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  • What is an AI Training Video
  • What are Benefits of AI Training Videos
  • How to Create an AI Training Video
  • Best 3 Tips to Create Engaging Training Videos with AI

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How to Create AI Training Videos Online Free in Minutes

Thea Lewis

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How to create AI training videos for e-learning and onboarding? AI training video generator helps make an engaging training video online free in minutes.

The flourish of e-learning drives training videos to be one of the most trending formats for information delivery. Companies and organizations use training and onboarding videos to educate employers for personal and whole development. Exactly, training videos produce more informative, engaging and entertainining content that can be reviewed time by time. 

AI Training Videos

With the advent of AI technology, it becomes more accessible to create training videos with the reduction of the need for excessive manpower and resources. Is there an easiest way to make AI training videos? In this article, we would like to show you an ultimate guide of how to create AI training videos with the best free AI training video generator in minutes.

On This Page
  • What is an AI Training Video
  • What are Benefits of AI Training Videos
  • How to Create an AI Training Video
  • Best 3 Tips to Create Engaging Training Videos with AI

What is an AI Training Video

An AI training video is a video-based learning resource that typically incorporates AI-powered features to teach how to perform a task. They are widely used as a customer service video, employee onboarding, or client training courses. AI video tutorials use AI features such as automated content creation, an AI talking avatar, interactive elements, and text to speech voice generator to streamline the video creation process and enhance the training experience.

The most common types of AI training videos include:

  • Micro video. A micro video is a short video that conveys a concise message with engaging visuals such as images, animations, slides, and text overlays. These videos are ideal for simple activities that don't call for a lengthy training session.
  • Screencast. A screencast is a screen recording of a digital device, typically accompanied by audio narration. Screencasts are widely used if your AI video tutorials are related to intangible products and services such as online platforms and computer software.
  • Presenter video. In a presenter video, a speaker appears on the screen and delivers information, instruction, or a presentation directly to the audience. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a way to convey complex ideas on a more intimate level.

AI Training Video Template:

What are Benefits of AI Training Videos

Reports show that video is a powerful and effective way to deliver valuable information for team development at a lower cost. That’s why businesses strive to create training videos. And, AI training videos can further enhance the benefits of videos in training and onboarding. 

Enhance Engagement and Retention

Videos can better engage and entertain employees than emails and documents. You can well catch audiences’ attention when you make you AI training videos informative and interactive. What’s more, videos help deliver knowledge in an easy and visual way so that employees can keep what they have learned for a long time. 

Save Money and Time in Training

Creating video tutorials is more cost effective to train your employees than hiring instructors or investing printed materials. Using AI technology, you even don’t need camera or actor to record the training videos. Employees can watch and use the AI training videos anytime, anywhere. 

Access, Update & Share Easily

Video is flexible for everyone. It works as the best solution to deliver various information to employees when you feel difficult to gather your team together in office. It can be easily shared via emails, message apps, cloud drives etc. As video host, you can modify and update the video content at any time.

Benefits of AI Training Videos

How to Create an AI Training Video

You should choose the style of a training video that will be most effective for your audience before you begin to produce AI training videos. Different types of AI training videos require different resources and processes.

The following steps primarily describe how to create a screencast as a training video to show how to use new software.

Step 1. Write a Script

To create an AI training video begins with a well-structured video script. A good video script should include sketching scenes, indicating transitions, and planning the audio elements. It significantly improves efficiency and helps to maintain a well-paced storyline throughout the video creation. You can increase your video script productivity with the help of an AI script generator.

Video Script

Step 2. Choose the Right AI Training Video Generator

A qualified AI video generator simplifies the process of the creation of training videos. Vidnoz AI is the editor's pick which specializes in making various videos for business, from employee onboarding/training videos to promo videos, in minutes. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • Professionally-designed Templates: Vidnoz AI offers 300+ video well-designed and editable templates. You can instantly create sorts of training videos with appropriate templates like marketing tips/strategy, business case study and so on.
  • Realistic AI Avatars: Use inbuilt avatars to create an AI talking head as a digital presenter to train your teams. All avatars are based on real human beings with perfect lip-syncing and gestures. Also, you can use a custom avatar to make the AI training videos more engaging.
  • Natural AI Voices: Vidnoz put a batch of voice in multiple languages for this video generator. You can choose a favorite voice and turn your script into speech for videos. All voices are natural and professional.
  • Easy Editing Tools: Customization is available as well. You can add text and subtitle into video to make your audiences understand the content better. You can also add background image, BGM or transition between scenes to beautify the video.

Step 3. Create an AI Training Video

1. Access your AI video generator as a guest. Or, sign up and log in your account.

2. Go to Templates and select a template for AI training video creation. Click Use this template.

Use AI Online Training Template

3. Enter your script into Speech Text box. Select voice and language. Next, personalize the template if needed. For example, change existing text, add subtitle, insert shape, image, music and so on. 

4. After all is done, click Generate.

Create AI Training Video

Step 4. Share the Video Tutorial

1. Go to My Creations and select the AI-generated training video.

2. Click Share button.

3. There are 3 ways for you to share the AI video for training and development.

  • Social: Select a social media service, Facebook, Twitter, Google Classroom, and click Share.
  • Email: Import contacts, input subject and email body, then send your video email.
  • Embed: Copy and paste the video code and embed it into your website.

How to Share AI Training Video

Best 3 Tips to Create Engaging Training Videos with AI

Make Your Script Easy to Follow

Yes, script is a must-have in an AI training video. Choose a topic about what your audiences want to know and then write a well-structured script that is easy to understand. A clear and concise presentation can aid your audience in grasping the concepts and ideas being presented.

Keep Your AI Training Videos Short and Direct

The main purpose of training videos is to pass essential knowledge and develop employees. Short videos are much easier to remember and rewatch. Your learners can better maintain the information. Cut unnecessary stuff and keep the key content only in your video.

Choose the Right Spokesperson and Voiceover

Who is the presenter to train your employees? Use an AI spokesperson which has the same image as L&D team professionals. Also, you should select a voice that is clear, professional and matches the tone of your content.

Tips for AI Video Tutorials


More and more companies and organizations choose AI training videos, one of the most efficient way, to develop teams. With AI video generator, you can easily create an AI training video. Vidnoz AI is a powerful AI video generator that enables you to make training, onboarding and e-learning videos in minutes. It offers hundreds of templates and avatars as well as AI text to video engine to make your training video engaging. You can also use it to create other AI videos for business, communication and social media with ease.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

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