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On This Page
  • Traditional Background Remover VS AI Background Remover
  • AI Free Background Eraser for Human Face - Vidnoz
  • Bonus Trick - Remove the Background for Dynamic Profile
  • Online AI Background Eraser for Objects - Fotor
  • Online AI Background Eraser HD Quality - Remove.bg
  • Online AI Background Eraser JPG to PNG - Erase.bg
  • Online AI Background Eraser White Background - PhotoRoom

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5 Free AI Background Erasers 2024 - Pros and Links

Kevin Hart

Updated on

Check the 5 best free AI background eraser/remover list to turn your images into transparent background images HD quality.

If you want to extract human faces out of pictures, then you need a background eraser to generate transparent photos. Nowadays, AI is poised to take over this work since it does the most subtle surgery to your photos, leaves no traces of damage to your material and creates exactly what you want. But the results for free AI background erasers in Google could be nuisances given the ads, registration, and paid services - are there any 100% green tools?

Yes, if you want to erase the background of your images/photos to obtain the objects/portraits/human parts for free, you can refer to the 5 AI background erasers in this article. 

Cover of AI Background Remover

On This Page
  • Traditional Background Remover VS AI Background Remover
  • AI Free Background Eraser for Human Face - Vidnoz
  • Bonus Trick - Remove the Background for Dynamic Profile
  • Online AI Background Eraser for Objects - Fotor
  • Online AI Background Eraser HD Quality - Remove.bg
  • Online AI Background Eraser JPG to PNG - Erase.bg
  • Online AI Background Eraser White Background - PhotoRoom

Traditional Background Remover VS AI Background Remover

Traditional background remover does not produce exquisite transparent BG. 

#1. The image quality

Normally when you conduct a background removement, the quality loss is inevitable. That’s the fatal flaw of traditional background remover. 

#2. The precise extract of objects or portrait

Another disadvantage of old-school image editors is that they cannot cut the edge of objects or human portraits precisely. 

#3. Format limitation

Many users want to remove the background as well as change the image format from JPG to PNG. And some outdated image processors fail to smoothly achieve this transition - quality loss is always observed. 

#4. The operation

AI background erasers allow users to remove background with one click, while traditional tools require users to do manual editing for the intact extract of objects. 

Well, you already know AI solutions do a better job, yet the search for a qualified AI background eraser is a tedious work. Where to find a 100% green and free AI background remover? Maybe no registration and based on the web as well? YOU’ve come to the right place, read on to know the 5 Best online background erasers!

AI Free Background Eraser for Human Face - Vidnoz

The first choice here is an online human face/body extractor - Vidnoz Image Background Remover. This online free AI background remover is smart enough to recognize any human parts in your uploaded images/photos. And the most surprising part of this tool is that it requires basically nothing from you - no ads, no credits, no verification or redirects. 

Just upload your photos and it will process your images in seconds. 

Vidnoz Background Remover AI

How to remove background from images with Vidnoz AI?

Step 1. Navigate to https://www.vidnoz.com/image-background-remover.html

Step 2. Hit the button to upload your photo.

Hit the Button to Upload Images

Step 3. Wait several seconds for the processing.

Step 4. The transparent background image is produced. You can download it with HD quality for free. 

Advantages of this Online Image Remover:

1. 5 free tries each day

2. Quick generation, no queue in line.

3. No registration or login

4. Best for discern human portraits out of the background

Link: https://www.vidnoz.com/image-background-remover.html

Bonus Trick - Remove the Background for Dynamic Profile

Apart from the online image background remover mentioned above, Vidnoz AI develops another background eraser for video creators. You can upload your profile picture to this online app and transform it into a digital avatar in seconds.

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI.

Step 2. Navigate to Avatars > Talking Photo > ‘Upload My Photo.’

Vidnoz Avatar Interface

Step 3. Drag and drop to upload your profile picture. And toggle on the option that reads ‘Remove Background.’

Remove AI Avatar Background

Step 4. Hit on the ‘Generate this talking photo’ to create your AI dynamic avatar.

You can use this vivid talking photo to create news videos, social media short videos, and instructional how-to videos. This AI website is temporarily free now, please seize this chance to batch create free AI videos now!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Online AI Background Eraser for Objects - Fotor

If you want to change the background, you can use Fotor. This tool can smoothly remove the background of an object and create a transparent background. And moreover, it lets you add a new background to your objects in its canvas. Ultra friendly for making online product display images. Let’s see how remove image background with fotor and obtain transparent object images.

Fotor Background Eraser

Advantages of this Online Image Remover:

1. Best for extract objects out of their original backgrounds - cars, products, logos, etc

2. Blur background easily

3. Change the color of your background

4. Change the aspect ratio of your image

Link: https://www.fotor.com/features/background-remover/upload

Online AI Background Eraser HD Quality - Remove.bg

Remove.bg is your choice when you have to handle big images. This site can process up to 25 megapixels, around 6250 x 4000 resolution, and without any quality loss during the editing. This ability is of course relatively a burden to any service provider so Remove.bg charges it with one credit. 

If you are totally okay to remove background HD quality, then you can try this transparent background maker without hassle. 

Remove BG HD Download

Advantages of AI Background Eraser

1. Up to 6250 x 4000 resolution image editing

2. Add design to your image with its handy online toolkit

3. Free download HD quality transparent background image

4. Preview your image before downloading

Link: https://www.remove.bg/upload

Online AI Background Eraser JPG to PNG - Erase.bg

Formats, HD quality, this hardcord AI BG remover is the love of designers. This smart AI tool gives users the utmost freedom to edit their images. From transparenting the image background to changing the background with other images. During the removements, users are allowed to second confirm what objects need to be removed again, and finally convert their images from JPG to PNG.  

Eraser.bg Background Remover AI

The advantage of Erase.bg:

1. Fast generation of transparent background images

2. Smartly extract the objects in your images

3. Allow users to change the background

4. Download the images in PNG format

Link: https://www.erase.bg/product/remove-bg-from-jpg-to-png

Online AI Background Eraser White Background - PhotoRoom

The super easy white AI background changer & remover earned PhotoRoom acclaim over the world. This tool can precisely detect the slight stretch of human hair/body and cut the integrity out of the white background. You can then instantly change the background into any color, or just leave it transparent for another round of image editing.

This AI background generator is actually a small online image editor at the same time, you can also add text to your images, outline your photo, and blur the background. However, this tool only provides a 7-day free trial, and no free service when the trial is over.

PhotoRoom Background Remover

Advantages of PhotoRoom:

1. Quick process of background removing

2. Unlimited free tries in the first 7 days (1 free try each day)

3. Change the image background to any color you want

4. A small image editor built within

Link: https://www.photoroom.com/tools/background-remover

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This article lists 5 best AI background erasers for readers who want to generate HD quality transparent background images, white background images, and high-resolution background-free images. AI delivers better performance in discerning objects, human faces, products, cars, and logos out of the original background, and AI requires no manual operations. Please feel free to try the free AI background removers in this article, led by Vidnoz’s AI background remover!


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.