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  • How to Make Video Reviews with Vidnoz Flex
  • Why Should You Choose Video Reviews?
  • FAQs of Making Video Reviews

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Make Outstanding Video Reviews Effortlessly: A One-Stop Solution

Kevin Hart

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Follow this to make outstanding video reviews to boost brand exposure and sales following next. All the tools you need to create videos are inside. Free to use!

Video reviews are good media which can link business with customers in an unprecedented way. Video makers can show every aspect of their service or product in a video and how they are actually operated, then viewers or customers can get a comprehensive impression of the service/product, and the decision of purchasing can be made instantly after watching the videos.

Businesses like you should consider this new method of marketing too. It can produce way more profit than you can ever imagine, especially in a world of watching reviews before buying.

Make Video Reviews

Let’s see how to make video reviews for better sales together!

On This Page
  • How to Make Video Reviews with Vidnoz Flex
  • Why Should You Choose Video Reviews?
  • FAQs of Making Video Reviews

How to Make Video Reviews with Vidnoz Flex

First , you need to check the things that are necessary to make video reviews, they are:

  1. A camera or webcam
  2. A screen recorder
  3. A teleprompter

If you want to film a product in real life, a camera is enough. If you want to make videos about software or online services, a screen recorder and a webcam is needed. These things are the basic tools required for making video reviews. After getting these things ready, you can start to prepare your script.

Here, a special tool will be introduced for people who try to record yourselves using software or online services to be the main content of a video review - Vidnoz Flex. It’s a video hub for creating, sharing, and analyzing videos offering tools like screen recorder, teleprompter, video editor, etc. And here’s how you can make video reviews with this platform.

Step 1. Open the Vidnoz Flex online video studio. Just sign up to use it for free.

Step 2. Find the screen recorder and start to record.

How to Make Video Reviews - Step 2

You can record webcam, screen and screen + webcam.

Step 3. Paste your script in the built-in teleprompter.

This would help make a more natural and professional video review.

Step 4. Just start recording.

After recording your video, using this online tool to edit is also practical! Adding effects, call-to-action, selecting a thumbnail, adjusting colors, etc. all these features that a professional editor has are available. For videos created by camera promoting real products, you also can upload them to this platform to edit!

Besides features mentioned in the steps, Vidnoz Flex has more that you need to know:

4K & 90 FPS Video Recording Supported

According to Wista, “1080p is still the gold standard for internet video, up 18% since 2021 and up 825% since 2016. Full HD videos accounted for 51% of all videos uploaded to Wistia in 2022.” Videos with higher resolution are the mainstream and 4K videos have been through a significant increase - “up 56% since 2021 and up 584% since 2019.” So, getting a recorder for 1080p to 4K videos is necessary and Vidnoz Flex is just qualified.

How to Make Video Reviews - Video Resolution

All Around Video Analytics Available

Video analytics is another big part of making video reviews, you have to learn the performance and feedback of viewers to evaluate them. And the metrics should include views, viewers’ countries, how viewers reach your videos, comments, engagement rate, etc. then you can make a summary of your video reviews to check whether they have met your goal. Vidnoz Flex offers such an entrance for detailed video analysis presented in a clear and direct way. Just like the screenshot shown below.

How to Make Video Reviews - Video Analytics

After talking about how to make video reviews, let’s see what benefits you can receive from adopting this new way of video marketing.

Why Should You Choose Video Reviews?

Video marketing is widely applied to all kinds of business, it’s very familiar with people and easy to accept. Choosing video reviews is just taking advantage of that and trying to present products or services in a more acceptable way to users. More benefits of this method can be listed below:

Let More People Notice & Learn about You

Exposure might be the most important thing business care and videos can bring more exposure than texts or photos. Since videos can be shared to multiple platforms, more people would see your content and learn about your product/service. Talking about this, try to manage YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels with vertical 1-minute video reviews too. Just remember, the more places to share videos, the better.

More Sales & Brand Awareness Coming Next

Video reviews can make these things happen: sales would increase if you are trying to sell something, and brand awareness would improve if you are trying to let more people know you. What you need to do is to publish it on as many platforms as you can for more views.

Save Time & Energy

Customers tend to have many questions when buying something especially when they are hesitating. Video reviews are made for solving their questions and worries, to push them to make decisions as soon as possible. And this would save lots of your energy and time to answer repeated questions, introducing products again and again…

With all the advantages mentioned above, it’s time to make your first video review with an AI spokesperson now! Use Vidnoz Flex to start!

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

FAQs of Making Video Reviews

2 frequently asked questions about review videos are prepared for you. Check them one by one below.

How to make a review video on youtube?

As mentioned above, just the steps in part 1 and publish the videos on YouTube. Also, Vidnoz Flex would enable you to upload videos to YouTube directly after editing them on this platform.

How to make product review videos?

Just like the how to videos, if your product is substantial, just use a camera to film some clips of it and edit on the Vidnoz Flex! Then add call-to-actions and subtitles will be OK. If your product is virtual, follow the steps in part 1.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to make video reviews. You are now equipped with a powerful video creation tool and the steps to make reviews. Lately, besides all the great features mentioned above, this tool released built-in templates with speech scripts, email scripts, and page styles to boost your video creation too. More templates and other amazing features to come! Just open Vidnoz and start creating your videos now!


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.