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On This Page
  • The Role AI Plays in the AI Video Transcription
  • How to Transcribe Video to Text with AI Online?
  • How to Transcribe Audio to Text with AI?
  • Bonus Tip: Best Text-to-Speech Online AI You Should Have

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Free Convert Video to Text with AI Video Transcription in Minutes

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Do you want to transcribe your video to text? Here is how AI video transcription can help you, with detailed step-by-step instructions for easy following.

Video transcription is the process of converting speech to text. Everything that is being said in a video is translated and well-represented in text form in terms of its context after transcription. Transcription is usually done by people but with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, AI video transcription has become the new popular thing. Not only is AI automated but it is accurate and also fast.

AI Video Transcription

With the accuracy, precision, and speed that AI works at, soon AI audio transcription as well as video transcription may take over the industry eliminating human labor to a minimum. This article will focus on AI speech to text or AI video transcription free and will introduce some AI tools that can do the job very well.

On This Page
  • The Role AI Plays in the AI Video Transcription
  • How to Transcribe Video to Text with AI Online?
  • How to Transcribe Audio to Text with AI?
  • Bonus Tip: Best Text-to-Speech Online AI You Should Have

The Role AI Plays in the AI Video Transcription

The difference between AI video transcription and traditional transcription is the technology. In the traditional transcription method, a person takes notes of a video word by word and then presents the final version while in the case of AI video transcription, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) tools are utilized that do all that.

Here is how AI makes video transcription better:

  1. AI video transcription is super fast and its speed of delivery may be its key selling point. The tools recognize the words and transcript as the video plays on. As soon as the video finishes, you will have the transcript in your hand.
  2. AI video transcription in contrast to human transcription is a lot cheaper. For human transcription, you need to hire a professional while for AI video transcription, all you need is a tool that costs way less than hiring a human.
  3. AI video transcription is easily accessible by everyone and it can be integrated into your websites or applications. You can transcript anything at any time.

Although AI video transcription is preferable nowadays, human transcription still continues to be relevant. AI video transcription may not always be accurate as in the case of noisy video. In such cases, you can utilize AI audio noise reduction to remove noise from the video and audio and then carry out AI video transcription.

How to Transcribe Video to Text with AI Online?

VEED.IO is one of the best tools to transcribe video to text online. With this tool, you can AI transcribe YouTube videos to text or any other video of your choice. This is a paid platform but it also offers a free plan that is limited to 10 minutes of video. Its paid plans start with the Basic Plan priced at $12 per month.

Here is how you can transcribe video to text using VEED.IO.

Step 1. Visit the official VEED.IO website and if your video is more than 10 minutes long, subscribe to one of its plans.

Step 2. Now, from the menu under “Tools”, click on “Video Editor”.

Step 3. The next thing you need to do is click on “Choose file” and select the video you want to transcribe. You can also add the video by dragging and dropping.

AI Video Transcription VEED 3

Step 4. Now, click on “Subtitles” and choose “Auto Transcribe” and then click on “Start”. Edit the transcript after it is done and then you can download it as a TXT file.

AI Video Transcription VEED 4

Note that if your video is of low quality, AI transcription may not be as accurate. To remedy that, you can upscale your video and then transcribe it. Click here to know how to AI upscale video.

How to Transcribe Audio to Text with AI?

Speak AI is one of the best tools in the market to AI transcribe audio to text. It is also a paid platform but the same as VEED.IO, it also offers a free plan with limited audio time. It has two paid plans i.e. a Starter Plan that is priced at $57/month and a Custom Plan with custom pricing. Its robust AI transcription allows you to convert any audio file to text with 95% accuracy which is pretty high.

Here is how to transcribe audio to text with Speak AI.

Step 1. Visit Speak AI’s official website and get registered. If need be, subscribe to one of its plans.

Step 2. From the menu under “Products”, click on “Audio to Text Converter” and then import your audio file or paste the URL link of it.

AI Video Transcription Speak 2

Step 3. After uploading the URL or audio file, click on start and Speak AI will start transcribing your audio. Depending on the length of your audio file, Speak AI can take up to 30 minutes or more to transcribe your audio.

Step 4. Once the transcript is ready, you can review it and edit it or you can get someone from Speak AI to edit it for you. After that is done, download the transcript to your device.

After AI video transcription as well as audio transcription, you will obtain the text from a video or audio and you can consider using it to create videos using an AI video generator or authentic speeches and narrations using text to speech tools.

Bonus Tip: Best Text-to-Speech Online AI You Should Have

Vidnoz Text to Speech is one of the best tools that can convert your transcripts into narrations and speeches using practical and creative AI technology. It is a product of Vidnoz which is a platform that offers different tools such AI video enhancer.

Here are the core features of Vidnoz Text to Speech.

1. Smart AI Narration with the right tone.

Vidnoz Text to Speech utilizes advanced AI technology and with it, it can analyze and apply the right voice tones as well as accents that sit well in the transcript and the context. The same thing you can do with another tool provided by Vidnoz called AI Talking Head which lets you use pictures of your favorite celebrities and converts them to Talking Head Avatars.

2. Accurate pitches, interjections, and pauses.

With its deep learning, the AI used for Vidnoz Text to Speech transforms your text to speech with accurate pitches and other characteristics such as interjections and pauses.

3. Super-long content is allowed.

Vidnoz Text to Speech is limitless. This means that no matter how long your transcript is, you can convert it into speeches and narrations without worrying about the word count.

4. Change the speed and the gender of the voice.

While adding your transcript to Vidnoz Text to Speech, you can select the right voice such as male and female and you can also use the slider to adjust the speed of the speech.

With this AI YouTube video maker, you can even convert the transcript to a uniquely narrated video that will get a lot of popularity on YouTube.

How to Use Vidnoz Text to Speech to Create a Fluent Speech?

Here is how to use Vidnoz Text to Speech to create narrations and speeches utilizing free audio transcription online tools to get a transcript.

Step 1. Visit the official website of Vidnoz AI and sign up and log in for free.

Step 2. From the menu, click on Vidnoz Text to Speech. Here you can also find other tools too.

AI Video Transcription Vidnoz 2

Step 3. Once Vidnoz Text to Speech opens up, get the transcript that you have obtained from AI video transcription and paste it into Vidnoz Text to Speech box.

AI Video Transcription Vidnoz 3

Step 4. Now, select a language, choose a male or female tone, adjust the speed, and click on the “Create” button.


So, video transcription has applications in all fields of life including education, business, and law. AI video transcription is the latest and one of the biggest revolutions in the transcription field and it is preferred over human transcription because of its speed, accuracy, and cost. You can transcribe both audio and video files with AI transcription tools. After using every product, you get a transcript that you can use and convert it into a speech using a tool such as Vidnoz Text to Speech. It is free and unlimited. Sign up for Vidnoz Text to Speech now.

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