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On This Page
  • What is AI ASMR Voice? Why Is It Getting Popular?
  • Multiple Ways That AI Involves in ASMR Voice
  • 3 Main PopularAI ASMR Voice Generators
  • Free AI ASMR Video Generator for Streaming and Content Creation 

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Creating Smooth ASMR AI Voice with the Best AI ASMR Voice Generator

Kristie Sawyer

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AI ASMR voices are taking relaxation to the next level. This blog explores the most realistic AI ASMR voice generators. Create soothing ASMR voices now.

What is AI ASMR? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a tingling sensation that some people experience in response to certain sounds, visuals, or touches. This tingling sensation typically starts on the scalp and moves down the spine. It is often triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, such as soft whispers, tapping, or gentle sounds. ASMR AI is a new trend that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized and realistic ASMR experiences. 

AI ASMR Voice Generator

Then, what is ASMR voice, in other words, what is ASMR sound? How to do ASMR voice? Is there any AI ASMR maker? Which AI ASMR voice generator is the best? All your questions and concerns will be answered in detail below.

On This Page
  • What is AI ASMR Voice? Why Is It Getting Popular?
  • Multiple Ways That AI Involves in ASMR Voice
  • 3 Main PopularAI ASMR Voice Generators
  • Free AI ASMR Video Generator for Streaming and Content Creation 

What is AI ASMR Voice? Why Is It Getting Popular?

AI ASMR can generate sounds and images that match the user's preferences, mood, and environment. AI ASMR voice refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create ASMR voice content. 

AI-generated ASMR voices are gaining popularity day by day, that is because they bring a wide range of voice benefits. For example:

Firstly, AI ASMR voice allows creators to generate a wide range of soothing voices, catering to diverse preferences.

Secondly, creators can produce ASMR voices without relying on human voice actors.

Thirdly, AI-generated voices offer fresh, unique sounds, and even support cloning any voice, enhancing creativity in ASMR scenarios.

Last, AI streamlines content creation, allowing more frequent uploads and creations. Its scalability enables ASMRists to reach broader audiences.

What is AI ASMR Voice

Multiple Ways That AI Involves in ASMR Voice

AI takes many forms in the creation and production of AI voice ASMR, mainly including:

1. ASMR Voice Generators:

These tools use AI to generate soothing voices suitable for ASMR content. Creators can input text, and the AI converts it into calming speech with various styles and tones.

2. Custom AI Voice Cloning:

AI can clone voices, allowing creators to develop their own unique ASMR personas. Whether it's whispering, personal attention, or mouth sounds, AI can mimic specific styles.

Some ASMRists have even used AI to create custom characters or fictional voices for their content.

3. Emotional Text-to-Speech:

AI voice generators can produce hyper-realistic voices that convey emotions. These voices can be used for ASMR storytelling, roleplays, or guided relaxation.

3 Main PopularAI ASMR Voice Generators

Yes, AI plays a significant role in enhancing AI ASMR voice experiences by providing diverse voices, creating custom content, and adding depth to the soothing sensations viewers seek. Whether you're a content creator or an ASMR enthusiast, AI-powered tools offer exciting possibilities! Now, let's see the three main AI ASMR voice generators.

#1 VOICIFY.AI - ASMR AI with AI ASMR Woman Model 

VOICIFY.AI is a revolutionary ASMR AI that lets you add an AI ASMR Woman Model cover to your soothing and relaxing sounds. This model is specially designed to match realistic and natural ASMR voice effects that can help you relax, sleep, or meditate.


Main Features of AI ASMR Woman Model Tool:

Specialized AI ASMR Woman Model cover for your ASMR voices.

It's fast to get an AI ASMR Woman cover, after uploading your ASMR voice, you will get a cover in around 30-60 seconds.

You can upload an audio or paste a YouTube link to quickly make an ASMR cover.

How to Do AI ASMR Cover with This Tool:

Step 1. Go to voicify.ai and sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Search and select the AI ASMR Woman Model from the list of available models.

Step 3. Provide input for ASMR Woman by pasting a link or uploading an audio. Then click the Generate button.

How to Do AI ASMR Cover with VOICIFY AI - Step 3

Step 4. Select a plan and complete the payment.

How to Do AI ASMR Cover with VOICIFY AI - Step 4

Step 5. Proceed with your ASMR voice cover generation till finished.

#2 Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Free AI ASMR Voice Cloning

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is a free online AI ASMR voice cloning tool that lets you clone and create realistic and high-quality ASMR voices. Whether you want to relax, meditate, or sleep better, you can use Vidnoz to generate soothing and immersive ASMR sounds with your own voice or the voice of your favorite ASMRtist. 

You can use it as an Any ASMR Voice cloning tool and voice changer. Besides, its default celebrity AI voice changer and custom AI voice clone tool are also worthy to use for voice creation. 

Main features of AI ASMR Voice Cloning:

  • You can clone any voice from a short audio sample or a text-to-speech model.
  • Customize the pitch, speed, volume, emotion, and effects of the cloned voice to suit your preferences.
  • It's up to you to clone a variety of ASMR voices, such as gentle murmurs, low voices, cute children's voices, voices with a sense of story, and more.
  • Free to save and share your ASMR creations with others or download them as MP3 files.
  • A simple and user-friendly interface. ASMR voice cloning is easy and fun.

Then, how to use Vidnoz AI Voice Changer to create an AI ASMR voice that sounds soothing and relaxing and use it for your videos, podcasts, or personal enjoyment? Here are the steps to clone an AI ASMR voice with this free voice AI:

Step 1: Go to the Vidnoz AI Voice Changer online tool.

Step 2: Select Custom AI voice.

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer to Create an AI ASMR Voice

You can either record your own voice or use a file from your computer or the internet. The sample should be at least 10 seconds long and have clear pronunciation and intonation.

Step 3: After uploading the sample, you will see a progress bar that shows how long it will take to process the voice. Depending on the quality and length of the sample, it may take a few minutes or more.

Step 4: When the processing is done, you will see a preview of the cloned voice. You can play it back and adjust the pitch, speed, and volume as you like. 

Step 5. Type in text that you want the cloned to say.

Step 6: Generate, listen, download and save.

When the ASMR cloned voice is generated, you can listen and download the cloned voice as an MP3 file or save it to your Vidnoz library. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created an AI ASMR voice with Vidnoz AI Voice Changer. Enjoy it or use it to create more! Creating ASMR videos for YouTube channels is a good idea.

#3 Emotional TTS AI ASMR Voice Generator - Typecast AI

Typecast AI Voice Generator is a powerful tool that can create realistic and expressive voiceovers for various purposes. 

One of its unique features is its voice AI ability for ASMR voice generation. It is an ASMR AI Voice Generator with Emotional text to speech, which can produce high-quality ASMR voices that can help you create soothing and immersive audio content for your audience. 

Emotional TTS AI ASMR Voice Generator - Typecast AI

Whether you want to make a meditation podcast, a sleep story, or a relaxing video, Typecast AI Voice Generator can help you create ASMR voiceovers with its advanced voice AI technology.

Main Features:

Emotional Text-to-Speech: Typecast, an AI voice generator allows you to create AI voices with emotions. You can add prompts to infuse your script with feelings.

Lifelike Voices: Turn your text into shareable audio files using AI-generated voices.

Ease of Use: Simply type your script, choose emotions, and download your creation with a single click.

How to Generate Emotional Text-to-Speech AI ASMR Voice: 

Step 1. Visit the text to speech online and click any button to get started.

Step 2. Type your script or text that you want to convert into a voice-over of ASMR.

How to Generate Emotional Text-to-Speech AI ASMR Voice - Step 2

Step 3. Choose a voiceover and customize character emotions.

How to Generate Emotional Text-to-Speech AI ASMR Voice - Step 3

Step 4. When all preferences are set, click Generate.

Free AI ASMR Video Generator for Streaming and Content Creation 

On the Internet, many people like to watch AI ASMR videos, which can bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort. However, making AI ASMR videos is not an easy task, it requires a lot of time and effort, and the results are not necessarily satisfactory. Is there a way to make AI ASMR videos easier and more efficient?

The answer is yes, and that is to make full use of AI video generation tools, such as Vidnoz AI, a free AI video generator. Vidnoz AI can help you produce AI ASMR videos more quickly and efficiently, allowing your audience to enjoy the best listening experience.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 900+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Advantages in AI ASMR Video Production:

- Vidnoz AI provides a free text-to-video generation tool that can automatically generate videos based on the text you enter. These videos are equipped with appropriate images, background music, and sound effects to make your videos more vivid and interesting.

- In addition, Vidnoz AI itself is a professional video production platform that provides a large number of video templates and realistic AI avatars. You can make ASMR videos according to the theme and style of your choice, making your videos more beautiful and professional.

- Vidnoz AI allows you to preview and modify the content and effects of your video at any time, making your video more in line with your expectations and requirements.

How to Create an ASMR Video for Free

Step 1. You need to register and log in to the official website of Vidnoz AI.

Step 2. Select a template or create a new blank page. Enter the title and description of the AI ASMR video you want to create, customize the subtitle content, and more.

How to Create an ASMR Video for Free - Step 2

Step 3. Upload the voice or background music you want to play in the video and decide whether to add an AI narrator to your video.

How to Create an ASMR Video for Free - Step 3

Step 4. You can preview the video generated by Vidnoz AI for you, and edit and adjust the video again.

Step 5. Click the "Generate" button, and then Vidnoz AI will start generating your AI ASMR video.

You see, it's simple and fast. Vidnoz AI is a very powerful and practical AI video generator app that allows you to easily create high-quality and interesting AI ASMR videos, allowing you to get more attention and likes on the Internet. Might as well try it now!


Creating a smooth ASMR AI voice with the best AI ASMR voice generator is fun and easy. Producing relaxing and soothing audio content, whether you want to use it for personal enjoyment, meditation, sleep, or entertainment, becomes easy with these AI ASMR voice makers. You can also experiment with different languages, accents, emotions, and effects. Select your preferred AI ASMR voice generator to create your AI ASMR voice now.


Kristie Sawyer

Kristie Sawyer is an adept SEO content writer and IT researcher. Dedicated herself to assisting a multitude of readers in resolving related issues in video creation, AI generation, picture enahncing, etc.