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  • Top 5 Online AI Face Changers
  • How to Face Swap Any Video Using Free AI Face Changer 
  • AI Face Changer - FAQs

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Best AI Face Changers to Pull off the Perfect Face Editing


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Learn about the best AI face changers out there to swap faces in photos and videos. Get to know how you can pull off the perfect prank with an AI face changer.

The face is without a doubt the most captivating and defining feature of a portrait! By changing up the faces of those featured, one can easily transform a photograph or video giving it a completely different outlook. However, editing faces was never an easy task as it required immense skill and proficiency in the art of photo editing, and it was near impossible when it came down to videos. However, the introduction of AI has transformed this tedious task into a fun activity. This article will teach you how to use an AI face changer to completely change the facial features of individuals within both photos and videos. There is also a handy list of the best tools for this purpose along with a bonus guide at the end.

Best AI Face Changer

On This Page
  • Top 5 Online AI Face Changers
  • How to Face Swap Any Video Using Free AI Face Changer 
  • AI Face Changer - FAQs

Top 5 Online AI Face Changers

Deepswap - Online AI Face Changer App 

Deepswap Online AI Face Changer App

Deepswap is an AI face changer online application that has a massive 150 million user base. The platform is completely online and supports photos, videos, and gifs. Even though the Deepswap AI face changer app has strong positive testimonials supporting itself, the face swaps were often subpar. While Deepswap is still good enough to create a fun post on social media or for a prank, it’s often a hit or a miss. The algorithm can accurately determine and capture target faces in photos and videos, but the stitching of the new face can oftentimes be a bit off-putting as the tones on the neck and face don’t always match.

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Key Feature
  • The platform is completely online and requires no downloads.
  • Supports face swaps of those featured in photos, videos, and gifs.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • The algorithm supports multiple face angles and adjusts the new image accordingly.

Vidnoz AI Face Swap - 100% Free Online AI Face Changer

Vidnoz AI Face Swap Free Online AI Face Changer

Vidnoz AI face swap is the easiest AI face changer for PC out there! Vidnoz AI face swap is ridiculously easy to use, it can not only face swap photos but also change face in video. Users just need to add the source image and the target image, the software will carry out the rest. Since the faces are automatically detected by the software, it’s best to pick images and videos that require a single face swap. The platform and all its functions are completely cloud-based, which gives the users the freedom to access the services through multiple devices. Vidnoz AI face changer is completely free to use and a subscription is available for those looking for an upgrade, but the free plan works just as well.

Key Feature
  • The Vidnoz platform supports multiple devices through cloud services.
  • Extremely easy to use and requires no complex customizations.
  • Free to use with upgrades available in the form of subscriptions.
  • The AI face changer algorithm is completely automated.
  • The AI face changer app supports both photos and videos.

Fotor Face Swap - Change Face in Photo with Ease

Fotor Face Swap Change Face in Photo with Ease

Fotor is a professional photo editing tool that’s available on both IOS and Android. The AI face changer APK comes as a feature of the main application and is not a standalone software. Similar to Vidnoz, Fotor’s AI face changer is completely automated. Users are required to select the images and the software will do the rest. However, Fotor does allow users to further edit the photos and play around with the backgrounds through the editor, but this does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill. It’s fun, it’s creative and it's available on mobile!

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Key Feature
  • The AI face changer APK is available on both Android and iOS. 
  • The entire process is automated through the application.
  • Fotor comes with a professional photo editor that can be used to further edit the photos.
  • There is a free trial for users, but the features are limited unless a subscription is purchased.
  • Supports only photographs.

Reface AI - AI Face Swap App

Reface AI AI Face Swap App

Reface AI is another mobile application that’s highly popular amongst anime lovers and gamers. The application comes with an anime AI face changer, a face swap tool, and an avatar generator. The face swap tool is quite mediocre, as the faces often pop out of the bracket, especially in videos. If you are using Reface AI, it’s best to limit the software for images. Reface AI does support GIFs as well, but for face detection to work, the GIF requires a considerable amount of clarity and resolution, which are two qualities seldom found in GIFs.

Key Feature
  • Available on both IOS and Android.
  • Supports GIFS, photos, and videos.
  • Comes inbuilt with a bunch of other nifty tools.
  • Free to use under its trial package.
  • Automatic face detection and swapping.

Media.io Face Swap - Face Change Online 

Mediaio Face Swap Face Change Online

Media.io is an AI platform that’s preloaded with a ton of AI tools for its users. Their AI face changer online is one of the many services provided through the platform. As of now, Media.io is not available on mobile devices and can only be accessed through the web application. It does support web browsers to a certain degree but, the application might stutter at times. The face swap tool supports images only, but it does a fantastic job at that. The most unique feature is the cropping of the face, as the algorithm manages to perfectly crop the face to match the target image.

Key Feature
  • Accurate face cropping to match the face shape of the target image.
  • Completely online.
  • Media.io comes preloaded with a ton of useful AI tools.
  • Multiple subscription plans to work with.
  • The AI face swap tool supports only images.

How to Face Swap Any Video Using Free AI Face Changer 

How to Change Face in a Photo for Free

Step 1 Upload the base photo

Upload the base photo to the platform. This is the image that will be edited and the final image will be created upon swapping the face present in the base image with the target image.

Step 2 Upload target face image

Upload the image that contains the target image. For the best results, please use a portrait image for this step.

How to Change Face in a Photo for Free

Step 3 Generate 

Click on generate to start the swap. Once the faces are swapped, users can download the photo.

AI Face Changer Vidnoz Results

How to Change Face in a Video for Free

Vidnoz also allows users to change face in a video which means they can make deepfake videos with ease. 

Step 1 Upload video 

Upload the video that needs to be edited through the face swap application. When uploading the video, please ensure that you strictly adhere to the size limit and the formats specified by the Vidnoz AI face swap tool.

Step 2 Upload a front-face photo

Upload the front face photograph or a portrait image that contains the face of the target individual. Clear facial features are required for the best results.

How to Change Face in a Video for Free

Step 3 Generate 

Click on generate to start the swap and the rendering process. Depending on the size of the video, the time taken will vary. However, the entire process should not take more than a few minutes. Once the swap and the render are completed, users can download the video.

AI Face Changer - FAQs

Are AI Face Changers Legal?

Face changers are completely legal. But, as always avoid causing harm to others with the images that you create as it may come with consequences.

Why use AI face changers?

Users can easily swap faces on images and videos. It’s perfect for pranks and for anyone looking to have some fun messing around.

What’s the AI tool to change face free?

Most AI face changers require subscriptions, but the Vidnoz AI face swap tool is completely free to use.

How does AI face changer work?

The AI tool will detect the faces within the base and target image, which will then be cropped and swapped!

Why aren’t GIFs working with the AI face changer?

GIFs need to be of high quality, or else the face swap tool will not detect the face.

Are there any browser based face swap tools?

Yes! Vidnoz AI face swap is completely browser based.


Swapping your face with a celebrity or switching places with another individual in a photograph or video are now just a few clicks away. Use an AI face changer to easily switch identities to pull off the perfect prank on your friends! The apps and tools listed in this article have been tested and reviewed multiple times before being added. Always remember to try out the free plans provided by the tools before purchasing their subscriptions for an upgrade!



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