

up to 2 minutes

up to 2 minutes

*1: wav2lip is a lip-syncing technology that matches the movements of a person's lips in a video with the target's voice.

3. Celebrity Voice Changer

Next, we would like to introduce Celebrity Voice Changer. The feature of this tool is that it is perfect for smartphones. It is compatible with smartphone apps (Android/iOS), so you can record audio with your smartphone and create a deep fake voice change on the spot. As you can imagine from the name of the tool, you can also use the voices of celebrities such as Donald Trump AI voice.

Create Deep Fake Voices with Celebrity Voice Changer

The service pricing seems a little expensive for most users. However, there is a 3-day free trial, so you can try it out once and continue if necessary. If you think you don't have much opportunity to use it, don't forget to cancel your subscription during the free trial period.

  • Contains audio from former American presidents, etc.
  • Cannot be used on browsers
  • It feels like a robot
  • No free trial

4. CoeFont

CoeFont is the last deepfake audio generator on this list. Since it is a service by a Japanese developer, many Japanese voices are registered. If you’re an anime fan, you will find CoeFont a good platform for your audio projects. Beyond that, you can use the audio of businessman Hiroyuki for free, so please give it a try. You'll be surprised at the quality.

Tool to Create Deep Fake Voices - CoeFont

There are two types of rate plans for personal use: "Free" and "Standard".






From 4,000 yen (*1)

Available audio types

Several types

Over 5,000 types

Number of works



Obligation to provide credit

can be


commercial use

Not possible


*1: 3,000 yen excluding tax per month if paid in one lump sum. There is a 30-day free trial.

  • The website supports the Japanese language
  • Converted audio is close to real
  • Audio conversion speed is fast
  • English and Chinese voices can also be used
  • Free to use for 30 days
  • You can search for audio tags
  • You can check audio samples
  • Few languages available
  • Not many supported voice types

How to Create a Deepfake Voice

This part shows you how to do an audio deepfake online with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer. You’d better proceed as a registered user.

Step 1. Open Vidnoz AI Voice Changer on your browser.

Step 2. Select an AI voice model of a celebrity, a movie character, or an influencer supported in its library. AI voice cloning feature is built into this tool so you can clone a specific voice via an audio file to generate deep fake audio.

Choose an AI Voice

Step 3. Enter the content you want to convert speech. Don't forget to choose the target language and click Change voice now.

Generate Deep Fake Audio

Step 4. The audio will be generated. There is no limit to the number of downloads, so you can freely download and share with your friends.

Download Deepfake Audio File

Vidonz is a one-stop hub of AI tools, empowering you to create, tweak, and edit content with high efficiency and quality. It is also popular for the AI Face Swap, AI Cartoon Generator, as well as AI Talking Photo.

Precautions When Generating Deepfake Audio

So far, we have introduced speech synthesis tools that use audio deepfake and matching synthesis methods. When it becomes more possible to create celebrity voices so easily, everyone will want to have their favorite celebrity's voice say original phrases.

But when creating deepfake audio, you have to be careful about abuse. With the development of audio deepfake technology, there is a risk of misuse. Readers should be careful not to engage in illegal activities or fall prey to such fraudulent activities.

Don’t be Fooled by Deepfake Audio Online

As mentioned in the previous chapter, there are cases where Deepfake audio is misused. In the future, society will need to take measures to eradicate such illegal acts. Due to the development of laws and regulations, there will be restrictions on AI-based synthesized speech and its use.

Meanwhile, rather than relying on the development of laws and regulations, individuals must be careful not to fall for fraudulent activities. There is already technology in this world that can imitate your voice. In light of this fact, take measures to prevent fraud yourself.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we provided information about audio deepfake. Hopefully, you can find this article useful for your cases and utilize the new AI technology more easily.


Vita Wesley

Vita Wesley is an adventurous marketing writer from Pasadena, L.A. His deep cultivation over 10 years makes him a good advisor in the digital marketing space. Follow Vita to get the most effective tricks, methods, and strategies that will deliver a "Wow" factor!