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  • Benefits of Converting Articles to Audio
  • 6 Ways to Convert Articles to Audio
  • Best Solution: Use Free Article to Audio Converters

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Top 6 Article to Audio Converters for Smooth Conversion

Tim Henderson

Updated on

Enhance your reading experience with our article to audio converter – the key to accessible and versatile content delivery.

In an era marked by a burgeoning appetite for audio content and an increasing emphasis on accessibility, the demand for transforming written articles into immersive auditory experiences has never been more pronounced. Recognizing the diverse needs of audiences, we dive into the world of article-to-audio converters, aiming to bridge the gap between text-centric information and the auditory preferences of users.

This blog introduced the top 6 free articles to audio converters, catering to a range of preferences and budgets, keep reading to find the best one that suits your needs.

Article to Audio Converters for Smooth Conversion

On This Page
  • Benefits of Converting Articles to Audio
  • 6 Ways to Convert Articles to Audio
  • Best Solution: Use Free Article to Audio Converters

Benefits of Converting Articles to Audio

Transitioning from written articles to audio content through converters offers a multitude of advantages, enriching the reader's experience and accommodating diverse preferences.

1. Multitasking Convenience: Consumable While On-the-Go

With article-to-audio and audio to video converters, information becomes mobile-friendly, allowing users to absorb content seamlessly while commuting, exercising, or engaging in other activities. This enhances multitasking convenience, enabling individuals to stay informed in various settings.

2. Inclusive Content Consumption: Accessibility for Diverse Audiences

Article conversion to audio promotes inclusivity, extending accessibility to a broader audience. Visually impaired readers, for instance, benefit significantly as they can now effortlessly consume content through auditory means. This fosters a more inclusive digital environment and aligns with the principles of diversity and accessibility.

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3. Time-Efficient Info Absorption: Quick Auditory Comprehension

Converting articles to audio accelerates information absorption. Auditory learners, in particular, can grasp content more efficiently, streamlining the learning process. This time-efficient approach caters to those with busy schedules, offering a quick and effective means of comprehending valuable information.

6 Ways to Convert Articles to Audio

In an era dominated by digital content consumption, the demand for versatile tools that cater to different preferences is ever-growing. Converting articles to audio is a rising trend, providing an accessible alternative for those on the go or preferring auditory learning. Here, we’ll explore six effective methods to seamlessly transform articles into engaging audio content.

1. Browser Extension

A quick and convenient method for text to speech extension is through browser extensions. These handy tools integrate directly into your browser, allowing you to convert articles into audio with just a click. Users can enjoy a hands-free experience while multitasking or commuting, making it an ideal solution for those seeking efficiency and simplicity in their content consumption.

Ways to Convert Articles to Audio Browser Extension

2. Article to Audio Converter (TTS Tools)

Dive deeper into the world of article-to-audio conversion with dedicated tools designed specifically for this purpose. Article to Audio Converters, often utilizing Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, provide customizable options such as voice selection and speed control. These tools offer a more personalized experience, making them an excellent choice for users who value flexibility and control over their audio content.

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3. Speech Synthesis APIs

For those looking to integrate article-to-audio conversion into their own applications or platforms, Speech Synthesis APIs are the go-to solution. These APIs enable developers to seamlessly integrate text-to-speech capabilities, allowing for a tailored and streamlined user experience. This method is perfect for content creators and developers aiming to enhance user accessibility and engagement.

4. Voice Assistants

The integration of voice assistants in our daily lives has expanded beyond basic tasks. Users can leverage voice assistants to convert articles to audio effortlessly. Whether using popular voice-activated devices or virtual assistants on smartphones, this method offers a hands-free and intuitive approach to transforming written content into audio.

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5. Podcast Creation Tools

Podcasts continue to gain popularity, and converting articles into podcast episodes is a creative way to reach a broader audience. Podcast creation tools provide features for adding background music, inserting breaks, and enhancing the overall audio quality. This method is ideal for those looking to repurpose articles into a dynamic and engaging audio format.

Ways to Convert Articles to Audio Podcast Creation Tools

6. Use Screen Readers

Accessibility is a key consideration when converting articles to audio. Screen readers, designed for visually impaired users, can also be employed to transform written content into spoken words. This method ensures inclusivity, making article-to-audio conversion accessible to a diverse audience.

Best Solution: Use Free Article to Audio Converters

For those seeking an accessible and cost-effective way to make this transition, free article to audio converters emerge as the optimal choice. Let's explore the top contenders in this category, starting with Narakeet.

1. Narakeet - Versatile File Support for Converting Blog Articles to Audio

Narakeet - Versatile File Support for Converting Blog Articles to Audio

Narakeet offers a seamless transition from text to audio, leveraging AI text-to-speech voices that can articulate content in 90 languages. The converter excels in turning articles into audio with professional-grade recordings. The process is simplified into three steps: upload the article, choose a voice, and click "Create audio."

With pricing options ranging from $0.20 to $0.05 per minute, Narakeet ensures flexibility and affordability for you.

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2. Vidnoz AI Text to Speech - Best for Short Article to Audio Text Quick Conversion

Vidnoz AI Text to Speech - Best for Short Article to Audio Text Quick Conversion

Vidnoz AI Text to Speech specializes in transforming plain text into dynamic speeches using AI voices, creating a natural and engaging listening experience. Supporting eight languages with both male and female voices ranging from different ages, Vidnoz AI  ensures linguistic diversity. The conversion process is user-friendly, and proves to be an efficient choice for those looking to quickly convert short articles into audio.

How to Convert Articles to Audio Using Vidnoz AI:

Step 1. Paste or enter your text.

Step 2. Click the play button.

Step 3. Play or download text-to-speech MP3.

3. PlayHT - Various AI Voices, 140+ Language Options

PlayHT Various AI Voices

PlayHT stands out with its extensive library of 829 natural-sounding AI voices in 142 languages and accents. This converter not only provides high-quality audio versions such as news reporter AI voice but also incorporates SEO-friendly embedded audio players to enhance content reach and accessibility.

PlayHT offers a free plan and two subscription options: Creator at $31.20/month or $374.40 billed annually, and Unlimited at $99.00/month or $348.00 billed annually. The versatility and language options make PlayHT a robust choice for those seeking a comprehensive article-to-audio conversion solution.

4. VEED - Most Realistic AI Voices, Also Provides Text-to-Video Editing

VEED Most Realistic AI Voices Also Provides Text-to-Video Editing

VEED stands out as an exceptional article-to-audio converter with its cutting-edge AI voice assistant. This tool empowers users to transform written content, including articles, blogs, and news pieces, into audio seamlessly through advanced text-to-speech technology. What sets VEED apart is the remarkable realism of its AI voices, making it challenging to discern from actual human narration. This converter supports multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility.

Users can extend their creative capabilities beyond mere audio conversion by utilizing VEED's integrated AI video creation tools. This feature allows the creation of engaging visuals, leveraging royalty-free stock audio and video clips from the extensive library or starting with pre-designed video templates. VEED provides the flexibility to download the converted file as an MP3, ensuring compatibility with various audio players. While VEED offers a range of features, it's essential to note that pricing details may vary, and users should explore subscription plans to access the full spectrum of functionalities.

5. Article Audio - Best for Webpage Content Reading With Simple Touch of Links

Article Audio Best for Webpage Content Reading With Simple Touch of Links

Article Audio provides a user-friendly solution for converting articles into audio, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Users can convert written content into audio using a natural-sounding human voice, listen to it without restrictions, and manage the audio files by adding tags for easy organization and sharing.

Article Audio transforms webpage content into audio with a simple touch of links, making it an efficient tool for those seeking quick and hassle-free conversion.

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6. Voicemaker - Convert Articles to Audio With Many Editable Voice Settings

Voicemaker Convert Articles to Audio With Many Editable Voice Settings

Voicemaker distinguishes itself by offering a versatile article-to-audio conversion experience with a range of editable voice settings. Users can customize the generated audio files according to their preferences, adding a layer of personalization to the narration. Notably, Voicemaker allows users to redistribute generated audio files even after the subscription expires, providing flexibility in content sharing.

Voicemaker offers various subscription plans catering to different user needs. The free testing option allows users to explore the tool's capabilities, while the paid plans, including Basic, Premium, and Business, offer progressively advanced features. Users can choose a plan that aligns with their requirements, making Voicemaker a suitable choice for individuals, professionals, and small teams.

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The realm of article-to-audio conversion offers a plethora of options catering to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you are looking for a free solution or a comprehensive tool with advanced functionalities, these converters, adept at converting articles to audio, provide seamless options. By exploring these innovative methods, you can effortlessly turn articles into audio, enhancing accessibility and convenience.


Tim Henderson

Tim is an SEO content writer and an IT researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. Specialized in software reviewing and IT content writing, he has helped tens of thousand readers solve tech-related problems.