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On This Page
  • What Is Face Swap Live?
  • Face Swap Live AI Features at a Glance
  • How Much Does Face Swap Live Cost?
  • How to Switch Face Using Face Swap Live
  • Best Alternative to Face Swap Live
  • How to use face swap live online free website ft Vidnoz AI
  • Face Swap Live App - FAQs

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Face Swap Live App: Switch Faces with a Friend or Photo in Real-Time


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Plunge into the innovative world of Face Swap Live. This review covers everything you need to know about this real-time app.

Content creators are coming up with creative ideas to feed social media junkies each day. These trends are cool, interactive, and fun, and one of the leading trends is the Face Swap Live. It's like a virtual masquerade ball where you can trade mugs with your friends, favorite celebrities, or even your pet – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. We all joke around with our friends, making fun of each other’s weird expressions or faces. With the face swap live app, you can swap your friend’s face with the latest meme to give this light humor a new touch.

Face Swap Live

On This Page
  • What Is Face Swap Live?
  • Face Swap Live AI Features at a Glance
  • How Much Does Face Swap Live Cost?
  • How to Switch Face Using Face Swap Live
  • Best Alternative to Face Swap Live
  • How to use face swap live online free website ft Vidnoz AI
  • Face Swap Live App - FAQs

What Is Face Swap Live?

Face Swap Live is a mobile application available for both Android and Apple users to swap faces in real-time using the camera on their smartphones or tablets. It employs facial recognition technology, which makes the swapping process with any celebrity, friend or just an attractive image smooth and fun. Face Swap Live often includes features like filters, effects, and the ability to record videos or take photos with the swapped faces.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Face Swap Live AI Features at a Glance

The Face Swap Live app boasts a range of impressive features that elevate the face-swapping experience for users.

Switch Faces in Real-Time:

Face Swap Live allows users to effortlessly switch faces with either a friend or a chosen photo in real time. This dynamic feature ensures a seamless and entertaining face-swapping experience. It is an easy yet fun way to create amusing content.

Live Video Face Swapping:

The second feature is the live video face swapping. Users can effectively use its advanced feature to face swap during the live video call.

Image Search for Face Swaps:

The next one is image search. It allows people to find images on the internet and swap faces with them through this app. It broadens the range of face-swapping possibilities and options. 

Extensive Gallery of Funny Masks:

Face Swap Live has a vast varsity of funny and relevant masks within its gallery. Moreover, Users can also make their masks from the pictures and edit them to get the perfect fit.

Additional Customization Options:

Last but one of the amazing features of this app is its further customization options. It has different modes, such as party mode, which includes sunglasses, mustaches, beards and many more, to make the end product desirable. Moreover, babyface, pirate 3d effect and animal face swapping increase the quality of the face-swap live pictures or videos.

Face Swap Live App

How Much Does Face Swap Live Cost?

Face Swap Live offers different plans for users. For $0.99, you get unlimited video and photos. If you want extra features, the premium package costs $2.99. The 500 search Tokens are $0.99, and the 2000 Search Tokens are $2.99. For unlimited internet search, it's $0.99

How to Switch Face Using Face Swap Live

Here is a detailed explanation of how to use Face Swap Live APK.

Step 1: Download and install Face Swap Live from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app and grant the necessary camera permissions.

Step 3: Go for "Face Swap" mode to initiate the face-swapping feature. (You can also choose the video call option if you want to try that.)

Face Swap Live Choose Face Swap Icon

Step 4: Select a face from your gallery or capture an image and search for more options.

Step 5: Align the on-screen markers with the faces you want to swap, and wait for some minutes for the final results.

Face Swap Live Result

You can also download it and share it to hear feedback from your friends and family.

Best Alternative to Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live offers an engaging face-swapping experience, but its lack of an online version can pose usability challenges. Enter Vidnoz AI Face Swap, a user-friendly online alternative that effortlessly swaps faces in both photos and videos. 

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Here are the key features that set Vidnoz apart:

1. Easy and Free to Use:

Vidnoz AI Face Swap is simple and easy to use. You can navigate the website without any complicated setups or technical know-how. The standout feature is that it's free, providing access to many advanced features.

2. Switch Faces in Photo and Video:

Similar to Face Swap Live, Vidnoz AI Face Swap offers to switch faces not only in photos but also in videos. Users can have different and creative options to create their content.

3. Advanced Facial Recognition Technology:

This face swap live free website uses advanced facial recognition technology to ensure the accuracy and realism of face-swapping. It analyses facial features, expressions, and lighting conditions to deliver more refined and visually appealing face-swapping results. 

How to use face swap live online free website ft Vidnoz AI

The usage of Vidnoz AI for face swapping is extremely easy and straightforward. Here is the detailed demonstration.

Step 1: Upload the Base Photo:

Begin by selecting and uploading the base photo onto the Vidnoz AI Face Swap platform. Ensure that the image is in either JPG, PNG, or WEBP format. This will serve as the foundation for the face swap. 

Best Online Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Upload Base Image

Step 2: Upload the Target Photo:

Next, choose and upload the target photo – the image whose face you want to swap onto the base photo. 

Best Online Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Upload Target Image

Step 3: Click "Swap":

Once both the base and target photos are uploaded, click on the "Swap" button. Vidnoz will then process the images using its advanced facial recognition technology and beautifully swap the faces in the photos. 

The process of video swapping is the same as the picture. Just click on the “Video Face Swap” and repeat the same process described above. The format of the video or gif is M4V, MP4, MOV, WEBM. The maximum video capacity is 100 MB; it can move up to 500 MB if you purchase an upgrade plan.

Best Online Face Swap Tool Vidnoz Result

Face Swap Live App - FAQs

 Is Face Swap Live free to use?

The face swap live app is not free to use. It has purchasing chargers of 0.99$. However, Vidnoz Face swap does not require any money to use it and proves to be the best alternative. 

Is there a Face Swap Live for PC?

As of now, Face Swap Live primarily caters to mobile users and does not have a dedicated version for PCs. This Face Swap Live application is designed for Android and Apple devices. 

Can it be used for an animal face swap?

Yes, Face Swap Live supports face swapping with animals. Users can capture or upload photos of animals and easily swap their faces with human faces or other animals. Moreover, they can also make a mask of animal photos or any other photo. 

Is it legal to face swap with a celebrity’s photo?

The legality of face swapping with a celebrity's photo depends on factors like privacy laws and usage intent. Generally, using such apps for celebrity face swaps is acceptable. However, commercial use or malicious intent may raise legal concerns, and users should be mindful of ethical considerations. 

Does Face Swap Live have an online version?

No, Face Swap Live does not currently have an online version. The app is designed for mobile devices to use face swapping using the camera on smartphones or tablets.


In the concluding words, it is fun to face-swap for meme and joke purposes if not meant to hurt someone. Face Swap Live app is a good choice for its features and cost. However, Vidnoz Face swapping might be the one if you are looking for an advanced yet free online option.




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