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3 Easy Methods to Convert PDF to Video in Minutes 2024

Rebecca Carr

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How to convert PDF to video online? Explore this article and find a best PDF to video converter to make video creation easy, quick and efficient.

Still delivering presentations in the traditional text? But guess what? 90% of the information transmitted to the brain turns out to be visual, which is 60,000 times faster for processing than text. So whether you are delivering a powerful speech or creating a travel brochure, report, etc., converting PDF to video is a good idea. 

Enhance your PDF files with music and photos to optimize their use. Try converting plain PDFs into more engaging and shareable video content to deliver your content further.

PDF to Video

In this tutorial, we will walk you through three great PDF to MP4 converters that bring you a breeze to convert PDF to video. Say goodbye to the text-heavy PDF files now! 

On This Page
  • Convert PDF to Video Free by Vidnoz AI 
  • Convert PDF to Video AI by Synthesia
  • Convert PDF to Video Online by Online Converter
  • PDF to Video Conversion FAQs 

Convert PDF to Video Free by Vidnoz AI 

Indeed, there are quite a few online PDF to video converters that can quickly convert PDF files to slideshows with audio tracks, but the video output is extremely simple and tedious. Most importantly, some converters can't even adjust the speed or complete simple operations such as highlighting and adding pictures.

Here we recommend you to use Vidnoz AI, this smart PDF to video free converter, which can offer you a quick and easy conversion with truly enjoyable videos. Let's spice it up even more by adding voice-over, presenters, images, music and more. Spend a few extra minutes to get a more eye-catching and interactive video.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Let’s see what Vidnoz AI could offer except for PDF to video conversion. 

  • Free online PDF to video converter. Vidnoz AI is 100% free AI video generator as it is guaranteed. You can easily convert PDF to MP4 and turn boring text into stunning videos in no time. Convert, make, edit and cut video files in one place without an external video editor.
  • 70+ templates, 50+ AI Talking avatars. Not sure how to get started? Vidnoz AI offers over 70 professionally designed editable templates to get you started. Plus, you can customize your videos with on-screen avatars for even more interaction with perfect lip-syncing and gestures with this AI avatar generator
  • Easy service with popular conversions. Vidnoz AI supports generating videos from PDFs, PPTs, URLs, prepared media assets or local materials. The whole process is quite simple: just select the desired file type, upload the file and click "Upload", polish the video with the AI editing features. Finally, relax and enjoy the amazing results.

This PDF to video conversion guide can drive you to create a video from a PDF document easily and quickly with Vidnoz AI. Follow the steps below to make it happen. 

Step 1. Create and sign in your account.

Step 2. Click Create Video > Start a blank. Don’t forget to choose a layout, Landscape or Portrait to accommodate device requirements. 

PDF to Video with Vidnoz AI - Step 2

Step 3. Copy the content from your PDF file into the Speech box. Tailor and edit the video as needed. For example, add avatar, shape, text, image, music into the video. 

PDF to Video with Vidnoz AI - Step 3

Step 4. Click Generate, sit back and wait for the video converter to work for you.

Convert PDF to Video AI by Synthesia

Synthesia.io is an AI video generator that allows users to convert written scripts into compelling videos and present the content with realistic real human avatars. 

It is equipped with 140+ AI avatars to act as a presenter in your video and narrate your PDF text, easily contracting the entire video production process. Furthermore, 50+ professionally designed templates make Synthesia another great option to convert PDF to video in one place online.

The process is similar to Vidnoz AI, starting with a template and then employing avatars and voiceovers as aids to convert the PDF text version into visual content. Now, follow the steps below to convert PDF to video with Synthesia.

Step 1. Access the official website of Synthesia and sign in. 

Step 2. Choose a video template and AI avatar to your liking. 

PDF to Video with Synthesia - Step 2

Step 3. Paste the PDF files into Synthesia slide by slide, then edit video by adding shape, text, images, screen recordings, etc. to make your AI video unique.  

PDF to Video with Synthesia - Step 3

Step 4. Press Generate to start converting PDF to video.

Convert PDF to Video Online by Online Converter

 If you just want a direct and simple way to convert PDF to video without adding any text or audio, then Online Converter would be a fast and effective choice. This is a free and easy-to-use online video and image conversion service. You can convert PDF to MP4 online for free in one click by simply uploading it and setting it accordingly. 

However, you can not change the duration of each slide, nor can you do some simple video operations such as adding text, voice-over and transition effects.

Step 1. Enter the official site of Online Converter

Step 2. Click Choose File. Upload the file you want to convert. Don’t forget to preset the video resolution, screen size, video bitrate and more, then press Start. 

PDF to Video with Online Converter - Step 2

Step 3. Click "Download" to save it locally, or choose another method to suit your needs.  

PDF to Video with Online Converter - Step 3

PDF to Video Conversion FAQs 

1. Can I turn a PDF into a video?

Yes! Whether you are converting PDF to video in a simple and direct way, or want to add pictures, voice-overs, avatars, etc. to make better and more attractive videos, you can choose the products listed above to complete PDF to video conversion.

2. How to convert PDF to video online?

All three tools mentioned above are browser-enabled and eliminate the need to download any third-party software.

3. How do I convert a PPT to video?

You can make it with Vidnoz AI, provided by Vidnoz. Simply click Create Video > Import PPT to convert a video from PPT in one click.


Now you should have everything you need to start converting PDF to video. This conversion makes your PDF files multi-engaged and more shareable on YouTube, Facebook or clients. 

Equipped with 70+ templates, 50+ AI Avatars, and 100+ Voices, Vidnoz AI supports you to create high-quality videos faster than ever. Only a few clicks, you can convert PDF into a high-quality video file for uploading to your website or social media channels anytime, anywhere. Now, say hello to the fascinating videos! 

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents



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