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On This Page
  • How to Turn Selfie into a Professional Headshot? 6 Simple Steps 
  • How to Take a Professional Selfie Headshot with Your Smart Phone? Take Some Efforts
  • Do & Don’ts List for Slick & Professional Selfie Headshot Shoot 

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How to Take a Professional Selfie Headshot with AI Photography Tools In 3 Secs


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Want to take a professional selfie headshot for interview or passport? Use AI photography tools to easily generate a expertised selfie headshot in 3 seconds.

A well-made selfie headshot may leave a lasting impression in our digital world. It improves your online presence for social media, business networking, or personal branding. With a few seconds and the appropriate methods, you can take a headshot that looks amazing and conveys expertise and confidence. Learning the ins and outs of angles, outfit selection, and the significance of backdrop and lighting will help you become an expert in headshots. Let's look at how to make a selfie look like a headshot. Here are some quick tips to help your selfie headshot stand out and create a lasting impression.

How to Take a Selfie Headshot

On This Page
  • How to Turn Selfie into a Professional Headshot? 6 Simple Steps 
  • How to Take a Professional Selfie Headshot with Your Smart Phone? Take Some Efforts
  • Do & Don’ts List for Slick & Professional Selfie Headshot Shoot 

How to Turn Selfie into a Professional Headshot? 6 Simple Steps 

Can a headshot be a selfie? Yes, of course. You can use AI technology to transform a selfie into a professional headshot in a few easy steps. With the help of the useful online application Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator, users can quickly and easily produce a variety of professional headshots without having to set up backdrops, outfits, equipment, or lighting. 

Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator overview

With Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator, you can easily turn ordinary images into gorgeous, high-quality headshots. If you want to create corporate headshots on your iPhone, it also offers you the Vidnoz AI Headshots app for iOS. Users may create realistic and excellent headshots with just a single button click. Cutting-edge AI technology guarantees a speedy response, giving consumers distinctive, professional headshots.

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

Why Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator is recommended?

Why is it so great to take a selfie headshot with Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Practicality and Effectiveness

You may save time and effort by forgoing a real photo shoot with Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, you don't need to worry about planning a session, making travel arrangements to a studio, or liaising with a photographer to obtain a great headshot. Finding the appropriate attire, equipment, and backdrops or devoting time to lighting setup are not concerns neither.

  • Numerous Customization Possibilities

With over 40 backdrop and outfit possibilities, Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator provides many alternatives. Thanks to this wide variety, users may customize their headshots to reflect their style or the message they like to communicate. The diversity guarantees a distinctive and polished outcome.

  • Economical Resolution

You can get high-quality headshots for a fraction of the price of a conventional photo session by utilizing Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator. This platform is an economical option for both people and organizations since it saves 80% on the costs involved with hiring a photographer, buying clothes, putting up backdrops, and setting up lighting.

How to use it to make professional selfie headshots?

To turn your unprofessional selfie into a polished, high-quality headshot without having to do a real photo shoot, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Create a free Vidnoz AI account.

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

Step 2: Go to the Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator tool page

Step 3: Pick the styles you want

There are 40 styles you can choose from, with different backdrops adn clothing styles. Select a background that accentuates your desired professional image and matches your style. Also choose the clothing that accentuates your professional demeanour. You can edit your headshot at this phase to reflect your tastes.

Pick the Headshot Styles You Want

Step 4: Generate and download the AI selfie headshot

Download and save your official headshot generated by Vidnoz. Now, you have a professional-looking headshot without having to set up any backdrops, costumes, equipment, or lighting. Plus, Vidnoz AI Headshots Generator offers an effective and reasonably priced way to create high-quality headshots from photo, saving 80% over the expense of a conventional picture session.

How to Take a Professional Selfie Headshot with Your Smart Phone? Take Some Efforts

Taking a professional selfie headshot has become important for social media accounts, job applications, and personal branding in the age of smartphones. You can get a headshot that shows you at your finest with a few deliberate actions and some work. But how to take a great selfie headshot? Here is a thorough how-to to assist you with the procedure:

Step 1. Decide what type of headshots you want to take.

Decide on the goal and style of headshots you desire before starting the picture session. Do you want to show off half of your body or just your head in the picture? Consider the situation: is it for a social media presence, a personal blog, or an application for a job? Your understanding of the purpose will guide your decisions in the next phases.

Step 2. Prepare yourself for the headshot shoot according to the headshot type.

  • Outfits

Wearing something that fits the objective of the headshot is quite important for taking headshots at home. Choose business clothes if it's for a formal atmosphere. Patterns that can be distracting are often avoided by using solid colors. Make sure your clothes fit and are clean.

Decide the Selfie Headshot Type

  • Cosmetics and hair

Keep your hair and makeup natural and basic unless your objective calls for something else. Make sure your hair is neat and arranged to accentuate your features. For a finished appearance, use makeup sparingly, emphasizing aspects that accentuate your face structure.

Step 3. Prepare the lighting

A headshot that looks professional requires good lighting. Place yourself next to a window to take advantage of natural light. Make sure your face receives equal amounts of light, avoiding sharp shadows. Add more lighting, such as lamps, if you're indoors, to create a well-lit space.

Step 4. Find the right background

Position yourself before a blank white wall for a tidy and polished appearance. It reduces outside distractions and maintains your attention. Use free internet applications like Vidnoz AI Background Remover to eliminate unsightly backdrops if a white wall isn't accessible. To make the removal procedure go more smoothly, ensure you are well apart from the backdrop.

Step 5. You’d better free your hands from taking selfies so you can do some more natural poses.

  • Method 1: Use a bluetooth controller and a mobile phone tripod:

To steady your phone, get a tripod mount for mobile phones. For hands-free selfie photography, pair it with a Bluetooth selfie controller. Posing options are increased with this configuration, guaranteeing a stable shot.

Selfie Headshot

  • Method 2: Apply Delayed Shots

For delayed photographs, the majority of smartphones contain a timer feature. Set a timer so you have a few more seconds to compose the photo after pressing the shutter. It makes for more natural stances and less camera shaking.

  • Without accessories

You can still take a selfie using your phone's front camera if you don't have a tripod or Bluetooth controller. To get the greatest photo, ensure your hand is stable and try several angles. 

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Step 6. Take professional headshots with your phone

Assume optimal lighting by positioning yourself in front of the selected background. Try a variety of positions, expressions, and viewpoints. To select a range of options while editing, take many pictures. Unwind and let your individuality come through in the pictures.

Step 7. Please choose your favorite headshot and edit it

Explore the photos after the shoot and choose the one that most closely resembles the style you had in mind. Make little edits with your phone's picture editing apps. Adjust contrast, brightness, and sharpness as necessary. Make sure the finished product meets your desired professional standards and truly reflects who you are.

Taking a professional-looking selfie headshot using your smartphone takes work, but the rewards are well worth it. Whether for a job application, social networking, or personal branding, you can make a gorgeous headshot that fulfills your needs by paying attention to elements like lighting, backdrop, and postures. You also have the option to make a perfect headshot using an AI Headshots Generator, which create professional headshots for you from selfie in a few seconds only!

Do & Don’ts List for Slick & Professional Selfie Headshot Shoot 

Here are a few dos and don'ts to remember while taking a polished and professional-looking selfie headshot. To help you look put together, consider the following advice:

Do's for a slick & professional selfie headshot:

  • Find and show your best angle

Try a variety of perspectives to find the posture that best suits you. Some persons have a certain side profile or a head tilt that makes them look better. Take a few images to select the perspective that best accentuates your features and conveys confidence.

  • Make the headshot consistent with its purpose

Make sure your look is appropriate for the headshot's intended use. If it's a professional situation, dress appropriately and make eye contact with approachable and knowledgeable people. Maintaining a uniform appearance within the context of your headshot guarantees that it fulfills its intended function.

  • Make use of natural light whenever you can

Natural light is preferable since it produces a more delicate and attractive look. Put yourself outside or close to a window to take advantage of even, diffused light. Natural light softens harsh shadows and brings forth the best aspects of the face.

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

Mistakes to avoid for a chic and expert selfie headshot:

  • Never point up your chin

Steer clear of the error of tilting your head forward since this can distort facial features and cast unpleasant shadows. Keep your chin parallel to the floor for a polished and natural appearance.

  • Don’t fake a smile

In a professional headshot, authenticity is important. Consider something happy or recall an instance that makes you truly happy rather than trying to force a grin. A genuine grin makes you seem more friendly and inviting.

  • Don't use too busy backgrounds

To reduce distractions, use a background that is clear and straightforward. Backgrounds that could be clearer and more complex might detract from your face and lessen the headshot's professional effect.


With the appropriate methods and equipment, it is possible to take a selfie headshot that looks professional. The development of AI technology has made it easier and more accessible for anyone to create compelling headshots. Users can get realistic and excellent headshots in a matter of clicks by utilizing Vidnoz’s AI Headshots Generator. With the help of a useful online application, users may produce a variety of expert headshots without having to set up backdrops, outfits, equipment, or lighting. It enables them to make a lasting impression in today's visually-focused society.



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