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On This Page
  • What is AI Composite Video? 
  • Why You Need AI Composite Video Tools 
  • The Most Popular AI Composite Video Tools to Create Trendy Videos 
  • Mivo - AI Composite Video App for Android Users 
  • How to Use AI Composite Video Makers with Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Create AI Composite Video for Free - A Complete Guide


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Learn how to generate an AI Composite video using free AI-powered tools. The feature consists of a list of the best tools and a complete guide!

Just a few years back, creating a video meant a whole lot of hassle for the content creator. However, times have changed with the introduction of AI composite video tools and the trends following it. The popularity of composite videos created through AI has been blowing up on social media, especially along the short video formats provided within them. TikTok users love these new trends as it allows them to create new and unique content without learning new technology. This article features a list of the best AI composite video app on the market and how you can use them to create stunning videos that will mesmerize your audience.

AI Composite Video

On This Page
  • What is AI Composite Video? 
  • Why You Need AI Composite Video Tools 
  • The Most Popular AI Composite Video Tools to Create Trendy Videos 
  • Mivo - AI Composite Video App for Android Users 
  • How to Use AI Composite Video Makers with Step-by-Step Guide

What is AI Composite Video? 

An AI composite video is an innovative concept that combines the creativity of the user with the ease of creation within AI tools. A regular composite video is a video that’s created by stitching different forms of media and effects together to create a seamless flow of content. Whilst this was previously achieved through high-end video editing tools such as Premier Pro, by introducing an AI-powered tool we can eliminate this massive technological barrier. The user simply has to provide the different media, and the AI will stitch them together to create the final video! This simply allows anyone to create an impressive AI composite video without needing to learn the boring concepts behind video editing and creation. In a world that’s rapidly evolving with new technology and concepts, it's evident that being quick to capitalize on emerging concepts is more lucrative than committing to them in the long term. Thus the importance of AI in video production is exemplified.

Why You Need AI Composite Video Tools 

Artificial intelligence makes everything easier! While most of the newer tools have existed for quite a while, the integration of AI has been a game changer. This simple integration has eliminated countless mundane tasks within a project thus allowing the creator to focus on the more trivial matters at hand. When creating an AI composite video, the content creator is simply required to provide the source materials, and the AI within the tool will handle the rest. In certain scenarios, the tool itself will create the base media and will recommend the effects that are needed. This is why an AI composite video app is undeniably the better choice, as it allows anyone to create content as long as they possess the creative intellect needed!

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The Most Popular AI Composite Video Tools to Create Trendy Videos 

Vidnoz Face Swap - Free Online Face Swap Video Generator

Vidnoz Face Swap Free Online Face Swap Video Generator

 Vidnoz AI Face Swap has risen to be one of their most popular tools due to its versatility when creating videos. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you danced like Sharkira? It’s easily doable within Vidnoz by providing a video of the dance and a picture of yourself. The AI will lift your face from the portrait image that you provide and drop it onto that of Shakira within the video! The result is a seamless blend of media that’s indistinguishable from one another. Vidnoz is completely free to use and support HD media to a certain extent, which makes it a fantastic option for anyone looking to recreate videos with their own personal twist.

Key Feature
  • Users can create an AI composite video by following a few simple steps.
  • The tools belong to the VIdnoz AI ecosystem and is completely free to use.
  • Seamless blending of fluid visual media with that of static images.
  • Users can share the content and use it in any way that they with complete rights.
  • The Face Swap tool is based online and requires no installs.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Capcut - All-in-One AI Composite Video App 

Capcut All-in-One AI Composite Video App

Capcut is a multi-platform media editing tool that has managed to remain relevant for the past few years. However, the tool received a massive boost in popularity after it introduced AI features within its tools. With its own AI-powered media generator, Capcut has become a fan favorite amongst social media enthusiasts. Users can simply generate the media using the inbuilt AI-powered media tool and then combine them together through the media editor. The biggest advantage to using Capcut is the wide variety of tools available within the platform. Is the video you created low in resolution? Boost the quality by upscaling! Don’t like the background within the video? Replace it using the AI-powered background remover tool. When you use Capcut, everything is available at your fingertips.

Key Feature
  • Massive userbase that provides a bustling active community.
  • Wide variety of tools to help with content creation.
  • Available on all major platforms.
  • Since all the apps are linked through the same account, they are easily accessible through the cloud.

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Tempo - AI Video App with Music and Effects

Tempo  AI Video App with Music and Effects

Tempo is an AI-powered video editing app that’s available for mobile devices. Even though the app looks extremely similar to others, the most defining feature of Tempo is how simplistic the design of the app is made to be. Users can add music to videos, create new videos through their custom templates and even add in advanced effects such as slow motion all through the touch of a button. Even though Tempo offers a premium version for their users it’s not mandatory as all of the key elements are free to use.

Key Feature
  • Extremely simplistic design.
  • Users can add in music, special effects, and a whole lot more through a few clicks.
  • Temp provides custom templates that speed up the video creation process.
  • You aren’t forced to upgrade to their premium plans.

Mivo - AI Composite Video App for Android Users 

Mivo AI Compositive Video App for Android Users

Mivo is simply a watered-down mobile version of Vidnoz! Even though it’s not as powerful or packed with features as the other options on this list, Mivo is still good enough for the average Instagram fanatic. The tool mainly focuses on facial effects, allowing users to capture and manipulate facial features within videos and images. The tool contains special effects and 3D transitions to provide wow effects for a video, but the excessive use of adverts and expensive pricing really dampens the appeal of the app.

Key Feature
  • Simplistic app that’s well suited for the average social media user.
  • Mivo’s pool consists of 3D effects and cool transitions.
  • Available on Android and iOS devices.

How to Use AI Composite Video Makers with Step-by-Step Guide

Confused about where to start? Here’s a guide on creating a simple face swap video. For this example, we are featuring Vidnoz AI’s face swap tool!

Step 1: Upload the base video

Bset AI Composite Video Maker Vidnoz AI Face Swap Upload Base Video

Create an account on the Vidnoz you can find a list of all the AI-powered tools hosted on Vidnoz by accessing the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Once, located, the first step is to upload the base video onto the platform. The base video will contain the main video sequence that will be swapped later on.

Step 2: Upload the target image.

Bset AI Composite Video Maker Vidnoz AI Face Swap Upload Target Picture

The second step is to upload the target image into the tool. The facial features within this image will be lifted and swapped onto the base media provided in Step 1. Make sure that the image provided is a portrait image as it will increase the possibility of a successful swap.

Step 3: Swap the media

Click on “Swap Face Now” to start it up. Once it’s completed, download the final result and share it with your friends!

Bset AI Composite Video Maker Vidnoz AI Face Swap Download


Creating content is easier than ever, and the results are just as good! Utilize the capabilities of AI composite video apps such as Vidnoz to bring your creative concepts to life. Browse through the list of the best AI composite video app choices on this list and double down today!



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