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On This Page
  • Why Adding Music to Your Videos Online Using AI
  • The 4 Best AI Music Video Creators and Editors
  • How to Use AI Add Music to Video Online Instantly
  • Conclusion

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How to add AI Add Music to Video Using AI [Ultimate Guide]


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AI add music to video is the best way to enhance your videos. This article is going to how to add music to video online using AI in a few simple steps.

AI adding music to a video is easy nowadays because of online AI tools. Whether you are a musician, a producer, or a musicophile, you might wonder how to create vocal melodies for your songs with little effort. The digital age has answers to your questions as some AI voice generators. You can generate and change synthesized singing voices using these artificial intelligence tools. Their design stimulates humans to sing and allows you to create custom vocal performances. This article will cover the best online AI singing voice generators you can use to create real-sounding vocal melodies for your music projects. 

AI Add Music to Video

On This Page
  • Why Adding Music to Your Videos Online Using AI
  • The 4 Best AI Music Video Creators and Editors
  • How to Use AI Add Music to Video Online Instantly
  • Conclusion

Why Adding Music to Your Videos Online Using AI

AI editing tools give freedom to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks such as color correction, audio mixing, and more. You can create error-free and high-quality videos faster. So why should you use AI to add music to videos online with no watermark? 

Create engaging videos without professional skills.

AI video generators have the leverage to streamline video production and create engaging content with no prior experience. You can use FlexClip, Nova A.I., Vidnoz AI, etc., like excellent websites for high-quality videos. Where traditional editing is laborious, AI needs more professional skills to finish it within a few minutes. 

Combine video with any type of music file with ease.

Merger is a brilliant feature of AI video editing tools that allows you to combine any music file easily. For instance, Nova A.I. merges videos quickly. The AI algorithm works simply and swiftly to integrate videos online. On any AI platform, you can add subtitles, translate videos, add emojis, and more. AI adds music to a video handy for exploring things in depth. 

Video Customization

A personalized experience is demanded these days in any business. Everyone wants everything from emails to the content on your website to be tailored for them. Research shows over 23 percent of digital buyers prefer brands that personalize their experience. Whether texting or video marketing, you need to get your personalization right. Create videos, add and customize intros and outros, and make them more engaging and audience-specific.

Automated Video Editing

Modern AI video editors can automatically detect and extract backgrounds, people, and other relevant objects from raw videos. After identification, the AI algorithm joins the footage into a single, engaging video without human intervention. They remove background music and noise automatically. AI that adds background music isn't a big deal now. 

Video Stabilization and Upscaling

There is no need to worry about how to shoot video with AI in audio and video editing. No worries about shaky manually shot video footage. AI-powered video editing platforms quickly stabilize quality and impact.  Video up-scaling is brutal with traditional editing. AI platforms enhance the resolution of a video. You can improve the resolution of a video to 4K. Explore each platform for AI music video examples. 

Discover new music video possibilities and inspirations using AI.

AI video editing tools offer much more than what every video editor wants. You can get hundreds of templates, footage, etc., to reinvent videos for different audiences. AI-powered solutions give you the advantage of connecting with Gen Z audiences.

The 4 Best AI Music Video Creators and Editors

Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI allows you to add music to videos using AI. It also offers a host of video editing features to enhance your music video.  As an AI video generator, it is completely web-based, so there is no need to download anything extra, and no experience is required. Users can create videos from PDFs, PPTs, URLs, prepared media assets, or local materials using Vidnoz AI. It takes no time to convert any content into stunning videos. You can start with professionally designed and editable templates and generate batches of polished AI videos. This AI adds music to a video for every unprofessional video editor.

AI Add Music to Video Vidnoz AI

Key Feature
  • Carries in music libraries which allows users to add music to video with ease.
  • 200+ Templates for AI video creation.
  • 100+ Lip Sync AI Voices for Vivid Presentation.
  • Ultra-realistic AI voices in different languages and accents. 
  • Create personal AI avatars 100% free.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Nova AI  

Nova AI is a handy AI music video editor. AI powers this online tool, letting you add music, sound effects, and other audio tracks to your videos easily. You can add audio to your video with just a click of a button; upload music, sound effects, voiceovers, and more. 

AI Add Music to Video Nova AI

Unlike some professional video editors, Nova AI is very easy to use, beginners can add music to video with ease. Upload music, voiceovers, sound effects, and more for a beautiful and moody soundtrack.

Key Feature
  • Cut, trim, and merge music files. 
  • Control volume, add sound effects, voiceover, and other features.
  • Edit music files and share. 
  • Generate subtitles automatically and hardcode them to your videos.

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FlexClip is an AI add music to video online free tool that allows users to add excellent music or audio files to videos in seconds but requires no editing skill. Users can get the desired clips by cutting videos with no quality loss. Add caption text, favorite audio, or background music, and edit video clips perfectly. Record the voice and add the narration to tailor it to the target audience.

AI Add Music to Video FlexClip

You can merge multiple video clips and photos and watermark videos to protect the copyright of your artwork. For FlexClip's free online video editor, you only need to open the website, choose to edit features and apply. Edit the browser to the latest version and start editing on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

Key Feature
  • Quickly add audio or background music to the video.
  • Add Music and sound effects to the video.
  • Find happy, epic, inspiring pop music for personal stories and marketing. 
  • Flexible control over the music: add music, change volume, fade in/out, and more. 
  • Use stock to add music to the video.

Rotor Videos 

This is an online AI music video creator and AI music visualizer. Rotor can analyze the music users upload and automatically generate a professional quality video cut to the music.

AI Add Music to Video Rotor Videos

Key Feature
  • It can always find the right visuals that will showcase music.
  • Boost streams on Spotify with Canvas videos.
  • AI Customization Options include editing styles, filters, text overlays, and more.
  • Automatic AI cutting and synchronization of the video.
  • Quickly add music, lyric, promo, and karaoke to the video.  

How to Use AI Add Music to Video Online Instantly

After knowing the top 4 video editors to add AI music to videos, you can choose which one is best for you. Here we can choose Vidnoz AI as an example.

Step 1 Create Video Project

Visit Vidnoz AI by clicking the button below, (no need to sign up) then click “Create video”. You can choose the video size and template or you can also upload the one you got.

Step 2 Choose the music 

Click the “music” icon, you can see many styles of music, choose which one suits your video best. You can also upload one by clicking “Upload music”.

How to Add Music to Video Vidnoz

Step 3 Further edit

Then you can go on further edit if you want, like adding background, images and icons to your video. If there are scripts in your video, you can try to use text to speech feature, and let the natural AI voice speak for you.

Step 4 Generate the video

Then you can preview the video to see if you are satisfied with it. Then hit on Generate to get the engaging video.


AI add music to video made ease with the help of AI video editors. Above are some of the best video editing websites you can use on most browsers on any device. Elevate your video content with high-resolution enhancements and engaging soundtracks. To experience the convenience and creativity firsthand, why not give Vidnoz AI a try today?



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