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On This Page
  • What Is an AI Recipe Generator?
  • Why Use an AI Recipe Generator?
  • 7 Best AI Recipe Generators for Nutritious & Versatile Recipes
  • Bonus: Create a Cook Tutorial with an AI-generated Recipe

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AI Recipe Generator Empowers Your Cooking Experience


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Discover top AI-powered recipe generators to create unique and personalized recipes based on your preferences. Make cooking an interesting and cool thing!

AI recipe generators are a fresh and innovative approach to transforming your cooking experience. These technologies make intriguing new recipe suggestions based on your tastes and available ingredients using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using an AI recipe generator, you can vary your diet, reduce food waste, and goodbye to lack of creativity. They can also help you improve your health and learn new cooking techniques. This article will cover the top 7 AI recipe generators, features, and operational mechanisms.

AI Recipe Generator

On This Page
  • What Is an AI Recipe Generator?
  • Why Use an AI Recipe Generator?
  • 7 Best AI Recipe Generators for Nutritious & Versatile Recipes
  • Bonus: Create a Cook Tutorial with an AI-generated Recipe

What Is an AI Recipe Generator?

An artificial intelligence (AI) recipe generator is a technology that makes recipe recommendations based on user input, such as available ingredients, dietary requirements, or a particular dish concept. These generators completely transform cooking by offering various fresh recipe ideas, cutting down on food waste, and assisting users in picking up new skills. They provide a practical means of getting ideas, making the most of meal planning, and creating customized recipes based on unique requirements and tastes.

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Why Use an AI Recipe Generator?

Here is a list of reasons you should use an AI recipe generator.

Generate recipes automatically

AI recipe generator helps you develop inventive and tasty dishes based on the items you already have. It saves you time and money on impromptu grocery shop excursions. Plus, it makes your recipes less one-dimensional and static.

Enhance your health with new culinary skills

AI recipe generators make it simpler to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These suggest foods that meet your nutritional choices and exercise objectives. They also assist you in learning new cooking methods and enhancing your general culinary abilities.

Lessons on food waste and saves time

AI recipe generators can help you maximize your food and minimize waste by making dish suggestions based on the items you already have.

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7 Best AI Recipe Generators for Nutritious & Versatile Recipes

Are you sick of preparing the same dishes repeatedly? Do you want to try some interesting new dishes but need help determining where to begin? You only need to look at AI recipe generators! Look at these top 7 AI recipe generators to improve your diet's diversity, reduce food waste, and improve overall health.

#1. Dishgen

This random recipe generator app allows users to easily create, store, explore, and share an infinite number of AI-generated recipes. With Dishgen, you can enter your dietary requirements, products on hand, or recipe ideas. The sophisticated algorithm will quickly create unique, tailored dishes just for you. Dishgen not only opens up a world of culinary possibilities but also aids in the fight against food waste by recommending recipes based on items that are readily accessible.

AI Recipe Generator - Dishgen

Special Features:

  • You can modify the serving size, cooking time, and difficulty level of your recipes.
  • You can share and save your best recipes with friends and family.
  • It provides a community component that lets users explore and exchange infinite unique dishes.

How to use Dishgen?

To use Dishgen, go to the website and enter your dietary requirements, favorite foods, or recipe suggestions. After data analysis, the algorithm will produce a list of customized recipes that meet your demands. You can also modify the recipe to your preferred taste.

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#2. MealPractice

MealPractice can make inventive food suggestions based on your dietary requirements, culinary prowess, and accessible supplies. It creates customized recipes that meet your demands by analyzing recipe data from many sources using machine-learning techniques. You may also modify the recipe with MealPractice by adding or deleting components and altering the cooking temperature and duration.

AI Recipe Generator - MealPractice

Special Features:

  • The tool can produce recipe possibilities using artificial intelligence technologies quickly and efficiently.
  • Before choosing, users can go over the created recipe possibilities.
  • MealPractice also offers services like finding menus, meeting people, seeing meals, and discovering recipes.

How to use MealPractice?

Depending on the user's selections for primary protein, nutritional style, and cuisine, this AI recipe app can produce three different menu possibilities. Users can choose from beef, chicken, fish, hog, turkey, or vegetarian alternatives as their main protein. Along with culinary alternatives like Vietnamese, the application offers options for nutritious, robust, low in carbohydrates, whole foods, and wholesome cuisines.

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#3. Let’s Foodie

Enter Let's Foodie's virtual paradise, where all your gastronomic fantasies come true. Its digital walls conceal a potent AI recipe generator that might completely alter how we prepare food and create art. You can quickly compile recipes at your fingertips by considering your dietary needs, favorite foods, and degree of culinary proficiency. It has a huge collection of recipes from many different nations and cuisines. 

AI Recipe Generator - Lets Foodie

Special Features:

  • Users of various experience levels can easily utilize and navigate this platform.
  • Let's Foodie creates original, personalized meals using the items you already have on hand.
  • The AI program considers your nutritional requirements and preferences to generate appropriate meals.

How to Use Let’s Foodie?

Go to the website of Let's Foodie AI Recipe Generator. Add your ingredients to the list, including any dietary restrictions if applicable. After processing your data, the AI program creates a customized recipe using the ingredients and preferences you provide.

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#4. Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder

With Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder, what can I make with these ingredients is no longer a problem. Using the ingredients you already have, Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder provides intriguing new meals. It creates customized recipes that meet your demands by analyzing recipe data from many sources. 

Tesco Real Food Recipe Generator 

Special Features:

  • Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder is unique in giving you the nutritional facts for every dish, including calories, fat, protein, and carbs.
  • It can assist you in making well-informed dietary selections and guarantee that you receive the necessary nutrients.

How to use Tesco Real Food Recipe Finder?

It offers recipe suggestions that use the items you currently have in your kitchen. This software is intended to help you lessen food waste. All you have to do is enter the items you have on hand, and the program will devise a list of recipes you can prepare with them.

#5. Crooked Recipes

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, Crooked Recipes creates a customized recipe based on an analysis of the components you have. It is perfect for anyone seeking inventive methods to use their cupboard contents or who needs help with what to cook with leftover goods.

AI Recipe Generator - Crooked Recipes

Special Features: 

  • Crooked Recipes creates custom meals specifically for you.
  • It considers your ingredients and any dietary requirements or preferences.

How to use Crooked Recipes?

Any dietary requirements, preferences, or specifications can be entered, and the AI will modify the recipe as necessary. Add the items you already have in your cupboard or refrigerator and any dietary requirements or preferences. This AI recipe app will generate amazing recipe ideas that are highly customized for you.

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#6. Vondy Recipe Generator

Vondy uses artificial intelligence to enable consumers access to a huge collection of recipes. These are customized to their tastes and dietary requirements. Vondy's recipe generator can help you prepare tasty and nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of your culinary expertise.

Vondy Recipe Generator

Special Features:

  • It has the capacity to provide customized recipes, with or without amounts, given a list of components.
  • It allows people to add details for a customized cooking experience.

How to use Vondy AI Recipe Generator?

The Vondy AI Recipe Generator is a revolutionary tool that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. It has transformed the way we discover and create recipes. Through the analysis of user input, such as an ingredient list, the platform can produce a customized recipe that considers the user's dietary limitations and preferences.

#7. Recipeland

The recipe is an AI-powered recipe generator that assists you in finding dishes using the components you already have on hand. You can quickly find delicious new recipes that fit your requirements and tastes with Recipeland.

Recipeland AI Recipe Generator

Special Features:

  • Its easy-to-use interface lets you look for recipes using the items you already have.
  • Recipeland can locate meals that fit your dietary needs and favorite cuisines.
  • A user community that shares recipes and experiences, giving a platform for discovery and inspiration.
  • It eliminates the need for impromptu grocery store excursions and simplifies meal planning.

How to use Recipeland?

Recipeland generates customized recipes based on your preferences. It uses artificial intelligence and the items you have on hand to generate fresh and inventive dish ideas.

Bonus: Create a Cook Tutorial with an AI-generated Recipe

If you are a cooking blogger or vlogger. AI recipe generators help you generate different recipes for diversity. What to do if you want to create a delectable cook instruction using one of the recipes explored before. In this example, we will introduce you Vidnoz AI to make a cooking instruction video for the meal after creating a customized recipe with any one of the AI recipe generators.

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  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

How to use Vidnoz AI to generate a cook tutorial?

Step 1. Create a free Vidnoz AI account.

Step 2. Select from cook tutorial template to create AI videos.

Select Cooking Tutorial Template for AI Recipe

Step 3. Include your AI-generated recipe in the video's script.

Step 4. Use conversational AI avatars that are realistic to explain recipes. It will make the tutorial interesting and engaging.

Step 5. To add voiceovers or subtitles to videos, use text-to-speech for a quick voiceover.

Step 6. Preview and generate video.

These instructions will help you create a professional and interesting cook tutorial using an AI-generated recipe and AI-generated video template. Increase the variety of your cooking abilities, reduce food waste, and enjoy cooking more with this AI-powered equipment.


AI recipe generators provide a novel spin on classic foods by offering a variety of distinctive recipes tailored to a person's tastes. These tools make cooking less intimidating and more pleasurable. People may broaden their culinary experiences and try a variety of cuisines by utilizing AI-generated recipes. Furthermore, Vidnoz offers a smooth platform with text-to-speech, realistic talking avatars, and AI video templates for producing entertaining cooking courses with AI-generated recipes. This set of AI-powered technologies enables users to discover new flavors and share their culinary adventures with others via visually engaging video material.



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