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  • Types of YouTube Ad Video
  • What Makes a Good YouTube Ad Video? 
  • Create Engaging YouTube Ad Video With AI YouTube Ads Maker
  • How to Launch a YouTube Ad Video [Detailed Steps]

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Create Engaging YouTube Ad Videos in Minute - 100% Free

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Discover the ultimate guide to crafting captivating YouTube ad videos in minutes using Vidnoz AI! Best of all, 100% free to use!

YouTube ad videos are a special form of content that comes in handy to promote products and services to the target audience in the form of videos. YouTube ad video length may vary based on different formats, such as skippable or non-skippable in-stream and bumper ads. These videos can be a powerful means to increase brand visibility and engage a huge number of people to boost sales. So, harnessing the potential of YouTube ad videos can certainly elevate a brand's online presence and drive conversions.

Create Engaging YouTube Ad Videos in Minute

This article will basically guide users on how to create an AI YouTube channel within a minute without incurring any costs. Mere emphasis will be given to a popular, powerful, and free AI YouTube ads maker that anyone could maximize for video marketing purposes. Additionally, it will focus on the types of YouTube ad videos available, what makes an ad video stand out, and how to launch an ad video.

On This Page
  • Types of YouTube Ad Video
  • What Makes a Good YouTube Ad Video? 
  • Create Engaging YouTube Ad Video With AI YouTube Ads Maker
  • How to Launch a YouTube Ad Video [Detailed Steps]

Types of YouTube Ad Video

Before searching on how to create YouTube video ads, it’s important to have a clear knowledge regarding the types of ad formats YouTube supports. Let’s now explore the six types of ad formats that one can utilize.

Skippable in-stream ads: These are brief promotional ad videos that allow viewers to skip after 5 seconds. In this case, advertisers pay when viewers watch at least 30 seconds or engage with the ad.

Non-skippable in-stream ads: These YouTube ad videos are concise and mandatory video promotions that viewers cannot skip. Within a short duration, typically 15 seconds, they deliver impactful messages quickly to the audience.

In-feed video ads: These YouTube video ads seamlessly appear in users' feeds as they scroll through different videos. Usually, these videos, auto-play with sound off, capture attention swiftly, and deliver concise brand messages.

Types of YouTube Ad Video

Bumper ads: Bumper Ads are brief and non-skippable videos that can last up to 6 seconds. They offer a quick and impactful way for advertisers to convey memorable messages and increase brand recall.

Outstream ads: YouTube outstream Ads are mobile-specific ad video creators that are displayed outside the traditional in-stream environment. These autoplay videos can grab the attention of mobile users to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Masthead ads: Masthead YouTube ad videos are premium and homepage takeover ads that prominently feature at the top of the YouTube homepage. They offer maximum visibility and exposure to a vast audience.

What Makes a Good YouTube Ad Video? 

There are a lot of areas to take into account to make YouTube videos ad free. Let’s now figure out the key elements that contribute to creating compelling and successful promotional content.

Engaging Content

Engaging content is pivotal for creating successful YouTube ad videos as it can captivate the audience with compelling storytelling and vibrant visuals alongside a clear message. The ability to resonate with viewers through engaging content can ensure a striking advertising experience.

Call to Action

A strong video call to action (CTA) is essential for making an effective YouTube ad video. Clearly directing viewers on what to do next, whether it's making a purchase or visiting a website, can significantly enhance the video's conversion potential.

What Makes a Good YouTube Ad Video

Professional Production

Professional production is key for a successful YouTube ad video as high-quality visuals, crisp audio, text to speech for YouTube videos, and polished editing can convey credibility to enhance viewer engagement. A well-produced video reflects positively on the brand and leaves a lasting impression.

Testing and Optimization

It is crucial to constantly analyze audience response and utilize analytics of the YouTube ad videos to ensure that the ad's effectiveness and adaptability are improved over time.

Create Engaging YouTube Ad Video With AI YouTube Ads Maker

AI video refers to the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning in the creation and enhancement of videos. It is actually the combination of artificial intelligence and visual content to make things hassle-free and quick compared with traditional methods. AI video generators involve a number of processes that include object detection, scene understanding, and facial recognition to revolutionize video editing. This concept extends to real-time applications of artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences in sectors like entertainment and marketing.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

AI video makers offer numerous benefits in terms of streamlining and enhancing the video creation process. It can enable quick and efficient video production by automating tasks like editing and scene transitions. Additionally, these tools can leverage advanced algorithms to optimize content for engagement to ensure appealing video creation. AI video makers can also enhance personalization by tailoring content based on audience preferences through data analysis. Importantly, they can reduce production costs by minimizing the need for extensive manual labor and video creation equipment.

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Vidnoz AI – the Best AI Video Maker Online

Vidnoz AI the Best AI Video Maker Online

Vidnoz AI has gained significant exposure and popularity as a technology brand empowered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to its online AI video maker tool which is among the best options available in the market. Notably, it has built tremendous credibility and trust as a YouTube ads maker that users can maximize to easily produce YouTube ad videos. So there are reasons why you should give Vidnoz AI a shot to create YouTube ad video and promote your products and services.

Features of Vidnoz AI:

  • Easy to use interface, you don’t need to have a knowledge of video editing.
  • Free plan available, create AI video for free.
  • 100+ free female and male AI avatars to choose from.
  • 300+ free templates for different needs.
  • 470+ ultra-realistic voice (AI) from all ages.
  • Fast video creation within a few minutes.

How to Create YouTube Ad Video With Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI has a super easy interface to work with. So, you can create YouTube video ads using Vidnoz AI with some simple steps shown below.

Step 1: Create an account at Vidnoz AI.

First, go to the home page of Vidnoz AI and then click on ‘Create Free Video Now’ and you will be redirected to the ‘sign up’ page. 

Step 2: Choose desired template and talking avatar.

Now, choose your desired template from over 300 free templates to create YouTube ad video using Vidnoz AI.

Create YouTube Ad Video With Vidnoz AI

Step 3: Create voiceover using Vidnoz AI text to speech.

After that, you have to create or choose voiceovers for your YouTube ad videos. Either you can choose from 470+ free voiceovers or you can get your own voice customized.

Create Voiceover Using Vidnoz AI Text to Speech

Step 4: Generate video and publish on YouTube.

You can even edit your video or elements based on your preferences before clicking on generate and uploading it on YouTube.

How to Launch a YouTube Ad Video [Detailed Steps]

Once the YouTube ad videos are ready, it’s time to launch them on YouTube to reach the target audience and generate value for your business. Here are the steps you can follow to launch your ad video:

Step 1: First, go to your YouTube channel and upload your ad video.

Step 2: Connect ‘Google AdWords’ to this YouTube channel.

Step 3: In the AdWords dashboard, click ‘+’ and choose ‘New Campaign’.

Step 4: Select a campaign goal like ‘brand awareness’ or something else suitable for you and opt for the ‘Video’ campaign type.

Step 5: Now, pick a YouTube ad format (Skippable, non-skippable, bumper, etc.).

How to Launch a YouTube Ad Video

Step 6: Name your campaign and set your budget or daily budget based on cost-per-view (CPV). Make sure to specify bid adjustments for mobile or other devices.

Step 7: Now, specify ad placements in different networks such as YouTube videos, search results, and Google Display Network (GDN).

Step 8: Define your target audience by geography, language, demographics, interests, and online behavior of people.

Step 9: Further refine the target audience for mobile devices by specifying operating systems, types of devices, and carriers.

Step 10: Optionally, you can specify YouTube channels, videos, or influencers for precise ad placement.

Step 11: Now, assign your preferred ads to the campaign to reach your target audience.

Step 12: Utilize advanced settings to set campaign start/end dates alongside maximum daily impressions.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

The Bottom Line

Leveraging YouTube ad videos can generate great value for businesses to expand brand awareness and engage new leads. YouTube has a diverse range of ad formats and extensive targeting options to empower advertisers to tailor campaigns with precision. An AI YouTube ad video can come in handy in saving time, effort, and money while engaging with the audience more conveniently. That is where the YouTube ads makers come alive and Vidnoz AI is one of the best AI tools online that you can use to create YouTube video ads. So, enhance your video creation process and elevate your advertising game with Vidnoz AI.


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