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On This Page
  • What is Taylor Swift's Deepfake?
  • Top 5 Websites to Watch Taylor Swift's Deepfake Nudes & Porns
  • How to Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Videos Yourself
  • Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Say Anything You Want - Talking Head

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Taylor Swift Deepfake: Fulfill Your Dreams via AI Technology


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Discover the top 5 websites where you can explore and enjoy Taylor Swift deepfake videos, and learn how to make deepfake videos on your own.

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, it's natural for you to want to see the most intimate moments of her to feel connected to her. However, it's extremely harmful to celebrities when events such as the Fappening take place, damaging their reputation. Surely there must be a way to see Taylor Swift more intimately without damaging her image. That’s where deep fakes come in! In this article, we’ll tell you what deep fakes are and where you can watch the best Taylor Swift deepfakes on the internet.

Taylor Swift Deepfake


Disclaimer: This article contains mature and sensitive content about AI face swap porn for adults only. Readers must be at least 18 years old to read the main content of the article. Vidnoz's service is for personal entertainment only and does not support any illegal deepfakes. Please do not distribute or use modified videos and images for illegal and commercial purposes. Any damage caused by the use of modified content is the responsibility of the user.

On This Page
  • What is Taylor Swift's Deepfake?
  • Top 5 Websites to Watch Taylor Swift's Deepfake Nudes & Porns
  • How to Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Videos Yourself
  • Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Say Anything You Want - Talking Head

What is Taylor Swift's Deepfake?

First of all, we need to address the fact that deepfakes don’t need Taylor Swift's participation to be generated. Since it's created by AI, the video created through deepfakes doesn’t harm the celebrity when compared to actual leaks of their intimate lives. Everybody knows it's fake and that it's not her, which is great if you’re a swiftie. But the person in the video looks extremely similar to Taylor Swift, which is once again great if you’re a Swiftie. Taylor Swift deepfake porn is created using AI that combines assets of Taylor Swifts with existing pornographic material. It sounds like her, looks like her but it's not her! Everyone is happy at the end!

Top 5 Websites to Watch Taylor Swift's Deepfake Nudes & Porns

Interested in watching Taylor Swift deepfake videos? We have curated a list of five of the best websites to search for!


Taylor Swift Deepfake MrDeepFake

MrDeepFake is one of the biggest celebrity deepfake porn websites in the world. The site hosts thousands of deepfake videos of the most famous celebrities in the world. Its popularity ensures that there are thousands of creators generating the most unique deepfake content for their viewers. This means that if you’re on the hunt for Taylor Swift deepfakes, this should be the perfect site to visit. The videos within their collection are well-moderated to ensure that they’re of the highest quality with the most realistic assets.

Why do we love it?
  • MrDeepFake has a massive collection of Taylor Swift deepfake videos.
  • The content is moderated to ensure the videos are of the highest quality.
  • We have found out that the site is extremely safe to visit with non-malicious adverts.
  • Completely free to use.


Taylor Swift Deepfake SEXcelebrity

When it comes to deep fakes, SexCelebrity has the second-largest collection of Taylor Swift deepfakes on the Internet. However, the gap between MrDeepFake and SexCelebrity closes every year and it’s just a matter of time before SexCelebrity is crowned king. The website has some of the most famous deep fake video creators that generate the most unique videos for their viewers. If you’re someone who prefers hardcore content, SexCelebrity is the place for you.

Why do we love it?
  • The second largest collection of deepfake porn on the Internet.
  • There are tons of videos are added daily.
  • Unique videos created by some of the popular generators on the Internet.
  • A wide variety of pornographic material.

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AdultDeepFake is one of the oldest deepfake websites on the Internet. With over 45000 creators on the site, it has an abundance of Taylor Swift deepfakes for you to watch. Unlike most other sites that feature just Taylor Swift in their deepfakes, you can find crossover porn in AdultDeepfake. This means you can find videos that feature multiple combinations of celebrities in a single video. The bigger the party, the bigger the fun! AdultDeepfake also has a few mirrors placed within their domain to ensure that their viewers can always access the site.

Taylor Swift Deepfake AdultDeepfakes

Why do we love it?
  • Adultdeepfake contains crossover Taylor Swift deepfake videos that feature multiple celebrities.
  • The website features multiple mirror domains for 100% uptime.
  • Adultdeepfake hosts some of the most popular Taylor Swift deepfakes online.
  • Unique content that you cannot find anywhere else.


Taylor Swift Deepfake Xvideos

Xvideos is without a doubt one of the biggest adult video sites on the Internet. It has been a hotspot for adult content for over a decade and is extremely popular amongst its users. While the site isn’t dedicated to deep fake videos, the sheer amount of users ensures that there is enough to go around! If you pop into the site and search Taylor Swift deepfake videos, you will be gifted with thousands of videos each wholly different from one another. The best part of Xvideos is that it hosts videos from other sites as well, allowing you to easily watch deep fakes from multiple platforms. Not to mention that Xvideos is completely free to use, and has a minimal amount of adverts hosted within the site for revenue.

Key Feature
  • It’s the biggest adult video library in the world.
  • The platform is completely free to use with a low advert count.
  • Xvideos hosts videos scrapped from other platforms as well.
  • HD-quality videos are available.

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Taylor Swift Deepfake XNXX

XNXX is one of the oldest pornographic sites in the world and is well known for being a site that hosts stolen premium content from competitors. This means that if you are on a website that has a Taylor Swift deepfake video locked behind a premium membership, there is a high chance you’d find that video on XNXX. There are also a good amount of unique videos created by XNXX users and you’d be pleased to know that Taylor Swift has one of the biggest collections on the site. Kudos to her fans!

Key Feature
  • XNXX contains a massive collection of deepfake porn Taylor Swift.
  • There are premium videos stolen from other sites that would have cost you money.
  • There is a good amount of unique content on the site.
  • XNXX is completely free and creating an account allows you to create a playlist of your favourite videos.

How to Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Videos Yourself

Are you interested in creating your own Taylor Swift deepfake videos? If that ever crossed your mind, then you can easily follow our guide here which explains the steps needed to create one. The software used is easy to use which means you can start right away. For the AI generator, we’ll be using a service known as Deepfake Web.

Step 1 Create a New Deepfake 

Head on over to Deepfake Web and sign up for an account. It’s free to create an account and can be completed within a few minutes.

Step 2 Upload Video for Person A 

Upload the source video, the source video for person A is the one you want to be swapped out. The source video will be analyzed by the AI engine to create the initial assets.

Step 3 Upload Taylor Swift video to Person B

Upload the target video. The target video will be analyzed by the AI to find out which characters can be replaced using the previously created assets.

Taylor Swift Deepfake Deepfakeweb Faceswap

Step 4 Start generating

Hit generate to begin the rendering process. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to an hour depending on the size of the video being rendered. It's good to know that you will only have to pay for the length of the video and not the number of videos created.

Make Taylor Swift Deepfake Say Anything You Want - Talking Head

Did you know that create a video of Taylor Swift speaking to you?  Here comes Vidnoz AI, you can create Taylor Swift talking avatar videos from just one image. This AI video generator is the best option if you prefer to avoid searching for or filming videos. 

You can try Vidnoz Talking Avatar, which is completely free to use, and it allows you to easily generate your free pornographic talking avatar videos. 

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Step 1

Hop into the VIdnoz talking head. No need to sign.

Step 2

Upload a picture of Taylor Swift onto the AI engine. Make sure to follow the specifications ensuring that you satisfy their requirements.

Taylor Swift Deepfake Vidnoz Talking Avatar

Step 3

Add in your script. Your script will be used to generate audio for the video and will act as a narration. The text to speech feature can let Taylor Swift say whatever you want. The AI engine will use image recognition and generation techniques to lip-sync the video to the audio generated. Make the necessary customizations including the speed and language.

Step 4

Hit generate. This will take a couple of minutes and the video will be then available for you to download!


AI image generation and machine learning have truly allowed us to do wonders. Gone are the days when you have to wait for celebs to make a mishap! You can create your own Taylor Swift deepfakes from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to customize the videos to make her do exactly what you want! It’s as close as it gets to the real thing.



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