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On This Page
  • Advantages of Giveaway Video in Marketing
  • 5 Creative Social Media Giveaway Video Ideas
  • Easiest Method: Make a Giveaway Video Using Vidnoz AI Template in 4 Steps
  • Share Your Giveaway Video to THESE 4 Social Media Platforms

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Create a Free Giveaway Video Online - Ideas & Templates Provided

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Discover the methods of creating compelling giveaway videos that captivate your audience, increase brand visibility, and drive social media engagement!

Today, giveaway video is another form of video marketing strategy. Giveaway video offers an engaging avenue to bond with audiences and elevate online presence everywhere. Their popularity on social media platforms bears testament to their potency in fostering engagement and growth. Get ready to explore giveaway videos and even whip up your own using nifty video editing software giveaways.

Create a Free Giveaway Video Online

On This Page
  • Advantages of Giveaway Video in Marketing
  • 5 Creative Social Media Giveaway Video Ideas
  • Easiest Method: Make a Giveaway Video Using Vidnoz AI Template in 4 Steps
  • Share Your Giveaway Video to THESE 4 Social Media Platforms

Advantages of Giveaway Video in Marketing

By leveraging the precision of a giveaway video template, this becomes an even more streamlined endeavor.

These giveaway videos go beyond the mere allure of prizes. They serve as organic traffic drivers, enticing viewers to engage. so, they foster More a sense of community, inviting audiences to be part of something more rewarding.

AI marketing tools making giveaway videos acts as a two-way street. It offers viewers a chance to win, but more importantly, it anchors a brand firmly within their consciousness. The ripple effect of shares, comments, and likes further amplifies brand visibility, making it a win-win for both parties.

5 Creative Social Media Giveaway Video Ideas

Making a giveaway video is easy, but making a creative one to attract people can be a challenge. Here are the five creative social media ideas you use in your video.

1. Trivia Challenge with Prizes Galore

Dive deep into the realm of knowledge with a trivia challenge. Craft videos that toss out brain-teasing questions about your brand or sector. It's not just a test of wits; it's a portal to prizes. Armed with correct answers, viewers can bask in the joy of winning enticing rewards.

Creative Social Media Giveaway Video Ideas

2. User-Generated Content Showcase

Turn your viewers into the stars of the show. Encourage them to don their creative hats, be it through snaps, clips, or heartfelt tales around your offerings. Cherry-pick the crème de la crème and showcase them in a special giveaway video while showering the maestros behind them with gifts.

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3. Countdown to Big Giveaway Event

Ride the wave of anticipation with a suspense-filled countdown video. As the clock ticks down to your grand giveaway event, drip-feed hints about the juicy prizes, intricate rules, and all the fun in store. A community buzzing with excitement, eagerly marking their calendars.

4. Spot the Hidden Prize Game

It's hide-and-seek but with a delightful twist. Implant a prize covertly within your video and challenge the eagle-eyed among your audience to unearth it. Spot it, and voila, they're in the running for the grand prize.

5. Tag a Friend for Entry

Engagement meets camaraderie in this fun idea. Stir viewers to tag their buddies in the video comments. Every tag doesn't just amplify the fun but also expands the entry list. It's not just about winning; it's about sharing the joy with a friend. After all, joy shared is joy doubled!

Easiest Method: Make a Giveaway Video Using Vidnoz AI Template in 4 Steps

Make a Giveaway Video Using Vidnoz AI Template

The evolution of video marketing is astounding, and at the center of this revolution is Vidnoz AI, known for its AI-powered advanced video editing features that have become the preferred choice of many, designed to create impactful visuals without a steep learning curve. When it comes to creating the perfect giveaway video, their giveaway video templates are unrivaled. Most importantly: it's very user-friendly. So, for those who wish to utilize this feature without much effort, follow these simple steps!

Step 1. Visit Vidnoz AI and Create a Account.

Kick things off by heading to the Vidnoz AI website and logging in. If you're new, registration is a need.

Step 2. Choose the Giveaway Promo Template.

Once inside, you can see plenty of video templates provided by Vidnoz AI, but you just need to use the ‘Giveaway Promo’ one, search the templates, and click ‘Use this template’.

Step 2 Choose the Giveaway Promo Template

Step 3. Edit the Video With Talking Avatar and Text to Speech.

Upload a photo to create your desired talking avatar. You can also use the text-to-speech function to create a vivid voice. Detail your giveaway using the scenes, or go wild by adding more scenes, videos, or even serenading with some tunes.

Step 3 Edit the Video With Talking Avatar and Text to Speech

Step 4. Preview and Generate the Video.

Now take a moment, preview, and ensure everything is perfect. Preview the video and download it, your giveaway video is ready to rock the digital realm!

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Why Choose Vidnoz AI Video Editing Software for Your Giveaway Video?

In the vast sea of giveaway video editing tools, Vidnoz AI stands as a shining beacon. But what makes it perfect? Here's the lowdown:

1. Tailored Templates: With its robust giveaway video template collection, Vidnoz AI ensures that your promotional content isn't just another video but a captivating story tailored to your brand.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

2. Optimized for Instagram: In the age of social media, Instagram stands tall, and Vidnoz AI knows it. Their Instagram giveaway video template ensures your content is engaging and optimized for the platform's format and audience.

3. AI-Powered Precision: Vidnoz AI is a testament to the platform's commitment to cutting-edge technology. The AI for small businesses ensure a seamless and intuitive editing experience.

4. Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Crafting professional-quality videos doesn't have to break the bank. With Vidnoz AI, you're assured of premium quality without the premium price tag.

Vidnoz AI Pricing Plans:

  • Starter Plan at $29.99/mo: Perfect for beginners looking to explore the world of video editing.
  • Pro Plan at $33.49/mo: Ideal for seasoned content creators seeking advanced features and functionalities.
  • Business Plan at $74.99/mo: Tailored for businesses aiming to revolutionize their digital presence with top-notch video content.

Check Vidnoz AI Plan to get more details.

Share Your Giveaway Video to THESE 4 Social Media Platforms

In today's digital age, social media platforms are no longer just for socializing; they're powerful marketing arenas. Among them, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn reign supreme, each bringing its own flavor of audience and engagement. So, when you have a social media marketing strategy, knowing where and how to share can be your game-changer.

1. YouTube:

Share Your Giveaway Video to YouTube

As the world's second-largest search engine, YouTube is the mecca for video content lovers.

Strategy: Optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords. Engage with viewers in the comments to boost video reach and algorithmic ranking.

2. Instagram:

The hub for visual content, Instagram attracts a younger, mobile-first audience.

Strategy: Utilize Instagram Stories and IGTV for longer videos. Add catchy captions relevant hashtags, and engage with followers through polls or Q&A sessions in stories.

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3. Facebook:

With its vast user base, Facebook is perfect for reaching a diverse audience.

Strategy: Upload videos directly for autoplay in the news feed. Engage with shares and comments, and consider investing in paid promotions for wider reach.

4. LinkedIn:

A professional's paradise, LinkedIn focuses on B2B interactions and networking.

Strategy: Keep your content professional and relevant to industry trends. Engage with comments and share videos in relevant groups or as articles for extended reach.


Giveaway videos aren't just fleeting digital trends but potent tools that elevate audience engagement and brand visibility to unprecedented heights. Their dynamism captivates, intrigues, and, most importantly, connects. Ready to harness this power? Let the Vidnoz AI video editing software giveaway be your wand. Craft captivating giveaway videos, infuse them with your brand's unique essence, and witness their magic unfold. And remember, the world is vast; don't limit your masterpiece's glow. Share it across the giants of social media - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Amplify your reach, make waves, and let your brand's voice echo in the digital cosmos.


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